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  1. Hey everyone, here's a growing playlist of VODs from the league for those who are interested! My first couple cuts are a bit rough as you'll see but you can skip the first 2-5 minutes and then get right into the action!
  2. TTS was chosen for logistic considerations - there's a larger player base there and it works on more platforms. A decent percentage of participants indicated that OCTGN wouldn't work on their machines. In the future Ringteki will be the standard and work on all platforms.
  3. We'll be streaming a few games weekly! Here's a VOD of the first game with some great commentary by @I Fight Dragons and @crowofgames https://www.twitch.tv/videos/171085844
  4. Yes, that's how we recommend doing it. If there's a heated dispute we'll handle that case-by-case but we'll probably default to the player who tried to be the most accommodating of schedules. Obviously if timing disputes become an issue with a certain player we'll have to review that case specifically as that could be indicative of foul play.
  5. Yes, it is up to the participants to schedule - that's why we've allowed almost a full week between matches! As for disputes, it is strongly recommended that players record their sessions. Disputes without video evidence will be handled on a case-by-case basis. In other news, registration closed last night and the league pairings have been posted!
  6. My concern is less-so with this ruling (though I'd of course prefer it be the other way) but rather that this is the second controversial ruling and the game isn't even out yet. Where's the QA? How did this make it through 2 years of development and testing? If that's RAW and RAI why not have the text read, "When this character wins a conflict as the attacker resolve the ring twice"? Or "Reaction: After claiming a ring while attacking resolve that ring a second time." The dangerous precedent being set here isn't short-term, it's long-term. Is this the quality we're to expect moving forward? Rulings contrary to official FFG materials? Judges not knowing the rules? I love this game, that's why I care. They need to tighten this up otherwise we're on the 2-3 year rollercoaster once again and then some other NEW SHINY LCG comes out to get people to buy cores and the cycle continues.
  7. Sure are you on the discord? Also, one last bump as registration closes tonight, with brackets up Thursday!
  8. As for recording matches, which I glossed over previously I'd suggest OBS Studio which is free. You can download it here: https://obsproject.com/
  9. I added a links section to the Challonge description, here is the direct link to Discord: https://discord.gg/zPvBePb Once you join discord you'll want to type "!clan lcgplayer" to see all the LCG channels There's a great TTS tutorial for L5R here:
  10. Alright I updated the rules both on the tournament and the OP here. Things of note: 1. Tiebreakers caused confusion, moved to FFG's SOS and ESOS system using their tournament software (TOME) 2. Added a lot of rules clarification from questions here, on reddit, and the discord 3. Moved to 6 rounds instead of 3 due to a large amount of interest
  11. Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce the L5R Disco League, a monthly competitive league for L5R players! The league will run from September 1st to September 29th with a top cut tournament the 30th! Interested in playing? You can sign up via Challonge here and keep reading below for full details! This is the beta iteration of our monthly online L5R league! This month we will have 6 rounds of Swiss. Each round will have 1 week to report, starting on September 1st. After the Swiss rounds we'll have a cut to top 16. Format 3-core, Swiss (6 Rounds into a top 16 cut) Using Assigned Clan Roles You may change your deck between Swiss rounds! However, the following things must remain the same: Stronghold, Role, Splash Registration Registration will be open until 23:59 PST Tuesday, August 29th. Playing Games For the beta season all games will be played via Tabletop Simulator (TTS). In future seasons Ringteki will be the platform of choice. In the event that Ringteki is ready before this season ends it will be considered a valid mode of play. Coordinating Rounds Challonge has a private messaging feature. Please use this, the discord, or email to contact your opponent and establish a match time. Matches must be reported by 00:00 every Wednesday (so Tuesday night) Tie Breakers 1. Match Wins 2. Strength of Schedule 3. Extended Strength of Schedule Reporting Please report every game played to an administrator (Reiga, InsanityRises) via Google Form, links will be provided each round on the Discord and on the Discussion Board in Challonge. Participants will have until end of day Tuesday (23:59 