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  1. Resource: Exhaust Black Widow’s Gauntlet → generate a [Wild] resource for a Preparation card. My son and I were playing yesterday. He was Aggression Black Widow and I was Protection Captain America. I had 2 cost Protection card Defensive Stance in hand and came up a resource short. He offered to use Widow’s Gauntlet to pay for my deficiency. I told him unfortunately that it didn't work that way... but I did want to make sure what everyone else thought. The wording does seem some what different than other cards like this (Enhanced X, Quincarrier, etc).
  2. Togashi Mitsu: "Gaijutsu-sensei...what does her tattoo do?" Gaijutsu: "...beats the heck out of me" LOL Maho! LOL
  3. Crab: Hida Tomonatsu- Thanklessly sacrificed herself to save her Champion, but I think she would have done this to save any of her clan mates. Crane: Doji Kuzunobu- Married to the Champion for political reasons and works to advance his clan's cause in the courts. Dragon: Kitsuki Chiari- Courtier turned investigator, turned palace infiltrator. Lion: Ikoma Tsanuri- trying to uphold all the tenets of Bushido. Phoenix: Kaito Kosori. Humble while powerful, cares about the Empire's wellbeing. Scorpion: Shosuro Miyako- getting the job done, whatever the cost. Unicorn: probably I'm biased, but Moto Chagatai is who I feel captures the spirit of the Unicorn the best.
  4. Ishikawa is no Hida Tsuneo, that's for sure! I think that Toturi and Ishikawa are both honorable men who take their jobs seriously and that is why they feel they have failed. And they have, but by our own standards they can't be expected to fulfill their duties while constantly being by the emperor's side. So the failure trickles down (or up) to the whole system.
  5. What stuck out to me about this story is that we finally saw a competent Champion Hotaru, it was boss how she gained refuge for her army when it could have ended in that army laying siege to Toshi Ranbo against the Scorpion Clan and Imperial Legions! Secondly, in my opinion, we saw the real Bayushi Kachiko when she was alone with Hotaru. She lost her composure and there was no manipulation, just the legitimate outcry for help. She even admitted to herself that she had done what she did as a selfish grab for power- not the good of the clan or the Empire. As far as Bayushi Shoju's actions: the "honorable" thing to do would have been to cut Kachiko's head off, then commit seppuku for his failure, taking full responsibility for what happened. However, Shoju had to make an even harder decision. For the peace and stability of the Empire he had to play the villain, for the Empire would have tore itself apart in the vacuum of power. I think it would have been full scale war like the original Scorpion Clan Coup had led to. Now it pretty much just sounds like there are whispers of a coup, but the Scorpion get blamed for everything so this is pretty normal.
  6. A little concerned that it boils down to "who is first player" but it definitely has gotten me reinvigorated. I had decided to stop buying L5R after the Crab pack was released simply because I never found the time to get L5R to the table. I did feel that the provinces not being generic was an improvement over Old5R but I can see that them being gone really speeds up gameplay. I'm going to give it a shot, and may end up picking Clan War up if my FLGS ever opens again.
  7. I really like Quinjet but with your build I'd probably recommend dropping them for the Power of Leadership. I prefer the Quinjets in resource starved heroes like She-Hulk and Thor.
  8. Let's just say... last turn Vision attacked for 6... twice.
  9. Played my first double Leadership multiplayer game. Captain Marvel and Captain America vs Expert Rhino Heroic 1 with A Mess of Things (Scorpion). With 5 Make the Calls between us Maria Hill was out almost every turn. So much fun.
  10. If it is a guy on a couch, that's gotta be a bottle of cheese-wiz (honestly I was thinking nunchucks).
  11. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2335981/gameplay-statistics-record-your-plays This is a thread from BoardGameGeek.com that I wanted to share with everyone in hopes that the community could collect more data. I'm not in anyway affiliated with the creator of these collection forms, I just have been providing my play data since it's creation and strongly support their efforts to capture the community data for this great game. Thank you and keep playing!
  12. Captain Marvel vs Expert Rhino with the Doomsday Chair encounter set: Doomsday Chair side scheme coming out off the encounter deck, putting MODOK into play- spending the allies, resources, attacks, and taking the retaliate damage to get rid of MODOK... only for the second Doomsday Chair side scheme to come out a turn later bringing MODOK back from the discard pile. Next encounter card- Shadows of the Past, bringing out Yon-Rogg and the Psyche Magnetron. Fun times despite the soul crushing. I think I actually ended up winning this one but the flop of the encounter deck was way more memorable than the win or loss. Sometimes I get excited when the encounter deck really wreck us the way it's supposed to. I'm really looking forward to the Taskmaster nemesis coming up as a boost card giving like +8 atk or sch and having no way to deal with it- that will make for a memorable moment. Also, can't wait for Baron Mordo to wreck us.
  13. You played it correctly. You could set Nova up to snipe people all game, never defending or attacking, yet still dealing consistent damage (as long as you could pay the energy resources).
  14. I'm going High-Evolutionary Shang-Chi Vision Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Edit: Kang makes a ton of sense too... but none of this deviates from the Avengers at all...
  15. I've had quite a bit of success with Leadership and Justice Thor, but I've won with all aspects. I actually won against the Wrecking Crew with Protection Thor. Having said that, I'm only about 30% win rate with him. He takes more work. Other heroes I'm at about 60 to 70% win rate (Captain America, more like 95%). People who complain about the game being too easy, Thor is your man. I usually take about 5 minutes to throw a deck together, Thor may actually need real deck building and testing. I was worried that Thor was going to be boring and OP, but I was wrong. He's different and interesting, you just have to think differently about how you play than any of the other heroes to date.
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