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  1. Sorry, actually no. I have only ever managed to play with 3 players and although this is still one of my favorite games, because of life it's been awhile since I have played this. I've gotten distracted by traveling abroad, L5R LCG, L5R RPG, Journeys in Middle-earth, and the Transformers TCG... among other things! My sons and I have had this on the mind lately though, so if we decide to play a variant we'll try out using allied clans.
  2. THIS is exactly what I wished for the relaunch of L5R to be. After having played Lord of the Rings LCG and Arkham Horror LCG since launch, I expected this sort of treatment for L5R. Not so much a cooperative game, but with at least a STORY MODE. This is so important and essential to L5R's identity. In the old AEG days I think the weekly fictions are what kept this feeling alive for the game. Sure I can play out a story in my own mind over my card interactions but sometimes this feels forced. Although somewhat abstract, I feel that the game Battle for Rokugan captures the epic clan struggles of L5R better than the card game, but lacks the character (and characters) of the LCG. I even have played around with ideas on how to combine the 2 for a more holistic experience.
  3. My memory could be way off, but didn't he jump off a seaside cliff to end his life after his return through Oblivion's Gate after the Spirit Wars in the old continuity? That would be a way to avoid the touch of a blade entirely.
  4. The Crab dishonor other clans by making them ashamed that they don't support the war effort to keep the Shadowlands out of the empire. If you attack the Crab militarily you are interfering with their duty given to them by the first Hantei. The Crab themselves don't concern themselves with honor and glory. They do what must be done. Victory at any cost.
  5. I've played that scenario twice now: first time it wasn't the dwarf, second time it was
  6. Thematically I would interpret it as your eyes being so keen you see a break in the wall and know you can make the shot through it: Legolas shooting through the gaps in the door in Balin's tomb in Moria.
  7. I personally do not find the game too easy, nor do I find it too hard. I like the balance. Having said all that, I'm a very casual gamer. I'm in it for the story and out of 10 scenarios I've probably only ever done 3 last stands. Maybe this means it is too easy! Of note also, I failed 2nd and 5th scenarios. My personal tweak to make it easier would be have the inspiration cap be that character's starting inspiration or have no inspiration cap. Haven't done any adaptations myself, so don't know how much this would alter the game's balance.
  8. FFG has done this to a very small degree in the past for games I own: Elder sign- in an expansion they gave you an updated version of a card from the core, Imperial Assault- updated in the form of promos, and Lord of Rings LCG- again, an updated card from I believe in a saga or deluxe expansion from a previous saga or deluxe. Of course, this is maybe 6 or 7 cards from 3 games with hundreds if not thousands of cards. But L5R has had many cards that received errata already, not just 2 or 3, but it isn't unprecedented. However, you almost always had to buy something to get something. How about throwing us a bone by putting them in their clan packs?
  9. Drakes Flocks of crebain... from Dunland! (Cause fear, maybe raise threat more than normal if not dealt with) Slant-eyed southerners (Bill Ferney-esque encounters, steal your depletion counters) Corsairs of Umbar Huorns!!!
  10. Gimli- Battle Axe, Hunter Legolas- Great Bow, Captain Bilbo- Musician
  11. Oddly, we haven't lost any scenarios out of 4 with Aragorn (captain/guardian) and Bilbo (pure Burglar). But I've failed 2 times with Aragorn (captain/guardian) and Beravore (Pathfinder/hunter) out of 6. I can't tell you what factors contributed to these varying outcomes. Luck? 2nd scenario Aragorn failed a double last stand: damage then fear. 5th scenario Beravore failed her 1st last stand: damage. No success, no inspiration. The threat bar has never really caused me any issues, it's usually only the inability to deal with damage.
  12. @TheWiseGuy states that the price is $4.99 in the video here, but I think the original article showed this add the price as well. Maybe he can help us cite our sources.
  13. I'm voting Bilbo, Elana, and Gimli. Haven't seen any videos with them yet (besides the FFG stream).
  14. Right. I thought for sure I had seen it too, but could not find it again on any sources. Maybe if I rewatch the Battle Cast video, the gentleman's video will have a shot of the original article...
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