Pacific Time) every week to report the outcome (simply W or L), administrators will attempt to contact any unreported pairings by Wednesday and every Thursday (12:00) new pairings will be posted. Any pairing unreported by end of day Wednesday (17:00) will result in a double loss. Example Reporting Form Round Time The Swiss rounds are untimed. Each game should go to completion, across multiple sessions if necessary. Judges In the event of rules questions please refer to the #lcg_rules channel on the L5R discord. Myself and Khift will be judges for this event, feel free to ping one of us on discord as well. Legal Cards Only cards from the Core Set will be legal this season, no preview cards will be permitted despite the fact they exist in the TTS mod. Use of an illegal card will result in a round loss. Forfeiting Rounds Players will forfeit a round if any of the following occur 1. Players fail to coordinate with their opponents, resulting in no match occurring 2. Players do not arrive to the agreed upon match time within a 15 minute grace period 3. Players use illegal cards in their deck 4. Players disconnect mid-game and refuse to load the latest auto-save to resume the match 5. Players lie, cheat, or generally act maliciously toward their opponent, players will be disqualified from the league and tournament for repeat offenses. Disqualification 1. Players who fail to submit a round will be disqualified. 2. Players who lie, cheat, or act maliciously as in #5 above will be disqualified from the league Video Recording and Disputes It is highly recommended that participants record their matches in the event that disputes arise. Additionally, the Tournament Organizer may request footage for weekly league recaps. Voice Chat Voice chat is not a requirement in this league, players will determine the best mode of communication between themselves (text only, voice only, or a mix) Top Cut After 6 rounds of Swiss we will cut to the Top 8 and host a tournament on October 21st. The top cut tournament will be a live single elimination event, likely with 75 minute rounds in a best of one format. More info to come. Prizes In the beta season there will be no prizes given out, other than bragging rights, as we streamline the tournament format. Future seasons are planned to have limited prize support. Feedback Feedback is welcomed, especially in this beta season. If you have an idea for future seasons or how to streamline rules or logistics of the tournament please feel free to send them to me via Discord or your social media platform of choice. Helpful Links How to Play L5R How to Set Up Tabletop Simulator for L5R L5R DIscord OBS Studio (Audio/Video Recorder) Discord Instructions For those unfamiliar with the platform, DIscord is "a modern voice & text chat app" that has both a web client as well as a desktop application and it is where we will be coordinating for this league. To join the L5R discord simply click on the link above (in the Helpful Links section) and create an account. Once you have that all squared away you'll be in the #l5_general channel. Type "!clan lcgplayer" to join the LCG Player role, which will open access to our tournament channel Navigate to the #discord-league channel on the left-hand pane of your application Say hi! If you have any questions feel free to post them there by mentioning me @Reiga or my co-TO @InsanityRises
  12. My prediction: Shadowlands. Goblin. Covert. Lose 2/3 honor when this character enters play. (not 100% sure on value though I'd lean toward 2)
  13. Some provinces are locks for us with our current role, others it depends on what archetype you're playing. Earth: Entrenched Position hands down. If we're getting blown out politically as a political Clan we sort of deserve to lose. Fire: Toss up but I prefer meditations in my standard Crane deck. Won't always fire but when it does it has higher impact, especially if you can then counter attack with void. Savage. I'd run Night Raid in an honor running deck Air: Almost always Art of Peace as it enables Noble Sacrifice and we love honor. However in an honor deck I'd probably run Fertile Fields Water: Both are great but I prefer Rally to send dash characters home or swap to POL and bow with SH Void: 100% Shameful Display every time. Reusable honor dishonor swing that also enables Noble Sacrifice? Yes please!
  14. Not wrong just missing a trigger, the Keeper initiates come back into play WHENEVER you claim your ring. Making the Seeker of Knowledge play sequence work as long as you claim your ring.
  15. I'd probably go Void over Air in Crab since you only see your personalities once. I love the idea of Crab splash in Crane but it didn't work well for me in testing. I'd suggest Scorpion or Dragon in that order
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