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  1. That's been referred to before, but I'd like to emphasise it again - out of 37 occurrences of the word "trigger" in the Rules Reference, all 37 use this word as a verb, not a noun. Given that, I see no conflict between the two definitions we could conclude: timing [n.]: a distinct timeframe during the course of the game that can be referred to; (to) trigger [v.]: to take place during a given timing;
  2. Should these "when X, if Y" conditions be checked upon entering the queue, not at resolution time, a player would be able to place as many of "if you're not stressed, then do something you get a stress from" abilities in the queue and keep resolving them undisturbed. What to me seems more counterintuitive than placing things in the queue "optimistically" to see if they'll be able to actually resolve or not.
  3. For now we probably could only agree to disagree, we'll see how it goes further, bit for now do you mind explaining what these two cards have to do with the situation? Their only "if" clauses regard player's decision about paying their optional costs. But while we're on them, would you kindly explain from your point of view: in the text of the Inertial Dampeners, which part of the ability is: 1) The timing? 2) The trigger? 3) The effect?
  4. And then Deathfire and Page Tico happen and all of the sudden turns out we actually don't read devs' minds as a community as good as we think we do and we're not foolproof in our interpretations.
  5. Oh, I'm wholeheartedly with @meffo on this one. Both of the abilities mentioned trigger out of the same game event, i.e. full execution of a (red) manoeuvre. In case of Anakin's, there is a condition that has to be met upon resolving the ability in order to be able to gain a benefit out of it. That conditional for sure is not describing the game event triggering the ability. How come? Does Anakin's ability triggers once enemy I6 ace flying after him enters his front arc at range 0-1, or it lands in his bullseye. Similar scenario: with Bossk [Gunner], who's ability says: Is triggering point for the ability having performed an attack? Or is it not being stressed? I doubt it's ambiguous to anyone in this case. The "[When] X, if Y, you Z" abilities trigger (so enter the queue) upon X, their resolution is limited by Y, and grant effect Z. Edit: If an ability has some additional conditions to be met to trigger, then these are laid out in the X part of the working template. Example: Obi-Wan Kenobi, the other Delta7 ace says: Which could have been worded: "After a friendly ship spends a focus token, if it's at range 0-2, you may spend 1 force. (...)" but he doesn't.
  6. Ah yes, the "F*ck if anyone knows how it works" League of X-wing 2.0. And to think I was so happy and optimistic when I first saw the pinned thread with devs' responses to rules questions. The dreams I had of them taking a look in the subforum from time to time, or at the very least peeking into the inbox they've set up themselves for the rules questions... @OfficialRules, hi, how's it going there?
  7. Oh alright, but that only applies to the simultaneous fire rules of ships having the same PS. From your initial response, I got an impression you meant that even PS1 generic being shot down by PS11 Vader got to stick until they got to make their last dramatic shot. That's something I definitely didn't remember from 1.0 games I had.
  8. Ah, you're obviously right. Parallel parking next to your target should do the trick. But as far as medium-to-long range shots are considered, I am still not aware of any combo that would let you shoot, then rotate twice to perform a 180' flip and then shoot again.
  9. You may attack a target within the other end of the bowtie (the arc you have not used for your first attack). You cannot double-tap in the normal sense of it using a bowtie-only ship and VTG (at least I am not aware of any combination of abilities that would allow it).
  10. Um, that was true if he died to Corran's double tap in the end phase, I think. For normal combat, he simply says he sticks around till the end of COMBAT. Simultaneous fire rules said you only got to fire back if you were the same PS level as your destroyer. But if you weren't, pop, you're gone as soon as the last necessary damage card went through.
  11. Are you sure? I was sure this behaviour was exclusive to Fel's Wrath (TIE Interceptor) but on the other hand, my memories of the dark age of 1.0 are getting blurry...
  12. "Rank" is the position at the end of Swiss, "Top cut" is how far it went in the Tops - in this particular case a list with a lone Gideon/ln won the tournament. It ain't much, but it's honest work.
  13. Well, one way to put it, if the revealed manoeuvre is not the one the revealed dial ended up pointing add, we might need to establish a new term. For if I've got a ship that: Revealed 2 Straight. Set that to, let's say, 3 straight. In the end used Inertial Dampeners to stay in place. Then 2 Straight would be the "Revealed Manoeuvre", Stationary the "Executed Manoeuvre", but 3 straight "This other manoeuvre, let's not talk about it, ok?".
