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  1. subtrendy2

    Just finished my first campaign...

    Point E should be fine, if not finnicky. I'm sure you're already aware of the fact that messing with balance of Starting or reserved groups is much more harmful than open groups, so that's a good call.
  2. Not to mention, you could always just throw in an E-WEB with the actual chance of even deploying it later if you wanted. Not that RBY is better than ??? obviously, but circumstantially you could argue for a lot of combinations.
  3. There's a ton of canon stuff. The comics have a lot of GCW material, and quite a few novels delve into the post-Endor era. Then there's Rogue One, and still plenty to draw from Rebels if we want. Oh, and the new Battlefront II game, as well. Giving the Empire access to an actual canon villain like Iden Versio would be neat. Some of the books like Tarkin and Thrawn deal with the time between about 10BBY and A New Hope. And, of course, the ultimate irony- we're not really saying we're running out of Star Wars characters to make toys of, are we? There are so many, it'd be surprising to even say we're getting near the bottom of the barrel!
  4. subtrendy2

    Updated Rebel Sab and Royal Guard cards

    Well, there goes that idea. Pretty disappointing.
  5. subtrendy2

    New Character Ideas

    I really like that idea. Maybe we could have units based off the Mimban campaign: Imperial Army Troopers Imperial Field Officers The Field officers could have different specializations that play out like the Clawdite forms, though they're permanent after deployment. Like, maybe one officer is an artillery specialist with a one-shot AOE attack, while another gives a small trooper buff, and the final has a weak heal ability as a combat medic- but all still have the officer "order" ability.
  6. It really came across in Rebels.
  7. Scout Troopers in Legion look cool, and I don't mean to be picky, but calling them "The Emperor's Finest" in the title seems like an odd choice.
  8. subtrendy2

    Expansion idea

    I like the shipyard idea, probably the best justification for adding these units that I've seen. Rae Sloane might be a fun canon alternative to Pellaeon.
  9. +1 to that. I think that's the way to incorporate TCW into this game, at least at first. A new core set could come later (and be compatible with the original edition, for those who aren't worried about eras as badly in campaign). But yeah, even just something like a reinforcement wave with Rebel Rex, Merc Battle Droid groups, and maybe Imperial Kallus would make a lot of sense to close off Rebels and open the door to more prequel stuff.
  10. subtrendy2

    Line of Sight Calculator thread

    That might be one of the funkier LOS technicalities I've seen.
  11. So we went a really long time without any wave news between HotE and ToL. Do we expect any new wave news by the end of the year? Campaign news either?
  12. subtrendy2

    Line of Sight Calculator thread

    This is great! Good work!
  13. subtrendy2

    ToL Mini Campaign

    That is a fantastic idea!