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  1. Yeah, I like the design philosophy a lot. I think side missions were originally the first attempt at replayability, but while side missions are incredibly cool, they obviously do little to advance the story. So, Hoth sought to change that by adding Threat missions- side missions that did sort of tie in to the main story. Only problem was, there were only four of them, so it actually hurt replayability. With HotE, you still have side missions, but less of them. Meanwhile...
  2. @Srba, that Maul looks great! I'm actually pretty pleased with how mine is going so far, too. Doesn't seem to be quite as difficult as I expected (though it's far from pro quality). Anyone get Ahsoka done? I'd love to see her, too. I've got her just about ready, outside of tattoos.
  3. Yep! There's also a somewhat similar card in Vader's deck that brings him to your hand even if you haven't earned him (unfortunately you'll still have to figure out how to pay his threat).
  4. I'm still holding out for a large base Gigoran hero. I'd be way into that.
  5. Oh totally, I think it'll definitely be a while. I do expect Mercs to get a wealth of ideas from it, though. But yeah, I also think we're due for some Rogue One stuff by the next wave, even if it's a single blister. A year out from the movie fits in pretty well with their release schedule.
  6. At least we already have Obi Wan- today's LCG news didn't initially get my hopes up like so many others. edit: Unrelated, but Solo: A Star Wars Story's title has been officially revealed! Can't wait to see all of the cool stuff it too could inspire in IA.
  7. It did, one is Zam Wessel now. You just have to make sure you paint her right. (in fact, that's my idea for the Elite).
  8. Oh look, they found a new way to package Destiny.
  9. Allegedly.
  10. I wouldn't say it would suffer, but you're right that you wouldn't be getting as much out of it as if you'd used it for a surge or damage instead. Which is also a good point- given how Onar is already a pretty heavy hitter, might it be worth it just to stack up on damage ability tokens instead? Make him even more of a glass cannon? I see Responsive Armor more like Get Down, minus the test and transferable ability, since it can only be used once a round. Still though- between Get Down, Responsive Armor/Black Sun Armor, and Ko-Tun, Onar does have some options.
  11. It's definitely 4.
  12. The one components picture just seems to have been done by someone who was a little confused. Nowhere else is it implied that we were getting 6 and 2. In fact, at Gencon and whatever con it was announced at (was it Worlds?) I remember the correct components were displayed. In fact, I remember having this exact conversation then, of being a little perplexed as to why four clawdites were displayed. It's a pretty weird design choice, but I think it's pretty clear it was not a mistake.
  13. Any thoughts on Ko-Tun and Onar together? With the ability tokens, Onar finally has another way of a little bit of damage defense, outside of armor. It's not a ton, but it might give him a little more staying power. Anyone try this yet?
  14. I'm not sure, but I think if it was a miniboss where it was worded "gains health equal to the threat level", then the threat level at the time this trigger occurs would determine the health that he gains. If it was worded "Health is equal to the threat level", then I'd say that it'd dip for the turn. Curious how others would interpret that, though.
  15. That card, alongside with "Inside Source" could potentially be pretty debilitating. If the Rebels managed to find a way to reduce the threat level during a critical trigger that utilizes it, they could really do some damage.