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  1. Played my first game as Lando and liked it at two player but think it would shine at 3+. Though it would be interesting to see if there was a lot of downtime between turns, my sense is that you would stay engaged as the action is exposing contacts and cards that you want to know about. It helped that I pulled the perfect set of Lando cards, from illegal cargos to Lobot in my crew to the fancy threads and pulling multiple gambling encounter cards. I had a path to victory (10 VP, er, fame points to win) but was beaten right at the end as I discovered too late that it is just as important to cycle the decks defensively as it is to hunt for the stuff you want. In my case, those sweet illegal cargos since they give you 1 fame each and as Lando I can re-roll the check to not get caught. I think it would have a ton of replay unless you pick the same character each time, or play vs. the same character each time. Each matchup will be a little different, and then the cards you pull from the decks offering more permutations. Lando vs a very aggro opponent (Ketsu?) felt very asymmetric which I absolutely love. (Rebellion, Twilight Struggle, Netrunner are some of my faves.) I had no offense to speak of, just a 3-cargo ship and fancy clothes and almost won the game. I've also played Firefly and think this is superior. (Disclaimer: I wasn't impressed with Firefly.) To me this comes across as another classic Corey K boiled-down-to-its-essence ruleset that OOZES theme. And unlike Firefly you really have to be stubborn to get stuck. EDIT: I really agree with these suggestions I read on the BGG forums; - When doing a job and it says "read card #41", the player to your left reads it out, removing the bits that say if you pass or if you fail. This heightens tension and stops players from "gaming the situation". - Have players pick characters that they feel comfortable with and they know well. - Try to play your character and not yourself.
  2. Yeah that's painful. Source: I was the opponent. 😀 I got a little saucey with a Squall assisted T1 strike and that turned out to be a bit more than I could handle. Expert play to carve out Dengar from the heart of my squad ball also make my life difficult. GG as always @Cruzer
  3. I think this is right, grabbed the links from Discord for those of you not on there... I'm assuming Tokra's Raider is a lifeboat off camera.
  4. Right. I think squad limits in CC are based on potential fleet size not the player's fleet size so 25% of 600 (fleet sector rules) is 150. But the first round when you start with a limited one-upgrade-per-ship 300 point build we allow up to a hundred points in squads. Not sure about side board yet we are playing with only the two in bold marked "adopted" at present.
  5. Love these threads, thanks for posting. Playing my second campaign now and we are already seeing the need for adjustments. Here's what we are developing for house rules and what we've adopted already. Also playing with spoiled cards for the next one! Most of this came from notes I took reading threads here, so apologies in advance for any stolen ideas https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vTDIMXHZFZyWp7aqPdDChUqrIMCxN3pJjERr2eEqhcM76ino_QRqL7ASBpObJcOUUZKlGICQdctlwVp/pub
  6. Let me know when private equity money starts chasing Mel or Shapeways. Until then, I'd assume FFG earns more revenue and profit by orders of magnitude.
  7. Thanks @Yipe! And the store owner says we can go up to 10, so plenty of room left for walk ins.
  8. Hi I'm running another small mellow tournament at Geeks & Games in Oregon City on Nov 10th. $5 entry and we've got a store champ pack plus lots of promo cards in reserve so you'll have some cool choices if you finish in the top two, and all players will get a promo card of some sort. I will probably keep it at six players or less for this one, so make sure you RSVP, or PM me if you'd like to make it but aren't sure and I'll let you know if we fill up in advance. RSVP via https://www.facebook.com/events/1891072747672921/ or
  9. His VTs have a special place in their hearts for Quasars, chased down mine too...
  10. Beginner-friendly 400pt tournament in Oregon City this August 11th at Geeks & Games, 2pm-9pm. $10 at the door includes BBQ dinner or $8 pre-paid via Paypal.If you've never entered a tournament before you are eligible for the "N00B Award" which will go to the top finishing first-timer. It will (at least) equal the top prize so coach up a friend and bring them along!We will be competing for a 2018 Q1 kit plus lots of extra goodies. Custom tokens from ArmadaGames, "ISD Conversion Kits" for those who don't have the Chimera yet, Coresec Engineering placeholders... It will be a fun informal event but "if prizes are all you love, then that's what you'll receive."
  11. NA, or asia/aussie in a pinch. I have a ? bud and it seems pretty easy for us to get together for a chat.
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