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  1. (To be honest, I had to look up Gen7 this morning. I remember hearing back a few years ago that other Crossroads games were in the works, but it all fell totally off my radar since then).
  2. Just because I kinda feel like everything that happens is now sorta weighed against the end of Imperial Assault, at least from our POV. And with all the other games losing support, I'm sure others think the same of their own titles. How do you guys feel about FFG taking over Dead of Winter? Personally, I wonder what the scope of that really is. DoW has been out for a good long while, now, and already has a couple expansions. By "Publish and Support" is FFG going to add new expansions? A new edition? Continue the "Crossroads Game" line (seems unlikely, given they didn't also get Gen7). I guess it just feels like an interesting move, to me. On the one hand, I do kinda resent that FFG has completed abandoned so many of their titles recently. On the other, if this can help them get back on their feet... I guess that's a good thing.
  3. I'd like to echo the idea of just running the base campaign, a side mission, and then the next story mission. I would run a Session Zero, too. Since they're new players, here's how I tend to do that. - I choose the core campaign for a few reasons. While mission design is not at its best, it's built for beginners as far as complexity goes. It also has a good variety of missions and locations- starting off in a campaign that's specific to Hoth, Bespin, Tatooine, or Lothal might seem odd for players who want more out of the Galaxy Far Far Away. - When starting a new campaign, Rebels need to pick Heroes and potential allies/villains. If you have the space, have each hero mini on their card, along with their class deck. Have each ally next to their card. For allies that can be won together (such as BT-1 and 0-0-0), group them together. This way, the players can choose based either off of stats, or (since they're new) aesthetics. Don't knock the latter- it's all about fun, after all. - On your end, have the Grey side missions already shuffled and have four picked out. Also, have your Imperial class and Agenda deck already sorted. - Once the heroes have their characters and allies chosen, assemble the full side mission deck and then start Aftermath. Then, play a side mission. If you have time, run the next story mission. - When revealing side missions, have the physical rewards available for them to look at. - For the hook, have your players choose the next side mission at the end of your play time. This will hopefully get them hyped up as to what they can earn, and will also allow you to fully prep the mission before the next session.
  4. Eh, I think it's pretty clear "complete" is just corporate jargon intended to try to appease fans who are upset that the game is no longer receiving content. Not that we're by any means owed more, but as @Bitterman said, there's so much more that could be added.
  5. But yeah, it's pretty much dead as far as FFG is concerned.
  6. I've got a feeling that I'd hate to see how wrong I've been over the last four years... but the "Friday" thread is probably a good place to start 😂
  7. Sigh... 😑 All I was saying is that in addition to a pretty pricey game, this is a pretty pricey (yet certainly still worth the value) expansion. I get we're a board game community, but these semantics and "but aktuallys" are absolutely getting out of hand.
  8. Sure, I'm not saying it's not worth it or anything. It definitely has a lot of content, and I'm certainly intrigued. Just that, typically, expansion tend to not be quite that pricey. And I do think it's still a "buy in", because you can't play this without the base game... right? Competitive or not, that still is true. Still, I can't complain- just hoping it works out for them.
  9. My guess is he means March 2019. Likely when they officially said we'd be getting no new physical content.
  10. Glad to see Journeys in Middle Earth getting a physical expansion, but... dang. It's pretty much as expensive as the core box. I hate to constantly be pessimistic about FFG lately, and to be fair the expansion looks pretty robust, but... I dunno. I assume their big box expansions tend to do better anyway (though I personally prefer the smaller, more supplementary ones) but I can't help but feel that 80USD for a single expansion for a game that already has a 60-100 USD buy in (depending on where you get it) is pushing it a bit. Still, the minis look pretty neat. Nothing totally necessary for my D&D campaign (especially not after going all in on Descent 2E) but I might pick up the game someday.
  11. Haha, guess it depends on when it takes place, but that's good too!
  12. We never got an article, but the developers have confirmed the end of physical product. I'd say that at this point they're less elusive (though they were for a while) and simply just not very thorough.
  13. Considering how already powerful and expensive RGC is, I'd rename that one Carnor and then make a slightly faster/souped up version of the Royal Guards for the RGC. Something that could sit around six to eight threat for a regular unit would be good, since the regular RGs are already at 8 for a two figure deployment.
  14. Royal Guard Champion should've been the generic one. The named villain should be Carnor Jax.
  15. That's an interesting way of doing it. I kinda feel like 20 threat is potentially not enough in some cases, like if the board is already mostly clear of Imperials. But then again, if the Rebels managed to clear that many enemies, maybe they deserve a bit of an advantage? On the other hand, would that encourage killing Imps, instead of playing the objective? On the other other hand, does that matter, as long as it's fun for the group? I guess if it's worked for you guys, that's all that matters!
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