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  1. I've never really thought of this before, but I think part of what makes players prefer the "miss" on some defense instead of every attack is that it doesn't cripple the heroes as badly. Hero action economy is so much more precious than the Overlord/Empire, at least in terms of enjoyment. If a hero misses an attack, that burns 1/2 of what that player does an entire round. If an enemy misses one, well the Overlord still can do a lot of other fun stuff usually. So, considering that probably the majority of units an Imperial would field use the black die instead of white, the heroes tend to waste less actions in IA than Descent (where it happens on every single attack). Anyway... Descent has a lot of really cool stuff going for it- I love the travel mechanic, the store is interesting, great monsters and heroes, the multi-tiered missions, etc. But the gameplay is just... boring to me. The fact that each encounter contains no hidden information just seems wrong, and even if you try to play with hidden info like I did (I still often lost) the objectives/triggers just aren't interesting to make it worthwhile. Glad that Descent minis and tiles work well for D&D, because that's probably the only way I'll use them now (and they'll indeed get a lot of use). Though I might break into the app. That looks like a significant improvement over the boring book campaigns.
  2. I mean, in all but semantics is there really that much of a difference between "dead" and "skirmish is rapidly declined to almost zero interest in some areas, and we have no plans for physical products"? Like, from a player perspective, the thought that maybe we might get something in the future even though FFG has been pretty adamant they're not working on anything just doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm done being Charlie Brown with the football.
  3. Yeah, this year seemed kinda weak. To be honest, I wasn't expecting anything for IA (I've grown wiser than that) but I was hoping for at least something to draw me back in. The Marvel thing piqued my interest (seriously, that's a great license to snag!) even though another company already does an IA-style dungeon crawler with that license... but another card game? FFG used to be my favorite game company bar none, but this focus on card games is really pushing me further away. I get it- it's a lot cheaper to produce than board games (especially those with minis) but Marvel is an investment you need to lean into, especially now! It just seems so unbearably lazy, to me. Here's to hoping we can get a proper Avengers board game at some point, but I'm not holding my breath.
  4. Just came by to see the new raid stuff, but can confirm. I'm knee deep in minis for D&D now, and life is great. Miss you all.
  5. Well, it's been real, guys. It's been good getting to speak with all of you, and I do appreciate FFG being up front about this, but I don't think there's any reason to continue to frustrate myself by coming here. Deuces.
  6. From what I've seen, it seems like Fallout mixed with IA for the combat encounters. Pretty sure it comes out soon.
  7. Outside of a ton of eratta, I think there are a few big changes a 2nd ed could see. The LoS mechanic is kind of strange, and if Doom (released after IA) is anything to go by, FFG might not be in love with it. Then there's the hero would mechanic. Descent's answer isn't any better in my opinion, but player elimination is never fun (and frankly that discourages me from fully killing of my rebels, which tactically works against me). Stuff like movement, too, make the game a little too much "run" and too little "gun". IMHO, Descent handles this a lot better. Not to plug myself again, but since it's relevant, I wrote an article a while back on other advantages of having a 2.ed.
  8. I play quite a few others, but honestly this situation is turning me sour to the whole company.
  9. So, I'm beginning to get won over to the side of "this probably doesn't mean anything". I'm also still very much in the camp of "we still need to be thrown a bone from FFG, rather than being boned by them." But maybe most importantly, that really sucks for our fellow German fans. Hope you guys can get what it is you still need.
  10. This is honestly one of those cases where I do hope I'm wrong. But again, most of us aren't calling it the end of the game necessarily. We're just concerned, and have had absolutely no feedback from FFG regarding it. That's where our frustration comes from.
  11. I love the mission variety, but also the random wackiness of it all. Imperial Assault is a story driven game, but it can also see stuff like Jedi Luke fighting Darth Maul or Thrawn flanked by some Clawdite shapeshifters. That's really, really cool.
  12. Right? Aside from the fact that within a week it'll have been a year since the last physical content was announced (outside of the mats), just a simple "hey guys, we hear ya and just know that this game has stuff coming still" would easily suffice.
  13. Yup. The app is great and all, but I don't really understand the "What else do you need" argument when the answer is this obvious. (I don't think I've said this yet, by the way, but congrats! )
  14. That's the thing. If they read these forums, they'd know what an issue this is for us. I get it's not their typical style, but peeling back the veil is kind of important in times like this.
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