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  1. Brisbane players

    Yeah it’d be a few hundred km round trip. Maybe if we get a regional comp in Brisbane.
  2. Brisbane players

    Anyone in Brisvagas thinking of picking this up? It’s been hard to get players for Runewars so I’m looking for a player base before I invest in Legion.
  3. 1x4 Rune Golem

    What about with visored helms? They hit and move late so they'd get the +1 to armour , all of a sudden it's hard to get that second wound. But the lack of reroll really does hurt them.
  4. Here's a chance for some prizes in a friendly enviroment.
  5. Does playing against yourself help?

    And the flip side of this is that you sometimes catch yourself unawares with a move that just rocks. Then you get to apply that in your next game. Look, it's OK to play once and awhile against yourself but it really inst a substitute for playing lots of games against real humans.
  6. Australian Players roll call

    There’s been quite a bit of activity on the Australian FB page so head there to rustle up a game.
  7. Howzit all, In an endeavour to kick start a player base in this fair brown land I thought I'd see if anyone from Oz is lurking in the FFG forums. We have started to gather a small group of players in Brisbane but I hear that Sydney and Melbourne are struggling. I have seen a few Hobart and Canberra players off loading their initial buys. As forums are so fractured these days you may also be on here: So give us a shout out and let's see if we can get a National championship by the end of 2018.
  8. Fixing Golems?

    I'm on the side of leaving them as they are. Every army will have units which are not as effective as the opponents version. Should reanimates be the same as spear men? Of course not. It is a very slippery slope when the player base starts to put pressure on the developers to improve this unit or that unit, particularly so early in a game's life cycle. Where does it lead, I present 40k. After 25 years of playing that unholy mess my personal insight is don't mess with unit rules as it throws out the whole game over time.
  9. Armies on parade

    I was going to wait until I painted my expansion boxes before posting this one but summer has sprung and I am outside more often than not. Here's my Latari army. It's a dream to play.
  10. Latari List - MSU Style

    If you are looking for a real MSU experience I have had quite a lot of success with four 2x1 archers and two 2x1 Leonx Riders. Through in runes and rank discipline and away you go.
  11. Countering Elven Heroes

    Getting around the ranged restriction that Ambush Predator brings is the first step. The Death Caller/Lancer combo in larger Reanimate blocks is a live option. Once you get some Deathknights onto the table you'll find that the Waiqar army is a totally different proposition. Either as MSU held back for the counter charge or as large blocks for the tanky approach, Deathknights change the game play quite a bit, particularly if you can get Death's Grasp onto the hero.
  12. As with everything in this game which has high armour. What they bring to the table that was missing from the Waiqar list is maneuverability through speed. Getting past block's flanks is critical to applying multiple charges at once so that an enemy block can be taken down in 1 or 2 turns rather than 3 or 4.
  13. I've started dropping reanimates all together, moving away from tarpits and regen based lists. 6 archers, 6 lancers and 6 knights works a treat. equip as you see fit but that fits into 200 points. In the few games I've played with knights I tried 2 2x1 with rank discipline, these are very much are small unit hunters, our games have started to move towards MSU so its a fix for that meta change. I've also run a single 2x3 with death grasp artifact and column tactics. Hits hard and has high resilience.
  14. 18/00 Waiqar back on track

    Bugger, yes its was supposed to be Raven-Standard Bearer and that's how I played it. Int 4 shooting was very cool. Especially as there was often a move associated with it. In the first game a set of oathsworn chased them right across the table and never caught them. A first for reanimate archers.
  15. I named this list 18/00 in deference to older D&D were the elusive top range of Str for characters, the perfect triple 6's dice roll. I fell onto this list when I could not find my second dial for the deathknights I bought last week. As we are all starting to realise Runewars is very much won and lost in the movement phase of the game. Waiqar really lacked this, particularly in blocks of reanimates. I had been struggling to win about 40% of my games with Waiqar, compared to the 90%+ wins I've had with MSU Latari, who dominate the movement aspect of the game. I played 2 games against Daqan last night, spear star plus dispatch runner, crossbows and 2x small oathsworns. With the below list getting around his spear was much easier, he caught the Lancers but they can take so much punishment that tied him up for the game, whilst the other two blocks hunted the smaller units for the win in both games. I could probably drop the windrunes on the lancers, they are a blunt instrument after all but I reckon across a number of games it would become useful. 199pts Carrion Lancers x6 [68] --Equipment: Wind Rune [6] --Training: Simultaneous Orders [2] ----------Total Unit Cost: 76 Reanimate Archers x6 [45] --Equipment: Wind Rune [6] --Heraldry: Raven Tabards [2] --Training: Combat Ingenuity [6] ----------Total Unit Cost: 59 Death Knights x6 [55] -- Artifact: Obcasium's Gauntlet [5] --Training: Column Tactics [4] ----------Total Unit Cost: 64