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  1. I agree on the comment about prockets, not necessarily, about PreCog. It's a lot of points, but I think it's worth testing out. Removing prockets could afford you the title, as well as a solid bid. Vader likes a bid. If you keep precog, than I would say you don't need tac officer. Ideally, you're using that to keep Vader from bumping, so he can get actions anyway, and Vader can force for more actions. Depending on how you fly this list, lone wolf could work very well on RAC.
  2. Are you just taking Berwer for the higher initiative? His ability is pretty much useless in this list.
  3. Have you considered countdown instead of Sabaac or duchess. He can take a hit much better than the other 2. And he can become a focal point for the enemy because of the fact that you can't just pop him. Otherwise, my opinion would actually be the lambda. I think coordinating actions would be huge to the inquisitors, and the spacecow is not an easy ship to take off the board.
  4. I think it is interesting and hilarious to start both ships in weird places. It would be easy to throw off your opponent with something like this. With that said, Han probably doesn't kill anything by himself, unless you're up against a droid swarm. Poe has a better chase hitting something from behind like this. Since you have 2 I6's, you definitely want a decent sized bid. You might want to try increasing it, if you can. R2 for regen, or R4 for stress removal seems like a cheaper option and both would put you above the 10 point bid mark.
  5. you could also upgrade the shuttle to Jendon to give everyone locks at the start of the game. You'd probably have to take FCS off the defenders to do it thou.
  6. The idea isn't bad. 6 shots with juke, and any ship that's damaged gets re-rolls. Each shot won't hit very hard, but there's so many, and with juke, you are probably pushing damage thru against anything that doesn't have force or token stacks. While it's probably not competitive, it'd be fun to try out
  7. I agree Arvel is difficult to fly. Practice with him alot. But he's so fun to fly and your opponent always has to account for him. Especially aces. And even supernatural aces have to at least account his position. And he's only 39 points, so, if your opponent focuses him down, than the rest of your list is free to do stuff. I like the switch to Biggs. Spreading out damage and keeping Wedge alive is key, he hits the hardest, and if he dies fast, you probably lost the game.
  8. First off, wedge, because he's always good. Even with just the configuration card, it's 52 points for an I6 beast. That leaves you with 56 points. I think a double tap Dutch would be pretty great because of the action economy you gain. Dutch- ion turret, veteran turret gunner - 49 points. That would leave you with 7 points of upgrades to taste. I think alot of people will tell you to take Nora over Dutch because of Nora's defensive ability, and matching I5's. But a focus'locked Wedge, or Hera is going to do alot of damage. Especially if Hera bumped something.
  9. OR... instead of a Phoenix A-wing, roll with Arvel, intimidation and predator. He's so fun. And Arvel plus Wedge is an ace nightmare. I ran a store tournament with the 2 of them and Han. It was awesome to fly.
  10. I think having clusters and APT on Torani is too much. APT really is 6 points for a 1 shot, single extra die anyway. I would rather have upgraded your turret to ion turrets and get some control. bombs work great if you know exactly where a ship is going to be.
  11. Sixter, I tried your list out last night. I think I prefer Lando in the escape craft. Old T definitely hits harder, but when it came to the end game, not have elusive and advanced sensors made the bros a lot more immobile. Granted I was against whisper, but being able to sloop or k turn and still have calculates, plus elusive would have been a very different outcome
  12. I like the Nora/Leia combo in the arc. She gets in peoples face and can tank damage. I think I'd rather have 2 double tap Y's, over 1 Y, 1B. It's more potential attack dice, and a lot of control. And it's the same point cost. As for Wedge, if you want him as your end game piece, my opinion would be switch to R2, and add lone wolf. You'd lose your bid, but he would be very tanky. And it makes him flexible if he's the only ship left.
  13. There is a guy at our LGS that flies Guri, Xizor, and 3 generic Z's. In the beginning of the Game, the z's are basically meat shields for Xizor. If you attack him, he'll shed damage over to the Z's, so you have to kill them first. With how elusive Guri is, there is a good chance you have both vipers in the end game. It's a tough list to go against
  14. It's not that any particular list eats them alive. It's that you have a lot of points in an I4 ship. Any ace list is going to arc dodge like nobodies business. And you don't have the firepower to out muscle rebel beef. Brobots are in kind of a weird middle ground between them. That doesn't mean you can't win with them thou. The funnest part about brobots is watching your opponent decide whether to take damage, or spend a token and risk it on the ion shot. I flew B and D with advanced sensors, ion and jam cannons, elusive, and the title at adepticon alondside lando in the escape craft and loved it. This list is more defensive, and more mobile than yours. But yours hits a lot harder. And if you can fly Old T well, he can be a monster. I definitely want to try it out.
  15. I think you should switch the crew around. D on Ketsu and 0-0-0 on 4-lom. Since you're doing primarily red maneuvers on 4-lom, I don't think you get value out of D. But triple 0 just happens. I think 2 modifiers for Ketsu would be powerful. She gets shot alot since she likes to be in peoples face, and a double calculate on 2 defense dice is tanky
  16. I feel like those are not fun games. Yes, 2 protons can do a lot of damage and probably do 65 points of damage. But 10-15 minutes of play followed by an hour of you running just seems lame. If you're using it to arc dodge while engaging, great. If you spend most of the match just running away because you took a point lead, than it's not so much as dirty as it is boring.
  17. Agreed. Wedge definitely does, but if you have an 80 point Corran as an end game piece, a wedge that pushes more damage thru may be the better overall.
  18. Outmaneuver Wedge is a trap. On paper it sounds great, but in play, he gets burned down fast because your opponent focuses on him. Unless your play is to bait with Wedge and strike with Corran. that might work. LEIA! You have a rebel list, she should be in it. Nien doesn't really give you much on the arc and Leia is cheaper. I think if you made those changes you might have the points to move the arc up to Nora. Nora's fantastic.
  19. My opinion is that it is. control + 2 attacks is pretty tough. And the I2 X-wing is the same amount of points as the I2 Y-wing with ion cannon and veteran turret gunner. The upside to the X is that it is more maneuverable.
  20. agreed with above about Leia. Also, with Dutch, you probably don't need R3 since he's always going to be locking anyway. You could keep it for a bid, or upgrade elsewhere. I do like the fact that all 3 ships can basically focus/lock, if you choose. It's very consistent damage. And you still have double mod options if a ship is taken off the board. I'm also a big fan of the double tap y's. They're tough ships.
  21. Jamming and Tractors could be a trap because in most cases, your opponent is willing to spend tokens on the first attack to not take damage. However, if your opponent is close to a rock, you can force them to decide to first damage so they can't be tractored on a rock. With that said, you want ions. The ion cannon does damage and gives you control. With the very maneuverable Bros, getting out of arc of a predictable ship is easy.
  22. If you fly Drea with Dorsal turret that's 44 points, would give you 4 attacks with rerolls on the Scurrgs, and would give you 54 points for a 4th ship. You could do Talonbane as mentioned above for an ace still. You could also fly a jakku gunrunner to reduce agility for all your attacks. That would leave you some points for upgrades.
  23. Hera is strong, and at I5, she does alot. But if you really want to get the most out of her, you need Nien. It's 5 points, but it makes her sooooo maneuverable.
  24. I don't think you need elusive on Braylen. If you're flying him right, he's stressed and getting defensive rerolls anyway. That would give you a 3 point bid. Or you could bump thane up to wedge. Depending on your personal preference. Cassian makes alot of sense in this list. My biggest issue with Braylen is he can't always K-turn or talon once he's in combat. Just don't forget the timing of it.
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