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  1. Yeah, they are definitely in play. This discussion has happened before. Enemies are "in play" for the purposes of being able to damage them, but any effects that trigger off the card "entering play" are not resolved until the card has been placed in the staging area (or any other in play area if directed by card text such as Goblin Follower).
  2. 1) No, he won't stay in play. This was discussed on the COTR discord channel and we asked Caleb. No justification was provided. 2) I'm not gonna attempt to answer this question because I feel like we have received contradictory rulings and we have to take each one on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Archery (and Shadow cards being dealt) will happen first because they are both passive effects and the card effect is a response. Any potential Forced effects that trigger "at the beginning of the combat phase" will also happen before you can trigger this event.
  4. We beat it with two of the three groups using Outlands. The game took 8 rounds. Two players were eliminated by threat and two heroes were defeated.
  5. It looks like a completely different game so it's not really a digital version of it. It might be enjoyable for you none-the-less.
  6. Oh, I see. I didn't see your earlier comment. I thought I was being helpful by answering your question but instead just involved myself in something petty.
  7. Each card has a level (1, 2 or 3 presumably) and you can only include a level 1 leadership card in your deck if you have at least 1 leadership hero. If you want to include a level 2 card, you need at least 2 leadership heroes. Once you start playing, though, you can apparently pay for cards from whichever resources you have available.
  8. I can't find the ruling either which is strange because I know I posted in the thread you are referencing. I recall the ruling being "Yes" to your first questions and "No" to your second. I unfortunately do not remember the justification or context of the ruling, but as the rules are written you should be allowed to do it. Most people agreed that you should be able to make such a ranged attack, but "thematically" it didn't make sense. Then the person who was offering the dissenting opinion emailed Caleb and got the ruling saying you could not make a ranged attack under such circumstances. After this ruling was received I was annoyed because it was fundamentally changing the rules by adding NEW text to the ranged keyword rules. They didn't even add it to the most recent FAQ/Errata. As to why the thread is now "missing", is it possible that you can delete your account and with it any topics you made?
  9. Actually, the reason I posted my inquiry and the resulting answer is because the Black Riders rule book refers to player cards that start in a player's deck and since heroes do not start there, there was a gap in the rules. Essentially, there would be no way to trigger any hero Setup abilities until we received clarification from the designers (which clearly wasn't intended).
  10. Many people claim that Warden of Healing is more useful than Daughter of Nimrodel, but I actually take the opposite stance. I have 3x Core Sets and Daughter of Nimrodel makes a fantastic proxy for Warden of Healing. That's pretty useful if I do say so myself
  11. (The Prospector question was for the situation when you have <3 cards left in deck.) Elsewhere, cmabr002 asked about Mirror of Galadriel and <10 cards... It's phrased, "Exhaust Mirror of Galadriel to search the top 10 cards of your deck for a card and add it to your hand. Shuffle the rest back into your deck. Then, discard a random card from your hand." Do you have to discard a random card in this case? Although I did not ask Caleb this specifically, in his response he does use the phrase "if everything preceding it was fully resolved", so I believe you would indeed avoid discarding a card. So these contradict each other unless I'm misunderstanding something, right? I guess I'll go with the more recent ruling because it was always what I thought should be the case. I'm not really seeing a significant difference between Daeron's Runes and Ered Nimrais Prospector.
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