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  1. Arracor

    Demon event card

    I'm pretty sure it's just 'demon', singular, in which case yeah it would only apply to the specific Pinky. (I actually don't think there are any cards that apply to an entire activation group of demons like that, anyway.)
  2. Arracor

    Demon event card

    Right, what I'm saying is I need the card text of Ferocity.
  3. Arracor

    Demon event card

    My gut instinct is to say only the one, but I don't have card titles or effects memorized and my game's been put away for a long time (nobody to play with ><) so I can't say for sure. If you can give me the card text I can give you a more informed answer.
  4. Arracor

    Magnum Shot questions

    Your imagined series of events is correct. Think of it like this. Magnum Shot is an interrupt, Hit and Run is part of the Imp's activation phase. So Magnum Shot would apply right after the attack, interrupting the Imp's turn. The other one is trickier. I too am curious about the answer.
  5. Arracor

    DOOM additions you would like to see

    That last one would be easy enough to make as a custom map/ruleset. Maybe I'll look into it later.
  6. I'd be interested to hear which missions you think are biased in which direction and why.
  7. Arracor

    DOOM additions you would like to see

    I'm totally with you on that. I got lucky and found someone with an extra set of tiles, so I got those and now I have twice the tiles (thank Romero for that, the base set really didn't give enough small hallway-connectors and corner-hallways.) I also took a sharp knife, some glue, and the sprues I got the new tileset on. Cut off the board spots next to the tiny endcap pieces, the ones with the connector shape from where you snap the actual tiles off. Guess what? That's exactly half as wide as the full piece, meaning two of those cut out with care and stuck together match the actual short connector hallway piece precisely. I even got a little crazy with it, and did that but flipped one of the pieces. So now I have a pair of UAC>|-|3LL connector pieces. Gonna paint little pentagrams on them surrounded with argent lightning. (A select number of the |-|3LL tiles could be used as Mars tiles too, the ones without overly hellish stuff on them. So I might make more connectors and just paint them like airlocks.) ......are you serious? I can't say /-/3LL on a DOOM forum?
  8. Arracor

    Miniatures size

    I dunno how many people will actually see it, this forum is kind of totally dead... But you're absolutely welcome.
  9. Arracor

    Miniatures size

    This place may be a barren wasteland, but I've got your back, bro. Here: http://imgur.com/OYkUBK5 (Click the image to zoom) Figures are arranged in 3 rows, Doom figures in order of size. Also pictured are 40k Space Marines on the left of each row; A Grey Knight, a slightly modded Space Marine, and a Chaos Sorcerer. All of the Doom figures are represented (aside from there being 4 different Marine models, I only showed Alpha.)
  10. Arracor

    $7 In Box Organizer for DOOM!

    I dunno how images on this site work, specifically, but you could always just upload all the pictures as an album on Imgur and link that.
  11. Arracor

    Who wants to see the "Mancandy" Mancubus?

    I came here (again) to look for ideas now that I managed to secure a couple more paint colors... and your images are all down! D: Do you have a backup/can you reupload them?
  12. Arracor

    Any MN/Twin Cities players?

    I live in Northeast, currently. No car though, makes getting around harder...
  13. Arracor

    Any MN/Twin Cities players?

    Man, you'd think there would be more players of FFG games in the metro area where they're located...
  14. Arracor

    End of round order?

    Yeah that makes sense. I had a feeling it was covered somewhere, they actually did a really good job on covering bases like that.
  15. I'm just gonna put this out there because I've had difficulty finding people to play this game with, both for a single instance and for sequential meetup play. (Plus, after like a month of inactivity here there were 4 distinct users who posted in the last 2 weeks, so my hope for this forum has been restored. )