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  1. I dunno how many people will actually see it, this forum is kind of totally dead... But you're absolutely welcome.
  2. This place may be a barren wasteland, but I've got your back, bro. Here: (Click the image to zoom) Figures are arranged in 3 rows, Doom figures in order of size. Also pictured are 40k Space Marines on the left of each row; A Grey Knight, a slightly modded Space Marine, and a Chaos Sorcerer. All of the Doom figures are represented (aside from there being 4 different Marine models, I only showed Alpha.)
  3. I dunno how images on this site work, specifically, but you could always just upload all the pictures as an album on Imgur and link that.
  4. I came here (again) to look for ideas now that I managed to secure a couple more paint colors... and your images are all down! D: Do you have a backup/can you reupload them?
  5. I live in Northeast, currently. No car though, makes getting around harder...
  6. Man, you'd think there would be more players of FFG games in the metro area where they're located...
  7. Yeah that makes sense. I had a feeling it was covered somewhere, they actually did a really good job on covering bases like that.
  8. I'm just gonna put this out there because I've had difficulty finding people to play this game with, both for a single instance and for sequential meetup play. (Plus, after like a month of inactivity here there were 4 distinct users who posted in the last 2 weeks, so my hope for this forum has been restored. )
  9. I also like the variation on the imps, and the darker colorings of the pinkies and cacodemons. I would like to see the other mancubus up close, personally, since it seems to have a very different color scheme from the one shown.
  10. Since there's no ruling on this (And still no Errata, I'm pretty sure) I'd say that they occur in whatever order you choose in that case, or simultaneously in the case of, for example, a marine's grenade and the invader's cyberdemon.
  11. So you play the grenade card as an Action, which stays in play, and the grenade token goes on the map wherever you aimed it. For Frag and Siphon, they stay until the end of the Round (not turn, round) and then detonate, dealing their damage. Then the token returns to you and the card leaves play and goes into discard. For Hologram, instead the grenade token stays out until it's killed (takes 3 damage), and then it returns and the card goes into discard. Then, once your deck runs out of cards, and you shuffle your discard back into a deck, you can play the grenade card again after you draw it again.
  12. The wording of the card is quite clear on both of these. 1: It says you can use it "after a hostile figure performs an attack", nothing says the attack has to be against you. As long as you have line of sight and range for the shot, you can play the card and take your shot. 2: Magnum Shot is played AFTER the attack is resolved, so you would take the 3 damage from the demon's attack roll (minus whatever you get for your defending), then play Magnum Shot, and use it like any other attack.
  13. You know, this has bothered me a bit too. Has there been an official ruling on this? Is there an errata yet? (Is anyone even still alive on this forum? No Arracor, you are the demons.)
  14. A bit late to the party, but the rules are pretty clear-cut here. The Shotgun Maneuver card explicitly allows you to play a copy of itself again, if you have it, without the speed. This isn't an additional main action, it's an effect of the action you already took, i.e. playing the initial card. Sprint tells you flat out, you can't Sprint if you take another main action. So you either take two main actions from cards you play, one main action (you're not required to use both, or you may only have 1 card that grants a main action), or you choose to Sprint as a main action.
  15. That's easy. We need Archviles, we need Hellknights, we need Lost Souls, Hellrazers... There are the multiplayer-only demons they added.. Spider Mastermind, perhaps? Or what about the boss from Necropolis? For marines, Praetor Suit. We all want it! They also left out the lightning gun, and some of the altfire modes. More types of game tiles, more mission types... If they add any new demons, we need new sets of threat cards. There are the powerups, as if marines needed any more **** help with winning, and possibly we could see a revision of Solo Operative rules to prevent them from becoming Sonic the Hedgehog on their turns.