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  1. But you do award a campaign point to the other side which is a similar result. Still, gotta do it sometimes. Try to use this option early, and when you can round up and keep an extra XP! And like Fraggle said, only takes 1-2 rounds in RitR to have a competitive fleet again.
  2. X-wing is checkers, Armada is chess. In X-wing there is a ton of RNG, in both offense and defense. X-wing is a more traditional move-and-shoot style (XCOM) where Armada is shoot-then-move. To further abuse the XCOM comparison, think how careful you would have to position your team if you only ever got Overwatch/ambush shots. The community is smaller than X-wing but there are spikes of activity in some places where it is more popular. Mostly due to folks championing it with free-to-plays and running beginner tourneys and campaigns. Ok now I miss my local scene...
  3. Omg the beginning was so bad I had to stop. Hyperspace Skip? Am I watching Futurama or Star Wars? I can't tell anymore. Such a mismanaged property, so much wasted potential. Where are my West End Games sourcebooks when people that cared wrote the stories? Poe should have been a great character but the writing is so bad the actor can't make any headway. Rey's wooden delivery is not stoic it's bland and boring. JJ traded in lens flares for strobe lights really growing as an artist! In summary: Wizard of Oz Star Wars Edition. If only the director(s) had a brain.
  4. Great shots, thanks for sharing! Which one of those amazing builds was the random plot generator?
  5. Minor thing but I think the Imperial presence token still needs to be added.
  6. Yup same with both the campaigns I'm in. No one who has spent an Ally token has lost yet. Next up is a Pivotal Battle and my side is defending a Conquest so we have the base advantage plus an Ally token. We might as well put the ships on autopilot and play Sabbacc till it's over. Protip: that 3rd activation is worth it's weight in Beskar.
  7. What the **** did I just watch? I seriously have no idea. There was about five movies crammed in here, two of which looked pretty good. Baby Yoda save us! It's all on your tiny little shoulders now.
  8. Did not know such an option existed, will investigate post-haste! (aaaaand there goes the the last one)
  9. Haven't upgraded in a while and GREAT to see the new obstacles and prox mine token! And the RitR objectives! And ignition tokens! Even a gunnery die token! So many fun things to discover I'm running out of exclamation points! Only issue I've found so far is that selecting a MC-75 ordinance cruiser results in a Hammerhead torpedo corvette.
  10. From another angle, I would rather download the module from the official Vassal site once rather than perform my risky-click-of-the-day each time a community update hits the wires. And with the official crew's version I trust the dimensions/range bands with be obsessed over and the full campaign material will be available, etc.
  11. My campaign is starting up next week so I've updated my previous hack of the wonderful CC google spreadsheet to include manual token and experience tracking. Token "Economy" refers to what is currently being earned. Not 100% sure it's working but trying to use an add'l sticker type "<Faction> Presence Est." to differentiate between presence earned on current turn (and hence earning tokens) vs. "established" presence that is no longer earning tokens. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zT8z3FydTWQE5tcsjYBTstV44cMnSuzZ9MYi8tF8RAQ/edit?usp=sharing
  12. I hacked together something here... still in progress and a couple things will always be manual like earning experience (depends on points at time of battle) and spending rewards, but eventually hoping to get dual-strategic locations automated by selecting the reward chosen in systems tracker. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zT8z3FydTWQE5tcsjYBTstV44cMnSuzZ9MYi8tF8RAQ/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Agreed, it's a really terrible rules collection for such a great game. In addition, the phrasing of the cards is not often clear and sometimes misleading or even plain wrong. (Will they ever update the cards on reprints?) When they give us fancy faction specific damage decks like XWing they should combine with a revised, smaller format reference rulebook with a faction specific cover design.
  14. Played my first game as Lando and liked it at two player but think it would shine at 3+. Though it would be interesting to see if there was a lot of downtime between turns, my sense is that you would stay engaged as the action is exposing contacts and cards that you want to know about. It helped that I pulled the perfect set of Lando cards, from illegal cargos to Lobot in my crew to the fancy threads and pulling multiple gambling encounter cards. I had a path to victory (10 VP, er, fame points to win) but was beaten right at the end as I discovered too late that it is just as important to cycle the decks defensively as it is to hunt for the stuff you want. In my case, those sweet illegal cargos since they give you 1 fame each and as Lando I can re-roll the check to not get caught. I think it would have a ton of replay unless you pick the same character each time, or play vs. the same character each time. Each matchup will be a little different, and then the cards you pull from the decks offering more permutations. Lando vs a very aggro opponent (Ketsu?) felt very asymmetric which I absolutely love. (Rebellion, Twilight Struggle, Netrunner are some of my faves.) I had no offense to speak of, just a 3-cargo ship and fancy clothes and almost won the game. I've also played Firefly and think this is superior. (Disclaimer: I wasn't impressed with Firefly.) To me this comes across as another classic Corey K boiled-down-to-its-essence ruleset that OOZES theme. And unlike Firefly you really have to be stubborn to get stuck. EDIT: I really agree with these suggestions I read on the BGG forums; - When doing a job and it says "read card #41", the player to your left reads it out, removing the bits that say if you pass or if you fail. This heightens tension and stops players from "gaming the situation". - Have players pick characters that they feel comfortable with and they know well. - Try to play your character and not yourself.
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