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  1. I think that multiplayer, in certain areas/regions, could be a great boon to the game, creating a new way to consider deck construction in two players paired up to maximize on each other's strength. Of course, this occurs in a meta that creates teams rather than just multiple random people at a table. Team L5R, representing alliances in the Clan War, could be a very interesting step forwards as a story element and side championship at Worlds/Tourneys. I don't want too much focus on multiplayer, but I think that simply adjusting the rules to state how early cards that are used in multiplayer effect the opponents, in either team or true multi. I like the idea, but I really want to wait until Clan War comes out and I can really get a feel for how the cards play off the rules.
  2. Did the book happen to mention what the Deer colors are? From the two promo pictures, I assume brown and white.
  3. I have a deck box for my current deck using an old Ivory Edition tin, and I have cheap UltraPro boxes for each clan by Dynasty and Conflict, as well as Neutral and boxes for Stronghold and Provinces..... takes up most of a small backpack with my playmat rolled in too.
  4. There's still time to fix it.... "The Legion of the Emperor"!
  5. Looks like it's 'glowing', maybe a magic arrow?
  6. Time to channel my inner Yogo Junzo for some thread necromancy..... With the Crane novel being the most likely 4th novella, and the focus on Hotaru vs Kuwanan in the latest Cycle pack to preview, will this 'Crane Civil War' be the plot?
  7. My thoughts as well, looks like a great new version of the SCC.
  8. Any info listed about colors? Just curious, but wont be able to get the core for a while.... dang losing my job.
  9. Was always funny to see Yoritomo and Kisada next to my Shoju, Hoturi and Toturi minis..... Hated to see massive Yoritomo, myself.
  10. That's what I expected coming in to it as well. Now I'm behind by the entire elemental cycle and will be behind on Scorpion because of the bunched release schedule. My fault for not having the money, but still.
  11. Well, now we know that Unicorn and Crane will get the next two releases at a quicker pace than the last two clan packs, question becomes: Will the novels come out as quick?
  12. Not sure if this would be 100% legal or not.... but what about a holding that can be sacrificed to double a honor gain or loss? Where it hits the legality question would be using it to hit a major honor loss on your opponent, but it would be great with Scorpion to hit the threshold of their honor tricks and Lion for their high honor cards.
  13. That Yokuni mini looks amazing! I still have a few of the old Clan War minis floating around, but these look miles better!
  14. I'd love to see the extra influence AND allow the use of Way of for each clan, but I'm good with just the extra influence.
  15. So we're back to the OLD story with this one. Kaede was born half-Nothing and the Void of her father when he named her imprinted on her, iirc.
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