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  1. HirumaShigure

    New dynasty pack; For the Empire

    Anyone have a link or the text for Shinjo Kyora?
  2. HirumaShigure

    Children of Bushidō

    "He had been a gruff and distant father figure, as so many parents were" Going over the parent/children relationships presented thus far, I don't see many that would be at odds with this statement. In preparation for adulthood and the responsibilities of serving the clan most children are sent away to be trained in a dojo while others are even sent away to be "honored house guests" (hostages). I don't really see Satsume's relationship being more dysfunctional than any other relationship in Rokugan. (Through my modern real world point of view, sure. But most parents want their children to "be better than themselves").
  3. HirumaShigure

    Children of Bushidō

    Maybe Satsume intended to keep Hantei Sotorii weak, knowing he could have whipped him into shape, while he thought he was making Hotaru strong. He didn't want his heir to love him, he wanted her to be able to weather the Empire that was to come. Also, wasn't much of the RPG material presented as NPC opinion? If so, this certainly brings to question its accuracy (truth for the teller) "He was a horrible boss, I can't imagine any body else liking him". Add to this, it could be intended that the PCS are trying to be persuaded to a degree by the material to proclaim Satsume as a Kolat.
  4. HirumaShigure

    Lion and Identity

    I feel that the lack of Tacticians was one of the most significant changes to Lion in this new version. I was thinking maybe you could make Tactician a keyword- "Action: During a conflict discard a card from your hand. Give this character +X military skill where X is equal to the discarded card's fate cost." But since cards seem to usually cost less for more benefit (and costs honor) this would probably be inefficient and make characters cost more fate themselves.
  5. HirumaShigure

    Children of Tradition

    As I was reading the part from Sotorii's point of view, I got the feeling like he was being manipulated by a Scorpion while stuck in a Spider's web. "You CAN be emperor, even though you're the younger son..." Step 1: Get everyone to like you Step 2: Make your brother look like a complete incompetent, isolating and alienating him Step 3: Make him commit an unthinkable breach of etiquette We all fell for NotDaigotsu's plot! Ps- Sotorii also reminded me of Konahamaru from Naruto. Nobody ever had the guts to put him in his place just because he was the honorable grandson of the village leader.
  6. HirumaShigure

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    How romantical
  7. HirumaShigure


    I can't recall who to credit the comment to but I was amazed (in a positive way) by the poster that said they use Kakita Kaezin with the intention to lose: send him to the conflict, trigger his ability and bid one, get the honor from his opponent (or win and send his opponent's/his other characters home to win the battle). I found this way more interesting than "bully dueling". If he wins: great. If he loses: I get the honor and crush you with my fate hand next turn. I'd like more cards like this- win/win, with options.
  8. HirumaShigure

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Hitomi is who you send to political conflicts for some "aggressive negotiations".
  9. HirumaShigure

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    I saw Illustrious Forge and immediately thought "...Yajinden?" Wishful thinking? Epic card though. Surprised it grants that much province strength. Jade Tetsubo anyone?
  10. Well, I don't know about everyone else, but I am so ready for some new cards, be they CotE, Unicorn, or Crane Clan packs!
  11. HirumaShigure

    Clan Descriptions

    I have to admit I did get a kick out of it, with all being equally harsh, if not overly simplified. However, I could see how some would be put off by this, especially new players. I got in during gold edition so I've heard all the stereotypes. I personally see positives in all the clans, and would hope to never judge a player by what clan they liked.
  12. HirumaShigure

    Imperial Census (Spoilers for Kyotei Castle)

    Typo: Soshi Ezo, not Ezu Kitsuki Jusai is mentioned on page 63/64 of Whispers of Shadow and Steel as being the Kitsuki family daimyo.
  13. HirumaShigure

    Carrying Cases

    Yours is way better than mine! Haha, 3 core boxes with no inserts and ziploc baggies for me
  14. HirumaShigure

    What do you think?

    It really does take weeks. Now we got into to the RPG so I don't know if we will tie that into too. We got the original idea from playing Imperial Assault, X-wing, and Armada the same way. This has been easy more fun though. The Battle for Rokugan is more of a "map with control tokens" illustrating our LCG campaign. However we REALLY do love that game, I daresay maaayyybe even more than the LCG but it lacks the depth we are looking for.
  15. HirumaShigure

    What do you think?

    Let's see: Crab can't splash Crane Crane can't splash Crab or Lion Dragon can't splash Scorpion (? Haven't finished the novella yet) Lion can't splash Crane or Unicorn Phoenix can't splash Unicorn Scorpion can't splash Dragon (?) And Shoju and Kachiko can't be in the same deck. Unicorn can't splash Lion or Phoenix However, not that I don't like your idea and whole heartedly embrace it in casual settings, a few things to keep in mind- The LCG is just a snap shot of what's going on in Rokugan. That's why we can use dead characters in our decks. The politics of Rokugan are just like the 5 elements, constantly in flux. What's happening in the story now doesn't necessarily invalidate another clan's influence on your clan. It could represent your samurai having adopted the tactics of that other clan, an influence through political marriage, the use of their items or weapons that were given as gifts in time of peace between the 2 clans, etc. There are many ways to explain the splashing in the narrative of the card game. My sons and I take a holistic approach to our forays into the world of Rokugan. We use a running setup of the Battle for Rokugan boardgame (as a campaign) to determine what clans will battle over a particular province. This decides what decks will be used to battle. Then, whichever clan wins in the LCG, takes control of the the province. This then determines which clan that deck will splash during its next game- symbolizing the adoption of the customs and culture of the captured province, rather than an eradication.