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  1. I see people counting days untill we see Actis on game but honestly, what could these ships do that one of 3 variants of Delta doesn't already? The "fragile but and slippery, but cheaper" Delta-7 / Delta-7CLT is already here and hardly anyone used it beside of the purpose of squeezing bin Anakin into their lists. 7's are already masterfully repositionable. The best I could figure out would be 7's sans Lock and configuration but with regular, white Evade. Flying it since day 1, I don't think that Republic needs another Jedi starfighter, at all, as it already has 3 of them, practically speaking. They most desperately need a decent clone generic platform which competes with T-65, T-70 and Khirahz as a formation beef platform. Torrents are wet-noodle-spring-loaded-shooters without Sinker and ARCs get in each other's way easily on their medium bases. THAT being said, it's perfectly reasonable for a faction not to be able to field every possible type of list. Honesty, I was hoping for the Seps never to get an actual ace and it being a faction of mass produced, expandable ships. If you desperately crave for certain playstyle, there's a faction for it, for sure, go get them. Finally, for the main topic - Republic already has some decent droids available, but with the pricetag on the Jedi they are still all outshined by plain old R2, effectively being two Shield Upgrades for the price of 3/4s of one. I'm more interested in seeing some crew + crew carrier options, as the only one they've got, the Senate, is either overpriced or maybe just bad. The "light" side punishes focusing down it's carrier but it only fits to ARC which is easily ignorable / outmanoeuvreable in the early game and the dark side is too situational, restrictive and jedi-centered. I hope to see some folks like Yoda or Yularen taking a seat and supporting the battle.
  2. Then again, three evades are never going to happen on two dice with a re roll. IMHO, an average game of X-wing is way too short for the proper statistic average to show. An ace is likely to defend only three or four times a game. The extreme result swings will show up. I've seen many matches saved by a wild triple evade roll when it was the defender's only way to survive another turn.
  3. If we're talking about a single Nantex, the additional green die is straight out better than a single re roll. It may come in handy with multiple Deflecting Nantexs, yup.
  4. But then, why would you want to tractor yourself if you neither need to reposition nor rotate your arc? For Ensnare shenanigans, I guess?
  5. If abilities share a trigger, they will all be placed in the queue before any of them begins to resolve. The real question is if a ship with enqueued ability being destroyed doesn't prevent its ability from resolving.
  6. RZ-1s can Outmanoeuvre naturally as they come with a front arc primary. What I meant was - RZ-2s are the only ones unable to Outmanoeuvre due to what arcs they use that can take both Snap Shot and Outmanoeuvre to be able to make use of the latter.
  7. This is something completely different. Snap Shot is not an effect triggering while you perform an attack using a specific arc (like Outmanoeuvre is). It is an attack using a specific arc. If anything, Snap Shot would allow ships that couldn't Outmanoeuvre before - due to incompatible arcs - Outmanoeuvre via Snap Shot. Only RZ-2 can afford it slot-wise, though. --- PS. @Mep would you mind not dragging this dispute any longer? As far as I may agree with your stance, please let this innocent thread be. Same goes for @SpiderMana. Whichever of you is right, sort it out via DM, please.
  8. We've got FO's AT-ST featured on one of the Resistance Transport pilot cards, Republic's AT-TE I the art for one of the Hyenas... Then there's the huge Mining Guild vessel seen on the Mining Guild TIE generic and, on less serious note, ISD Thane is shooting and a glimpse of Venator Class on another of the spoiled Nantex-class. I think the artist are way past sticking to the ships featured in the game. Just my three cents.
  9. You could, technically, insist however at R2 ruler being placed by the edge of the board and R1 being placed by nearby obstacles each time one is being placed during setup, either by you or your opponent, even if it's being laid down in an obviously legal position. There's no rule whatsoever which would support the "you can see it's far enough" measurements. By sticking to that during setup you might be able to extrapolate the useful ranges on the battlefield. Cheers.
  10. Well, I'm talking about a single one out of the dice thrown. Regardless of the total, use of Dedicated is like signing a pact that one of the dice of the Dedicated ship will for sure roll unmodifiable blank in exchange for a 5/8 (?) chance to reroll into a meaningful result on the supported ship. This is fine when the supported ship is of much higher value to your list than the clone (Jedi) and you can put the clone at the expense to save it. In Sinker swarm the only ship worth defending is Sinker, but his single green already means it melts quickly. Then there's a problem of positioning. A 2x2 block of Torrents cannot reliably fly so that each of them has all 3 comrades on his flank. That being said, it is worth noting such a swarm could, in a mirror-ish matchup, reliably burn down Sinker before the enemy Torrents get to shoot. Which may or may not save up to 5 damage, also know as one Torrent.
  11. I don't think so. The strength of a swarm is to maintain the swarm, to Zerg people down. Giving up a defence die on a piece of the swarm to reroll a die of another piece is suboptimal - you trade 100% chance of not rolling an evade on Dedicated clone to get X% chance of rolling one on another clone (X < 100).
  12. つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEW FAQ ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
  13. Ryfterek


    I mean... If one can't accommodate for a single barrel roll / boost after the obligatory 1 straight, then maybe it's not the Jedi power level that's the reason they're getting played by Jedi.
  14. Ryfterek


    IF anyone's going to bother equipping it. In theory, ion missile effectively neuters Jedi, as them getting ionised is closest they get to certain death. But then, no one really plays these and Jedi are curses upon as OP.
  15. Ryfterek


    On some last of occasions my source was right we learned e.g. Mace was not I5, despite FFG's official article. Shields and Force are common yet not omnipresent attributes. Multiple ships existing not having theses values assigned.
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