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  1. I mean, it's not like you could play Legion alone...
  2. Yep- I'm also active on some other Star Wars forums, sometimes I forget what lingo people use. I guess it's all a matter of perspective (or, from a certain point of view) but I think it would take a long time to go too far down the rabbit hole, especially with the current release schedule. For example, I understand how a lot of people maybe felt that Heart of the Empire was full of non-iconic units- but as a fan of Rebels, I feel like it barely scratched the surface of what the show offers. Add in the comics, books, spinoff movies, and stuff we still don't have from the original trilogy- I think there's stuff that many would still feel as iconic.
  3. Hey, I may not agree, but I love your optimism and totally hope you're right! I'm still not sure we're due for that yet. Let alone the difficulties they'd have to deal with in stepping on eggshells with the new canon, there's just really not much need for it yet. Almost anything that could appear in a FOA game could be in IA. Even stuff like Rathtars and Fathiers had presumably existed during the OT timeline (much like how the prequel Nexu unit was brought to IA). It'd really just be a reason to bring in First Order stormtroopers, which would be kind of redundant. I think we'll get it, but not for another few years.
  4. I'mma go ahead and state the obvious here- we're not getting any news for this (or likely, anything Star Wars) on Friday. It'd be totally lost in the hype for TLJ.
  5. Thank you! And absolutely. After finishing Heart of the Empire's figures, I've revisited several of my minis. I really wish that I'd taken "before" pictures of them, because some were just awful originally.
  6. If he was a sith lord, he'd be Darth Healer.
  7. In all my time on these forums, I've never shared a gallery of my painted minis- partially out of laziness and partially because you all just do such fantastic work that I was a little bit intimidated. I figured I should change that, so I started a series to be released daily this week on my projects, focusing on my "tabletop ready" minis. I remember seeing a thread about a year ago about minis someone had painted that were far from professional quality, and it inspired me to paint my own- and I'm so glad I did! I'll update this post as I release more articles throughout the week. Mercenaries Imperials Rebels Thanks!
  8. Lobot's expression pretty much encapsulates my own every time I see a new Destiny article
  9. They should have named him M3D-16. But maybe that would have been too on the nose.
  10. Usually Emmaytchdee. Sometimes we call him "Med", from MHD (MeHD).
  11. Well, it's a competitive time of the year. Still not bad for a three year old game.
  12. These are really cool, I like them! One brief suggestion- and honestly, I don't know if you're even looking for criticism and I'm being pretty nitpicky, so please don't feel obligated to read this. Overall, these are very cool. It seems like a lot of the bios specifically put some sort of sentimental value on the hero's starting weapon. Considering how many heroes are going to want to dump their weapon as soon as possible, it comes across as a bit awkward (and may even guilt some players). In some cases, I think that this was handled a little better than others- I really liked the touch of Davith "hiding" his lightsaber for a time, and the mention of Vinto often dual wielding his weapons. Perhaps this section could be used to clue players into a possible build, instead. For instance, with with Jyn we have "Jyn prefers blaster pistols to rifles, and is most comfortable with an older model given to her by her father." I like the part about Jyn preferring pistols to blasters- that's important info for her character, and it'd be cool to expand on. Maybe it's "Jyn is competent with a blaster, but prefers the quick and easy access a pistol or two affords." Once again, thematic to her lore and also descriptive of her playstyle. As for this section: "... an older model given to her by her father..."- it kinda makes Jyn seem a little heartless, in that the rebel player will probably dump that pistol first chance they see a better one worth buying. For stuff like this, I was thinking something like: "The pistol was a gift from her late father. Jyn had found it to be extremely effective, up until the point it deflected a stray blaster bolt by one of Szark's goons, shorting its circuits." This accomplishes a few things. 1. It sets up the pistol to have a unique backstore, but also makes it more disposable (while still having some sentiment attached to it). 2. It raises the stakes even more with Szark, making their issues even more personal. 3. It adds to Jyn's smuggler feel- nothing pluckier than getting your life saved from a stray blaster bolt than deflecting it accidentally with a pistol. Again, just some suggestions, take 'em or leave 'em- overall, these are fantastic and I totally plan on using them in my next campaign. So thank you for these!
  13. No kidding. I love how active we've been here lately, but a little more organization is a welcome addition.
  14. Agreed- though there's one tile type I wouldn't mind having: stone/cave/volcanic. It would be cool to have Sullust/Shu-Torun/etc. I think we got way too many desert tiles (core, Twin Shadows, Jabba's Realm) when I would've liked more variety. Plus, I like the rules for Descent for pits and lava. Volcanic and cave tiles could bring some interesting variety to the maps, especially since tiles generally don't have a whole lot of interesting things on them by default.
  15. Again, I don't expect anything today, but I do think that given the traffic here alone, it wouldn't be a bad call. Imagine if all these people newly into or returning to IA suddenly found out they could buy Thrawn, Yoda, or some other fan favorite character? I think that would go over pretty well, especially if the packs were compatible with the core set.