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  1. Director Krennic, once per round you can opt to roll one extra attack dice if you do focus results count as blank for the extra die rolled - 1 pt
  2. I think they'll put it in the tech slot as a way to help expand it out more.
  3. I think the base generic will be PS 5 with an ept then named pilots at PS 6/7, PS 7/8 with Kylo at PS 9. Also I think the dial is going to be: 5: K-Turn (Red), Straight (White) 4: Straight (Green) 3: Hard Turn & Talon Roll (White), Straight, Bank (Green) 2: Hard Turn, Bank, Straight (Green) 1: Hard Turn (White), Bank, Straight (Red) The above makes it a mix of the Interceptor and advanced, it gains the slow speeds Tie Fighters don't have with the hinderance of it being stressful, the white Talon Roll is a nod to the Defenders white K-Turn and lines up with the Imperials being Arc dodgers In terms of action bar I'm expecting Focus, Evade, barrel Roll, Target Lock & Boost Slots - Cannon, Missile, Systems, Tech Silencer will be a Title and I think it will be something to block out pilot abilities / upgrades when attacking or defending against the ship, in effect silencing them....I couldn't help it. Also think we will see a new version of the Tie Advanceds advanced targeting computer, maybe as a tech slot item instead of systems. Points cost for the Ps 5 generic I think will be 32-34 with Kylo at the top being 35-38.
  4. The ship looks great, personally I think it will be more closely linked with the Tie advanced than the interceptor, would be cool if it's title card matched the Advanced Targetting computer systems card. Also will be interesting to see if any of the Tie F/o or Tie S/f pilots migrate over to this ship or if they will all be new.
  5. No I'll happily settle for Shush as well or alternatively a new upgrade card called mute!
  6. If there's not a named pilot called Hush I'll be disappointed
  7. Thrawn is nearly always one step ahead in guessing an opponents action and in a game of action economy why not penalise an opponent for choosing an action Grand Admiral Thrawn 6pts - 1 crew Slot At the start of the Activation phase choose an enemy ship at range 1-2 and assign it the Thrawn condition card. Thrawn condition card Whenever the ship with this condition token assigned to it performs an action it suffers the following effect Evade - Minus 1 agility Focus - the first focus result rolled is immediately turned to a blank and cannot be rerolled target lock - minus 1 attack dice barrel roll - player chooses direction, opposing player chooses position boost - opposing player chooses template used cloak - roll a die on a hit result immediately discard the cloak token etc etc
  8. I honestly think it will end up 2, 3, 3, 2 with a title that ups the attack stat to 3 or leaves it at 2 with some potential benefit. Similar to the way the tie sf is. think the ship as a whole will be an upgraded tie advanced as opposed to an upgraded interceptor.
  9. Xehl

    Punish me Harder

    I 100% agree bomber is the better choice hands down. I only really play in a casual environment so I tend to find my punishers get ignored as much as they're focused down so I do get the opportunity for them to survive through a game. 2x punisher 2xbomber was probably some of the most fun games I've played with them. Though I do like to throw the named pilots in to random lists 2 x strikers and redline worked well enough.
  10. Xehl

    Punish me Harder

    i think it's unassuming nature helps it more than anything, most ignore it as "it's just a Punisher" problem is once it's targeted it's days are numbered. Plus it's biggest issue is any role it can fill the bomber does equally well for less I think some more pilots with abilities, will help it to a degree, some form of points management title card that allows you to load it up for a reduced cost would help as well without buffing the bomber at the same time.
  11. Xehl

    Punish me Harder

    I see your point about the upgrade, I had been basically approaching it as turning it into a mini large ship if that makes sense. If you were aiming more for synergy perhaps a systems slot upgrade. Advanced Sensor suite 3 points you may acquire a target lock on up to 2 ships At the start of the combat phase you may acquire a free target lock on any ship at range 1-3 and inside your firing arc. works well from a munitions point of view, allows the punisher to carry out an action other than TL and allows the lowered pilot skill variants a chance to get their munitions off.
  12. Xehl

    Punish me Harder

    I've always liked the idea of a title and then an upgrade to use in a munitions slot as a potential fix. Title: All out Assault (1 point) (Tie Punisher Only) When attacking with a Missile or Torpedo secondary weapon you may add an equivalent number of attack dice up to the value of your primary weapon attack. You may change one dice result to a hit (or a crit if your pilot skill is 5 or higher) Enhanced firing coils (4 points) (Tie Punisher only) (limited) Takes up a double bomb, missile or Torpedo slot. When attacking with your primary weapon you may roll two additional attack dice. The idea with the above is if you want to take the ship barebones with no munitions you can buff it to a 4 dice attack for 4 points. If you are running it as a missile or torpedo ship then you are getting better value for money out of your ordinance and either increasing the effectiveness of guidance chips or allowing you to take another mod in place of them The upgrade wouldn't stack with the title as you are adding dice to your roll rather than making it a primary attack of 4 cutting down on any crazy op alpha strikes. Limiting both to the punisher prevents any inadvertent buffs to other ships.
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