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  1. Of course those units will just roll full blanks whilst being flanked with no reroll. 0 Damage. I call it the Murphy play.
  2. Lightning bolt, lightning bolt, lightning bolt! Over in seconds.
  3. Here's my basing approach, its cheap and nasty but works a treat. Get soil out of the garden, as dry as possible as you want the little 'rocks' that come with dry soil (yes sand is fine but I prefer the extra texture of soil) Before spray undercoating brush a goodly amount of wood glue on base, dont be shy lay it on pretty thick it will dry clear anyway. Dip base into bowl of soil Spray undercoat model, I use mat black spray from local hardware store After painting the model start with dark brown paint and work to light brown (let dry in between), just drag your brush over it no need to to be really thorough, use less paint on the secod two browns as you are wanting just to catch the tops of the soil Paint the rim of the base to get rid of blemishes Using wood glue again I usually put on 3 thick blobs of glue on the base Dip in first choice of flock, knock excess flock off Let dry for 5 minutes or so Repeat steps 7 & 8 Put on fancy stuff like flowers or grass clumps
  4. I too have been wondering if I might give the Darnati a miss. I kind of see them a threat projector whilst sitting in the middle of a few archer units. I usually lose at least 1 set of archers to cavalry so maybe rather than giving up this archer unit you might use Darnati as a way to blunt the cavalry charge. Here's an example unit (with Maegan in the list). This unit will swing no matter what and gets in those awesome stuns. But 50 pts v a unit of well tooled up archers at 30 pts... Darnati Warriors x4 [31] --Champion: Avenger of Latariana [5] --Equipment: Tempered Steel [3] --Training: Moment of Inspiration [5] --Sorceress: Dreamweaver Sorceress [6] ----------Total Unit Cost: 50
  5. It would be useful to look at European historical equivalents to see how much time was required to fight a battle. China did all of this on a much larger scale. In Roman times battles of up to 30,000 men on each side were know to occur but the norm was 10,000 aside. These battles took a full day to fight with deployment and maneuver taking upwards of 4 hours and the actual sword swinging sometimes taking 6 hours. Throughout the dark ages without the mechanism of a large state the size of battles shrunk considerably down to 2,000-5,000 men on each side. These battles took about half a day with the sword swinging down to an hour or two before one army broke. Towards the end of the dark ages and the start of the middle ages the battle sizes went back up again to between 5,000-10,000 as states could support larger armies. The Battle of Hastings is reported to have taken all day. Once we move towards the late middle ages and into the Renascence there are many examples of battles at 10,000 - 15,000, but again these were all fought in a single day. It is only once we get into the enlightenment that we start to see armies move up towards 50,000 and into Napoleonic wars that armies tip over 100,000 and battles last multiple days and that's largely due to the logistical support that was developed. The limiting factors, food, daylight and men's energy to pursue. In a lot of accounts of battles there is a real focus on the amount of time that armies take to get into the field from camp. in a number of very famous cases, due to a late deployment, pretty much after 11am, battles were not decisively won as the opponents were able to melt away into the dark. Getting your men up at 4am and into the field by 8am was considered the approach of a professional army, and we all know how that fares when the troops are supplied by multiple feudal lords.
  6. I tried Meagan out today with just her own fluff upgrades and wasnt super impressed. The lack of brutal and precise see her damage output fairly low, and then all of those very close range effects have no discernible impact on the game. I think I'll just put the daddy's bequeath on Alania and be done with it.
  7. Does the +1 on the charge modifier work like: If you select a 3 charge it becomes a 4 charge, OR If you select a 3 charge it becomes a 3 charge plus a 1 charge, i.e use two movement templates If it is option one does that mean you cannot charge any more than 4 as that is the largest movement template.
  8. It has been a while. I have finished my first two Latari starter boxes. Really got bogged down on the Leonx Riders, kind of typical when you set a goal to paint entire army in less than a month. The last few units are a real cow to paint as your motivation drops. I also play a lot of Mordheim, a skirmish GW fantasy game from the 90's. So I had a few elves set aside as magic users, typically for me I have unpainted models in boxes just waiting for me to get to them. So I have decided to repurpose these as heroes for my Latari army. The GW 25mm round bases fit quite nicely into the RWM trays so there is no need to do any cutting. The GW figures, as they are slightly older sculpts, are closer to true 25mm scale and when compared to the RWM re slightly smaller. I think RWM are closer to 28mm in scale.
  9. Get the Imgur app. It'll take photos straight to your account where you can get an image link to post in threads. Real easy.
  10. Vicious Roots to be added to Scion unique slot and the Alania champion cavalry upgrade image doesnt seem to be working on the Leonx Riders. Let me know of you require the images. You're doing such a top job I've subscribed as a patron. I encourage everyone to stump up a $1 a month too for such a fantastic community tool.
  11. I've played 40k and Warhammer fantasy for 25 years I can't even start to remember how many "discussions" have been caused by movement donnybrooks. The 'have you reached melee' or 'is your gun in range' issues a measuring tape cause are immeasurable. The command dial and templated movement system FFG have put in place solve so many of these problems. As has been mentioned above, the decision making has already taken place, so the analysis paralysis is confined to a small section of each turn, and compressed again by having both players conduct theirs at the same time.
  12. Waiqar are a sometimes food. Elves are an anytime food. Om nom nom nom.
  13. Good work. Here are some slightly better quality elven upgrades which I noticed are missing.
  14. If you dont have a second core box I'd go that first. The expansion box for archers is really just the dial. I've bluetac'd on a photocopy to other dials so I can run 4 2x1s.
  15. Welcome to miniature wargaming . As derpy as this sounds practice your deployments outside of the game. Get your blocks and random scatter some terrain. Then think, how am I going to apply overwhelming local force superiority, at that point on the table, what happens if the enemy comes through here, how can my units support each other in this setting. Push your units out a move and you'll rapidly see how these test deployments impact on your battlefield presence. Of course there are always staples to deployment. Don't put your units too far from each other other as they will be unable to support each other and can be isolated and overwhelmed by the enemy. Protect your flanks, be it with terrain or other units Pay a little bit of attention to the enemy deployment, has the enemy general made their own mistakes, can you capitalise on these Can you use misdirection to pull the other general into making a deployment mistake, think Aliana and her Leonx Rider redeployment; an early drop of these with the plan to scoot them to another location later on Where do you want your units to be in turn 4 of the battle, thinking this way can really crystalise your thinking on deployment as you'll know the movement limitations of your units so therefore know how you need to deploy them.