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  1. subtrendy2

    Could this group work?

    The only possible issue I could see is multitarget damage. Vinto could help a lot with that. With the right build, Shyla should be fine with it, though. But as far as single target damage goes, you're golden.
  2. Right. Plus, Star Wars has always played up lightsabers as like the ultimate weapon, and melee weapons in general have gotten the limelight lately. Just ask these guys.
  3. Interesting, I was curious about that @a1bert. Definitely seems like it's a best judgment scenario, which is strange for this game. Usually, I only tell the Rebels what they need to hear. For instance, if they're playing a mission where Han shows up in as a free ally, and the special instructions say "Rebels cannot bring Han Solo to this mission as an ally", I only reveal that information if they've earned Han and try to deploy him (and obviously give them the opportunity to deploy a different ally if they have one). That way, the surprise of Han showing up isn't ruined. In this case though... not sure what would've been right. Obviously in this specific scenario it may have helped the mission not flub, but in general I'm not sure if it's needed for the Rebels to know that the Empire has set aside mission tokens or tiles. Especially tiles, really. I think missions where other sections of map or whole other boards are added would really be ruined if the Rebels knew it was coming.
  4. subtrendy2

    Nemesis Deck

    Yeah 2 heroes per 2 players each is easily my favorite way to play. Rebels get more to do, and you don't feel bad causing some withdrawls. A perfect 1:1 ratio is fun because there are more people at the table, but it just can't compare to a tight 2 player 4 hero game.
  5. subtrendy2

    Nemesis Deck

    Probably withdraw, since Wounding wouldn't affect Vinto much outside Thread the Needle. Which can kinda suck when you need to bring in player elimination, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
  6. subtrendy2

    Nemesis Deck

    Squads aren't your friend for open groups anymore. Nexus are fun. But really, I haven't found a great counter for Vinto yet. Basically, just throw stuff on the board and don't get too attached. The secondary gun is a waste of XP, in my opinion. I've found that as far as weapons go, DDC defender is brutal, because it's potentially 3 extra damage per turn, that Vinto can surgically place wherever he wants. He can even place it on figures that are blocked by other figures, if he uses thread the needle (and it's really easy to build a strong strain lite Vinto class, anyway). Add in Shot on the Run and Merciless, and you've got a character who can deal a ton of surgical damage, as well as potentially being pretty hard-hitting on his own.
  7. Tress is a hero. Her campaign card would be her character sheet. It's interesting in that you are correct in that her hero skirmish card does have the skirmish symbol on it. That's uncommon. As far as I know, not even the last wave had that listed. So either this is a new way of organizing the cards (since technically, this can only be used in Skirmish anyway), it's a misprint, or Tress might have some sort of NPC/ally/villain role in the campaign that would require an additional campaign card other than her hero sheet (not unlike the two allies in the Labyrinth of Ruin Descent campaign).
  8. subtrendy2

    Nemesis Deck

    That's an interesting team. Two support heavy heroes, one objective runner, and... Vinto. If you've never played as the Empire against Vinto, get prepared to really, really hate him. Maybe doubly so with Gideon giving him extra attacks.
  9. subtrendy2

    Nemesis Deck

  10. I mean, stuff like this is always tough. Some things to consider: 1) Is this the player's first side mission as the Empire? 2) Did this advantage directly lead to Imperial victory? It's easy to say "he cheated and also happened to win", but if this didn't make or break his game then I'm not sure it's really fair to retcon the victory simply because you're salty he won. 3) I get that you're upset at having burned a side mission for nothing, but remember that the Empire also spent threat on that mission. So simply taking it entirely away from him may not be fair either, especially since he's a new Imperial player. People make mistakes sometimes. 4) Also, as far as I know, the Special setup is hidden information, so you can't really blame your rebels for not correcting him, since they couldn't have known either. Maybe a fair solution would be for the Imperial player to choose one of your side missions, and the Rebels can gain the reward from that mission. That way, everybody's happy and no one had to actually lose anything.
  11. subtrendy2

    Nemesis Deck

    I love using other hero figs for tokens. After our heroes lost Return to Hoth (down to the last roll) we played a mission in Jabba's Realm where they were trying to rescue some Rebels from a prison. I used the defeated heroes from RtH instead of tokens. The heroes failed that mission as well, and those Rebel prisoners were killed. My players were actually pretty sad about that.
  12. subtrendy2

    Nemesis Deck

  13. subtrendy2

    Nemesis Deck

    I believe it's when they're chosen. That way, he can't selectively switch them out for something situationally stronger when the villain gets deployed for the first time.
  14. subtrendy2

    Looking for Ezra, Kanan, Sabine and Zeb

    You could see if the portals in the World Between Worlds go forward, too...
  15. subtrendy2

    History of Past Release Dates and Spoiler Articles

    Don't jinx it... edit: Oh wow, you started this thread the exact same day I got married. No wonder I don't remember it first starting!