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  1. Interesting thoughts. How would you handle the way they impact the finale?
  2. Has anyone used any sort of house rules to play the campaign without the banes and boons? We’re playing the campaign a second time and would all rather not repeat play of those missions. If so, what did you do and how did you handle the way they impact certain missions? We were considering usin a random dice roll for those situations or a ratio of rebel vs. imperial wins.
  3. Look at how the bullet points and such are set up, but my first inclination is it only happens once.
  4. We just finished the campaign today. Rebels ended up winning every mission with jarrod, ko-tun, onar and loku against reactive defenses. Jarrod got quite good, especially after winning his reward card for Jax. We really enjoyed the power tokens with Ko-Tun. Onar got quite tanky by the end and loku dealt quality damage but was clearly less powerful than some of the other marksman type characters. That being said - all the story missions and finale were fairly competitive with a couple rolls going the other way potentially changing the win total drastically. Overall the campaign felt more balanced than most. The one weird part was that there was very little influence available for the imperial player even if he had been winning the missions. But it seemed like there were far more initial and reserved groups in play as far as points go. Story wise it was probably my favorite campaign so far. We’re diving into the app next and looking forward to the next physical expansion announcement.
  5. In general it looks like it will be potentially quite tough considering that resting won’t heal damage. Might be offset by the fact it looks like items will be given out like candy and can be sold for full price
  6. 2 questions: out of all released content - 1. What two player skirmish is the most fun to play? 2. What two player skirmish has the most creative rules/outside the box ideas?
  7. Question relates to structure - the content below I don’t think provides spoilers as it is procedural and left intentionally vague. After the intro mission there are story missions put in play based on narrative and one is selected. once the first chosen mission is played - there is another mission added. Do the original unselected missions remain in play alongside the new one or are they removed as they were in the Jabba campaign.
  8. Note - all descriptions are generic to avoid spoilers other than that killing Jabba is how one of the finale options is resolved which is rather common sense and shouldn't be considered a spoiler. We finished a Jabba's realm campaign a few weeks ago. It came down to the last turn. Garkhaan and Diala were near Jabba and vinto had been forced to run away to try to not get wounded. Murne was just out of range to finish off Jabba. At this point Vinto was the only rebel not wounded and the imperials had just deployed gamorrean guards almost on top of him, needing to do one damage to wound him. Jabba needed to take 6 damage to die and the imperial had the nemesis deck so Jabba was rolling two black defense dice. Diala was in position to attack twice and Garkhaan could get in one big focused attack. My friend who was playing Garkhaan desperately wanted to get in the final blow as Garkhaan had failed 3 strength ability checks in a row on the previous mission causing our plan to derail and losing that mission. All statistics and numbers said that Diala should have made two attacks. Against my better judgment I agreed to let Garkhaan go for the win. When the dice had settled, Garkhaan had rolled almost maximum damage and managed to finish off Jabba with 3 damage extra thanks to a poor defense roll for the Hutt. The rebels proceeded to celebrate their hard fought victory.
  9. So my local gaming shop isn't getting wave 9 in until probably Wednesday and as we're starting a new campaign this week. We want our imperial player to have a chance to pick the new agenda sets. Have previews of them been published anywhere so we can evaluate them?
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