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  1. Alpha-class XG-1 Star Wing assault gunboat Delta-class T-3c shuttle (Director Krennic's shuttle) Zeta-class cargo shuttle TIE/rb U-Wing ARC-170 Auzituck Gunship K-Wing
  2. Creating a 2.0 version creates some pains with the player base. Armada doesn't have the problems X Wing 1.0 had which pretty much forced it to happen. I think the future of Armada is to give it a low development priority, and trickle out new content without outright killing the game. Probably 1 or 2 new packs of some kind every 18 months. I don't think we will see new factions, because I don't think the amount of sales the game gets justifies the amount of resources they would need to throw into developing and pushing out an entire new fleet in rapid succession. But I would like to be wrong about that.
  3. I'm expecting when the A wing gets its rerelease it will include a high ps ace not included in the conversion kit.
  4. Didn't realize that the gunboat is now considered canon. Maybe this was mentioned earlier, but the thread has gotten too long to search through. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Alpha-class_Xg-1_Star_Wing
  5. Venator A rerelease of the Nebulon B in which it could reasonably black dice broadside with an ISD as seen in the battle of Endor without vaporizing. For fighter squadrons: U-Wing THE Gunboat
  6. Will be interesting to see what the points total is for Armada epic and if it uses a larger play area.
  7. My theory is releasing Legion and X Wing 2.0 back to back has been a strain on FFG development resources, causing the other Star Wars games to get a pause in development. The average Armada model sculpt is probably more time consuming than the average X Wing sculpt, and there wasn't an opportunity for any significant movie tie in content for the last 2 movies released. X Wing just got their movie tie in scum falcon announced significantly after the movie came out, instead of timing the release to coincide. That tells me they were falling behind on even X Wing, which is still their flagship Star Wars game they would pour the most into if given the choice. The X Wing developers themselves said in a video that X Wing 2.0 development fell significantly behind their expected development schedule, but that they had extra time available. That extra time available doesn't mean it didn't come at a cost to other projects - Armada and other games probably got pushed out. I don't think there is enough content in the new trilogy to build new trilogy factions out of yet. If they are building prequel trilogy factions there would be no urgency to release them to tie into any outside releases, making them good candidates to push out to make more time for Legion and X Wing development. I'm sure we will hear about something soon for Armada. Just hang on. This is nothing like Netrunner, since FFG didn't lose their Star Wars license.
  8. Nebulon B frigates should get 2 shields on each side. You see one in Return of the Jedi broadsiding at black dice range with an ISD....
  9. 1) All ships include a base effect equivalent to Rapid Launch Bays. Add a new squadron ability "Hyperdrive". Only squadrons equipped with Hyperdrive can be deployed separately during the deployment phase, while all other squadrons must be equipped to a ship. Squadrons with Hyperdrive can deploy anywhere in that player's deployment zone (not range limited to a ship). 2) Eliminate the Rogue ability and eliminate squadron activations during the Ship phase (except for special abilities like the Millennium Falcon). All squadrons activate during the Squadron phase, and can both move and attack instead of one or the other. 3) The effect of the ship Squadron command is replaced with "You may deploy or equip any number of squadrons up to your squadron value at range 1". A squadron token allows deployment or the equipping of a single squadron. Equipping a squadron means docking a nearby squadron into the ship, thus removing it from the game board for later deployment. Deploying is like how you'd use Rapid Launch Bays. You use a squadron command or token after the ship has moved. 4) All ships have a base effect similar to Counter but using their anti-squadron armament, taking dice range into consideration for squadrons that can attack ships at longer range. Any friendly squadrons within range 1 of a friendly ship attacked by a squadron also trigger the ship's counter-like ability against the attacking squadron, but again takes dice range into consideration measuring from the ship to the attacking squadron. 5) Rules change where a ship activated last in the previous turn cannot activate first in the next turn unless there are no other valid ships for that player to activate (eliminate first/last). 6) The effect of the Concentrate Fire command is replaced with "You may fire out of the same hull zone twice in this round, at the same target hull zone". A Concentrate Fire token allows firing from the same hull zone twice, but they must be different targets. 7) Gunnery Teams is changed to an exhaust card that allows the reroll of up to 2 blank dice. 8) A ship designated as the Flagship reduces its total number of command dials by 1 to a minimum of 1 9) Increase to 500 points 10) Limit squadrons to 1/4 of the total points instead of 1/3 11) Limit the total number of small base ships in your fleet to a maximum of 1/2 of the fleet, rounded up (a 3 ship build can have 2 small ships, a 6 ship build can have 3 small ships, etc)
  10. Thanks and I guess my Googlefu is weak, since I searched first but failed :p
  11. I'm wondering if there is any reason why this combo wouldn't be legal. ISD with Devastator title Darth Vader commander Intel Officer ISD attacks opponent's ship. After rolling initial dice pool, then call out your own defense token using Intel Officer (the card doesn't specify who owns the ship with the defense token). Use Vader commander to spend that token to reroll dice. Intel Officer then results in the defense token being discarded instead of exhausted. Then use Devastator title to add 1 blue die to either the current attack, or for a second attack, for the discarded defense token. I'm not thinking of this as something I'd try to set up, just wondering if it is a toolbox option if I get into a situation where I just really need to push 1 more damage through for the kill.
  12. Just checked Amazon US and in stock!!!! Only $60! lol
  13. Several opportunities for squadron pack content. Combine what was in this movie with missing stuff like the U Wing and Gunboat, and I think we have plenty of content for a new pack. I didn't notice anything for a new capital ship though.
  14. Maybe they don't like the fact that the first 3 Disney Star Wars films had female leads? Confused....
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