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  1. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that's not what @Bitterman was talking about.
  2. I'm sure it's hard too, because they have so many games, and do put out articles regularly. I'm pretty critical of their communication, but in all fairness they have a pretty monumental task ahead of them every single day. Not that this excuses the poor communication, but I guess I kind of get it from that angle? Maybe it could help to have some sort of rule of thumb- something along the lines of "address every still running game at least once a month". Or maybe they already have something like that, but it's simply too long of a cycle to really be effective and noticeable(for the record, we've definitely gone longer than a month without even a minor correspondence before). Point being, just a minor acknowledgement (even if it's just a "hey, check out 'x' podcast, we here at FFG think it gives some great tips for Imperial Assault") would significantly cut down on the doom and gloom.
  3. Not sure if this is what you meant, but we were pretty much in roughly the same position last year, as far as I recall. We got the HotE box in early October, and didn't hear about ToL until mid March. I guess we did get the app in between that time, if you count that. Personally, I consider that a separate issue. I don't expect anything until March, and won't start panicking unless May 5th rolls around and we still have no news. It would be incredibly exciting to get a blister wave announcement announced earlier than that (or heck, even a full wave) but I'm not holding my breath.
  4. As I've said before, better communication could do wonders. We don't even need a timeline or specifics. FFG just needs to tell us something's in the pipeline. Though, there's no doubt that eventually the game will die, at least in the sense that new products will cease rolling out. Hopefully, though, we're not there yet.
  5. subtrendy2

    Other good gaming companies?

    Fantastic question. For me, I'd say roleplaying and creativity (IA is creative in its own way, but I'll explain in a bit). Nearly every IA mission picks up where a D&D roleplaying encounter ends. Generally combat's still pretty fun in both games, but a lot of the time in D&D there are alternatives to fighting. In fact, sometimes fighting can be considered a fail state. Considering how often the Rebel heroes are terribly outnumbered, it would sometimes be logical (and fun) to give them a more open-ended (bu no less challenging) way out of combat before it even begins. The app manages this at times, to some extent. Roleplaying lets players really lean into their specializations. For instance, my gnome warlock is an incredible liar. I've managed to lie my way through both combat encounters and even political elections during out campaign. Other players are better at intimidation, stealth, etc. I can definitely see how this could apply well to Imperial Assault. As far as creativity goes, I think IA's stance on it comes with the territory. IA is a semi-competitive tactical minis game played on a grid board. The rules are pretty well laid out, so there isn't a lot of room for creative interpretation. There are times where you can kick an enemy into the Sarlaac pit or have Chopper electrocute enemies near terminals, but they're not all that often. The elephant in the room here is that there are three lines of Star Wars RPGs already, so maybe I should just play those if I want a more robust roleplaying experience. But if I was to strictly try and improve IA in these ways, without removing the competitive aspect of the game (because that's kind of its identity, after all) I would probably do the following: -Introduce a combat de-escalation mechanic to the game. Not sure how exactly that would work at the moment, but it's something interesting to consider. The problem is that with retaining the competitive aspect, some of the roleplaying still won't translate as well. For example, my silver-tongued gnome loses some of his charm when the lie is merely an attribute roll, without adding some personal pizzazz (and situational buffs/debuffs). - Have better environmental hazards/ interactable objects on the maps. - Introduce scenarios where the Rebels can interact with more neutral units. The app kind of does this, but Descent's travel mechanic also does to some extent (which I really wish had been added to IA). Interested how others might view these changes. edit: Pardon my poor memory right now, but I've seen some pretty good ideas for social encounter designs between missions on here. Still not quite D&D, but it's something I'd absolutely be interested in trying now, especially since I know my group is up for a little roleplay now (and I know exactly how that sounds, thank you very much )
  6. Absolutely, that was my main beef with it since day one. If it had been a smaller scale than IA, we could've had battles that felt really unique to just Legion, as you describe. But, in some completely backward way of thinking, the scale ended up being bigger than IA. Absolute nonsense. I've warmed up to Legion a little, and might at least pick up a T-47 to paint someday, but there's no doubt it should've been a smaller scale. I guess an AT-AT is possible, but you're probably looking at something extremely costly at that point, 200-300 dollars if Armada's Executor is anything to go by.
  7. Sort of. Stuff like X-Wings, Y-Wings, etc were generally made by third parties and either secretly sent to the Rebellion or outright commandeered. Stuff like the Nebulon B Frigates were even stolen and modified Imperial tech. It's not like they were living in the Stone Age, but they also didn't have the dedicated Military Industrial Complex that the Empire had. Nor was what they had simply scrap, it just came from a more varied array of sources. There was really high quality stuff, like Mon Cal cruisers, but there were also some more "improvised" weaponry as well (for instance, IIRC the Rebels used modified CIS stuff like the hailfire droids). I guess I wouldn't see a large Rebel offensive using one of these speeders, but a small cell might modify one for a mission. If anything, this almost feels to me more like an IA thing than Legion.
  8. I absolutely agree, but it's a problem with the franchise as a whole. The new Battlefront game, for instance, has those speeders as well. Really, as big as the Star Wars universe is, fans will always gravitate to the movies (and in turn, that's what will sell the most). That's why, regardless of the fact that they make very little sense for this game, Endor and Yoda are two of the most commonly predicted future content for Imperial Assault.
  9. subtrendy2

    Other good gaming companies?

    Eh, I've played it several times. Personally, I'm not really impressed. Cards and box are high quality, but I'd much rather play a game where you're actually a hero, rather than a suit ordering them around.
  10. Just kinda taking a step back here, I get why everyone is upset, but I don't think that this necessarily means much about Descent at all. It was an opportunity that, at first glance, might have been an exciting Terrinoth announcement. Turns out it wasn't. Doesn't mean that other announcement might not come sometime.
  11. Total shot in the dark here, but as long as an Endor themed box isn't released, that's always going to be the proverbial carrot on the stick for a lot of fans. It's basically like a built-in hype machine for the game. Plus, even if you're not the biggest fan of the Rebels stuff, you're more likely to stick around with that hope than if they ever announced that The last three waves would be totally Rebels and Solo-related. If they're going to finish off the game with Endor, I don't mind getting some weirder HOTE/TOL-style boxes (or even Rogue One/Solo stuff) in between.
  12. Oh, wow, I hadn't seen that until now. Good lord, you're right, that's some solid comedic value there. (I do like the alien pilots, though).
  13. The Rogue One tank in Legion can ferry troops, which is pretty much what I've been asking for with a skiff in IA for over two years now.
  14. I also really like the idea. I guess LOTR dungeon crawler would be a bit too close to Descent, but this is definitely its own thing. And I was so proud of how well I've been saving money since getting caught up on Descent lately...
  15. That's an excellent point. If I recall, Tolkien's estate makes a pretty clear distinction between the Lord of the Rings and the rest of the Middle Earth lore. Maybe FFG doesn't have rights to the rest, so they had to have clear ties to LOTR. I believe the "Shadow of..." video game series had to grapple with that concept, too.