  14. Was about to bring this up - the question of whether or not your revealed dial can change post factum has been relevant ever since 2.0 stared, through the aforementioned niche combo. I'd go with the reasoning that the revealed maneouvre is the maneouvre selected on your revealed dial. That would make the N1 pilots' ability work positively with the speed-altering abilities, something clearly intended by the devs. On another note, if you think about it, the whole situation is hardly a new threat to the sportsmanship of the game. We could technically take away damage cards, discretely adjusting our figures or obstacles, flipping shields ever since day 0 of the game, also with no hard proofs for the judge to base on (I flipped a card? Nosense! I never got a crit at all!). Hakuna your tattas, we're all going to be alright.
  15. I mean... You gotta get busy doing something. And there are only so many cars we can steal from Germany, so.
  16. Just passing by with a tidbit of info: I've been given a hint Padme is set to be 44 points. Source: Dude, trust me - I'm from Poland. You know we spoil these things like crazy. This article? We had it all ready posted last week.
  17. Yes, it's true and I'm supporting @Metal Carnage II's statement there. I'm sorry if my previous message, starting off with a direct quote to them, sounded like if I accused them of making irrational claims. However, while I agree it's not perfectly clear as written right now, I also tried to prove it's far less confusing than to cause people to argue back and forth about the disarm token. It should be called out as an editorial mistake rather than a serious rules ambiguity some claim it to be. The rules are rather clean on ESC, just put out through slightly confusing writing.
  18. The flaw is in the first sentence - there is no rule hinting that flipping a dial face up causes it to be revealed. One thing we know is that one has to flip their dial face up upon revealing it. It's kind of a rectangles vs squares scenario, works one way but not necessarily the other. Merely flipped dial is not revealed, but the revealded dial has to be flipped. Now, that out of the way, we could argue that with flipping the dial face up being an obligatory step of revealing it may mean you cannot reveal it anymore. Except you're supposed to execute the manoeuvre selected on the revealed dial, not the flipped dial, what would in turn, as highlighted before by @Muppetfluffer, bring the ship to halt without consequences. Also, the act of revealing the dial is actually composed of two activities: flipping it and placing it next to the ship card - what no one ever does, but still - further reinforcing that flipping in the system phase does not exhaust the conditions of revealing a dial and should not prevent one from revealing it during activation.
  19. I guess they're wondering how it interacts with Snoke or another whatnot that flips the dial out of order. Imho, Snoke has no interaction with it, including the fact you will reveal the dial at appropriate time even if it's been flipped beforehand - nothing in the rules indicates that dial already flipped cannot be revealed, revelation doesn't happen only for dials that have never been assigned.
  20. Or not prevented, if he made it past the rock before not-so-grateful death. Anyways, Snap Shot is coming back, so we sure as sure can perform attacks in the activation phase.
  21. I get your frustration buds, but just take a moment to appreciate all of the frustration that didn't have to happen among players without siblings / fiancés / pals interested in splitting a faction's content with them. "Why on Earth I have to pay for 4 copies of everything?! Why?! I'm not even going to use one-of of most! I hate you FFG! I hate you!!!" *Proceeds to crawl away from a stream of lava*
  22. Yeah, well. On one hand I get the confusion. I do. It's bound to happen whenever new forms of interaction are made up somehow on the go with new releases, without direct RR reference. But then on the other hand, hear me out. If anyone finds the rules regarding ESC's action clear enough for them to find out how the reloading process interacts with their charges: that it recovers one charge; just one charge; not all charges; doesn't add a new charge; doesn't prevent the charge from being recovered again in the future; it happens now, not next turn; not turn after the next turn; not previous turn; not only after the card is empty; If they were able to specific all that using the existing Rules Reference, to link the ESC's reloading process with the "Reload" chapter of the document. Then there is no credible room to argue that they couldn't figure out if it is connected to the next friggin numbered bullet point of the paragraph that just told them what to do above. No way. TL;DR: You don't believe ESC follows the steps of Reload Action and you don't get the Disarm Token? Fine by me. Then you also don't recover a Charge on the thing, because that would be a part of the same exact process you don't believe you follow.
  23. The fix is like, dunno, 5 min of work of a person, tho.
  24. This so much. While the U-wing is in fact the faction's only Hyperspace legal support chassis, too many people seem to overlook that combat wise, it is an X-wing with even more HP. U-wings are perfect capable of pulling their weight in combat and with price tag of 1/4th of your list, they should not be regarded as an expandable support filler like Scum's Escape Craft. I have taken Saw for a spin at Hyperspace Trial back in the day. Just before non-renegate pilots were added into the format. Flawless run through Swiss of 64 players, the only 6:0. Have used coordinate grand total of two times, both just to roll my generic Ys out of a clutch, highly bumby situation. Not once to double mod my Wedge - because in the long run, two single modded shots prove more valuable than putting all your eggs in one basket.
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