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  1. Rhydan aren't furries; they're straight-up sapient animals. Blue Rose lets you play as a telepathic horse if you want to. This may make things somewhat more difficult.
  2. Not sure which is wrong, but according to page 11 of the beta rulebook, and the "sticker sheet" at the back, the skill dice should have three "opportunity" faces and one "explosive success" face. However, the skill dice in the L5R dice app have four "opportunity" faces and no "explosive success" face, only the "explosive success with strife" face.
  3. We'll probably find out the answer to that when it becomes clear exactly how bad an idea it was to let Shahai get close to the Emperor.
  4. I really hope we get something like that. Terminal Directive has shown that FFG are willing to try new things with their LCGs, and I really hope they continue to be a bit adventurous with things. Reviving some of AEG's concepts like Siege and War Of Honour seems like a good place to start.
  5. There's not been any announcement to indicate that the game will support multiplayer. There's a theory that the "Personality" cards in the core set are for a multiplayer mode, likely in the vein of the melee mode in A Game Of Thrones. Even if that is true, it looks like one core set will only have enough cards to support two players, so if the game does support multiplayer (which it very well may not), it will almost surely require multiple cores.
  6. An aging maho-tsukai, beginnning to feel senility creep in, decides he must act now to finish his greatest work. He prepares himself a nourishing meal to help him recover from the coming blood loss, and begins the rite. He know this spell well, though he has never cast it himself. As he begins to bleed and calls out to the kansen, he realises that he has made a terrible mistake. His hands shaking under the weight of his years, he cut too deep. He feels himself growing delirious from the blood loss, and fears he will die before the ritual ends, but he cannot stop now. At last, the creature he called up from Jigoku appears before him, and the final stage of the summoning begins. Struggling through weakness and delirium, the dying maho-tsukai tries to give the monster his name, but collapses while speaking the words. The kansen struggle to understand the man as his life slips away from him. The maho-tsukai's last words are a feverish blend of name-giving and regret that he will never eat the now blood-soaked dinner he made for this occasion. The kansen try their best understand what was asked of them, and the oni receives its name.
  7. I was just explaining why someone might find the system unintuitive, the way Sparks Duh did. I don't have a problem with influence being done either way, and I think it really comes down to what fits the aesthetic FFG are going for with the cards. The Netrunner system would probably look awful on L5R cards.
  8. I don't have an issue either, I was just explaining how someone might find it unintuitive compared to the way it's been done before.
  9. On the subject of Influence, the way it's handled here does look a little less intuitive than how it is in Netrunner. In Netrunner, there's a distinction between 0-influence cards (which most neutral cards are) and cards with no influence value (mostly Agendas; they can't be included in other factions' decks). Because of the way influence is printed on L5R cards, it isn't possible to make that distinction. Therefore, it looks like neutral cards with no influence cost can be included in any deck at no cost, while clan cards with no influence cost can't be included in other clans' decks.
  10. I like playing defensively, and I'm pretty conflict-averse, so I intend to flavour my Phoenix with some Crab (for defendoofs) or Crane (to scoop up all the honour). But these posts: got me thinking about decks named after Flight Of The Conchords songs, so now I want to build these as well: Fashion Is Danger: Political Crane honour deck, that uses honour as a resource to draw and play dirty Scorpion tricks. Prince Of Parties: Political Crane again, but this time with the weirdest Phoenix spells I can find. (The video for the song is framed as a literal acid trip.) The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room): A weird blend of Crab fortifications and Crane political shenanigans. (Why is it always Crane?) I Told You I Was Freaky: The finest monastic Dragon oddities mixed with the finest Phoenix magical strangness.
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