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  1. subtrendy2


    Protect the Old Ways seems like it could be fun to screw around with, too.
  2. subtrendy2

    Clone wars is BACK!

    Honestly, I'd be amazed if they decided to feature the Clone Wars via a small dungeon crawler like Imperial Assault instead of a larger tabletop game, but this is the same company that already chose the Galactic Civil War over the Clone Wars for their tabletop wargame anyway...
  3. My suggestion would be this: Heroes Diala- Everbody wants to be a Jedi, and she's actually a lot of fun to play For the other two, choose between Fenn, Mak, and Gaarkhan (remember that Diala is already melee, though- so Gaarkhan also being melee would mean you'd want to spread out quite a bit) Finally, add in Gideon as a fourth hero that the Rebels can use- since he's heavily support anyway and can give away attacks, this should help the Rebels stay competitive with 3 players without having to play with the wonky three hero rules. Side Missions Well, that's up to the Rebels. Assuming you have Twin Shadows, I'd suggest R2 and 3P0's mission, because they're great to have. Rebel Sabs are also good. Luke's mission is a lot of fun, and I also enjoy the Rebel trooper mission. Empire My suggestion would be to play the standard Military Might deck. Tech Superiority is okay, too. As far as Agenda sets go: I enjoy from the Core set For the Right Price, High Value Target, and Agents of the Empire for their cards that help with threat acquisition and discounts.
  4. The rancor wasn't enough?
  5. subtrendy2

    Need more content

    I would love to see some of the expansion tiles mixed together at some point, though. Heart of the Empire city tiles with Hoth snow tiles or Lothal Savannah tiles would be fun, as would simply mixing Twin Shadows and Jabba's Realm desert tiles for the ultimate Tatooine experience. Hopefully, the app will allow for that someday. Though, it would be a bit more of a pain to set up missions.
  6. subtrendy2

    Clone wars is BACK!

    I'm most excited that this means that we can maybe, possibly, fingers-crossed get an episode that confirms Cad Bane survives the Clone Wars and could therefore be a viable candidate for Imperial Assault... Other than that, I'm not sure I'd necessarily want an entire Clone Wars edition of this game, but I could see something kinda inspired from this (spoiler for Rebels)
  7. subtrendy2

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    Maybe! There is that unaired bounty hunters episode that they could show up in...
  8. subtrendy2

    Jabba's Realm Digital Campaign

    It's totally possible. I know that the first Descent campaign to be integrated into their app (outside of the obvious answer of the Core box) was Shadows of Nerekhall. It was not the first expansion to be released though. It wasn't even their first Big Box expansion. Not sure why that was chosen either (though, from what I can gather, it may be their most popular and well received expansion). We could maybe say that for Jabba's Realm, though I know Return to Hoth also has its die hard fans. If anything, it could probably be said that among both Skirmish and Campaign players together, Jabba's realm is probably the most solid total package (with Heart of the Empire probably a close second).
  9. Maybe we'll see IA disembark off the boat today? I feel like it'll be a few weeks still, but that would be great!
  10. subtrendy2

    Jabba's Realm Digital Campaign

    F I do kinda wish the app had the ability to toggle a disable for units that you didn't want to show up. Not only would it help people who wouldn't want to play tokens for figures they didn't yet own, but it could help rule out some villains you weren't interested if you were wanting a more canon-friendly experience. For instance, I got Obi Wan as a random ally not too long ago, and while I don't mind, I could see that annoying some people. And I guess that's not a perfect example because technically he's an easy one to toggle already, but point still stands in general.
  11. subtrendy2

    Need more content

    TBH, I haven't used it yet. Still working on painting my Descent buddies. But I've heard relatively good things.
  12. subtrendy2

    Jabba's Realm Digital Campaign

    I wonder why Jabba's Realm over the other expansions? Not that I'm complaining, just curious. Maybe it sold the best (likely a product of its appeal to skirmish players and multiple box purchases, above anything)?
  13. Pretty sure it's the relatively simple formula of X= 45-Y, with "X" being the number of days until since news until we complain and "Y" being the number of days that we haven't had any physical content in the pipeline. So since we've still got Tyrants of Lothal in the pipeline, we're reset back to 45 days.
  14. subtrendy2

    Jabba's Realm Digital Campaign

    Spoilers for booklet campaign
  15. subtrendy2

    Humor and Drama in Campaigns

    That's awful! Good lord, that's almost 40 pts of vehicles alone, all at once.