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  1. I'd say that it's exciting that today is Friday and anything is possible, but Legion hasn't had a preview in two weeks, so obviously they're due even though we haven't had any significant non-map product articles since August. Took this sweet video of myself while posting this, too:
  2. I mean, put Brigitte Nielsen next to Rooney Mara. That being said though, the head thing is interesting. Wasn't Legion using the more Games Workshop style of exaggerated limbs, and IA wasn't? Maybe we are now? I definitely don't have the eye for detail for that kind of thing, but it could make sense.
  3. I'd say the first part of your statement is probably correct, in that many RPG players are probably old school fans. But I'm not sure the new canon isn't without its players, either. I mean, a lot of the new stuff in all FFG lines including the RPG has featured new canon, anyway.
  4. subtrendy2

    So what’s exciting around here?

    I've seen people ask whether they should buy X-Wing or Armada. I've seen people ask whether they should buy Legion or IA. It's not a question of if the products might compete with each other- it's a matter of how significant the effects are.
  5. subtrendy2

    So what’s exciting around here?

    People are probably gonna tell you that Legion and IA have no affect on each other. I don't agree with that. though, and I think it's a bit naive to think that these games live in isolated bubbles.
  6. Yeah, I think the ideas of both "Star Wars Fans" and "People Who Have Seen Star Wars" are each so fragmented now already that I understand the struggle of identifying "iconic" characters. I consider myself a fan of canon and Legends, but I'm sure there are characters in both canons that many see as essential and I know very little about. That's what happens when a franchise spans multiple forms of media, age groups, and just a wealth of material (and it's certainly not all good). Obviously YMMV with characters like that. Enfys was, in my opinion, a highlight of Solo and I think there's a good chance she'll play pretty heavily into the new Cassian show (in fact, I'd say a lot of Solo's third act is likely to, if you catch my drift). But I can get someone now liking her or her movie. Just to clarify, as long as we're getting new content I think everyone is winning. 4-LOM, Zuckuss, Enfys, gungans, whatever. The game is so modular that anything is optional, anyway, so at the very worst you still have the option to buy content that at least one of your players might enjoy.
  7. Probably. Seems like a pretty arbitrary line in the sand at this point, though. I get that characters like 4-LOM and Zuckuss are iconic to longtime fans and have had a lot of staying power, but at this point we have characters like Krennic and Enfys Nest that *shields up* actually matter in the media that they're in. Heck, even slightly more obscure characters like Aphra and Sloane have become influential enough to justify their place in this game (seriously, for a comics-only character, Aphra has a relatively huge fanbase). I think it's kind of silly to dismiss a character just because they're new, and given the content of the past few waves, I don't think that's the IA team's strategy anyway. By the way Majushi, this is totally not meant as a criticism of your own post.
  8. Well, with the news of Diego Luna returning for a Rogue One prequel TV series, he might make a good addition to the game (and I've been saying for a while now that he's the most likely out of the Rogue One crew). I expect cameos from Enfys too, as well as many others. And hey, while we're on topic, The Mandalorian is also coming up. Seems to me like canon is expanding a lot more quickly than this game. Really never understood the "we're running out of things in the OT era argument.
  9. Tangentially related... I don't think I've ever really been all that excited about X-Wing, but this is pretty cool. I mean, I'm not even really a prequel fan, but imagine getting a shiny new wave like this for IA. I'd be pretty happy, I think.
  10. subtrendy2

    What's the deal with Drokkatta?

    And here I am thinking that it has something to do with the fact that it's because FFG subverted the idea that it's silly to speculate on a plastic wookiee's gender in the first place, when in reality it's because it looked like Drokkatta had boobs. This is why we can't have nice things...
  11. subtrendy2

    What's the deal with Drokkatta?

    That's a good point. Maybe that's exactly why she fared so poorly in my group when played with Vinto (who can do much of this without even having to spend strain). They're not directly comparable of course, and Drokatta can do some pretty unique things too, but when it comes to dealing direct damage Vinto is situationally more efficient.
  12. subtrendy2

    Surprising cards and combos

    Oof, that's just mean. edit: Because I was curious, I checked the RRG and this does seem possible. However, I'm curious if Cleave gets the range: I feel like it does get the range, since the RRG specifies that the figure must be an eligible target, but not necessarily always an eligible melee target. So I'd say it works, it's just weird thematically.
  13. subtrendy2

    Surprising cards and combos

    That's a really interesting attack. 5 dice, but three of them are blue. A lot of variance on damage, but as long as you can draw LOS you're gonna hit it.
  14. subtrendy2

    What's the deal with Drokkatta?

    If she's not utilized well, though, she suffers quite a bit. In my Jabba's Realm campaign last year, Drokkatta was often the last hero to activate. By the time she went, my groups were often either killed or seperated pretty well. Add to that Vinto often cleared rooms of swarm groups really quickly. So by the time Drokkatta went, there were just a lot of spread out units and bigger deployments. Your heroes need to realize that she shines when you've got fragile Imperial troops grouped together, as would seem obvious. Even though she clearly has what appears to be heavy weapons, she's gonna do a lot worse against stuff like big vehicles or villains.
  15. subtrendy2

    Just finished my first campaign...

    I like that rule quite a bit. Another thing I do is I remove grey side missions that a group has played before shuffling the rest in. At this point, I still have plenty to continue doing this, as my group tends to prefer red and green ones anyway.