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  1. Ok, I hadn't seen the French photo. If there are four heavies showing there then doubles makes sense. I didn't expect that as none of the other packs have duplicates - you have to buy another expansion pack to get them.
  2. Ok, thanks, but I still think the gaps give us an idea of what some of the hidden cards are likely to be. Do we know that there 4 heavy upgrades? There are only three showing in RG and Lancer photos. Though I now see there are only seven cards showing in the RG photo, so there is a spare to play with. I guess then the almost completely hidden card in the Lancers would then be the 4th heavy upgrade.
  3. The Rune Golems also have three siege cards among their eight cards which matches the Lancers exactly. So there doesn't seem to be room for a fourth siege card. If that third card is a repeat of one of the the known upgrades then why not repeat them both? My money is on it being something new.
  4. Based on the lists above for Waiqar and Daqan: Daqan is still lacking Close Quarters Targetting You would expect Bull Pennon to appear in an expansion, because (apart from Artefacts) all the other Core upgrades also come in later packs. There are also quite a few that are available in Core and one faction but not both - Core and Daqan only: Rank Discipline; Master Crafted Weapons ; Metered March; War Crier. Core and Waiqar only - Terrifying Heraldry; Trumpets. Oddly, Flank Guards crops up in two Daqan expansions, but only in one Waiqar (as with all the other upgrades - they only come in one expansion). But if things are going to end up even, there should be a second Flank Guard in a Waiqar expansion. The photos for the remaining Waiqar expansions show 4 hidden training cards (1 Death Knights, 3 Lancers - one of which is Moment of Inspiration [Stet2s list] ) 1 hidden heraldry card (DK - according to Stet2s list, this is Heraldic Surcoats) 1 that could be of any type (poking out the back of the Lancers cards) 1 Artefact card (DK - something for their new "condition"?? or else a repeat of Duskblade or Shield of Margath?) 3 Siege upgrades for the Lancers. However, to even things up there would need to be 2 training cards (RankD and FlankG); 1 heraldry card (Bull Pennon); 1 equipment card (MasterCW); 1 music (MeteredM) and 1 Champion (War Crier). So there seem to be 2 extra training cards; the right number in heraldry, and one hidden card that could be either Master CW, MeteredM or WarC. Maybe those extra "training" upgrades will actually turn out to be (say) MeteredM and WarC. The Daqan photos show: 2 hidden training cards (Xbows - one of which is Cursed Signets [Stet2's list]) 3 hidden equipment cards (2 RGs - one of which is wind Rune, 1 Xbows); 2 hidden heraldry cards (1 RG, 1 Xbows); 3 Siege upgrades for the Golems. To even things up needs 1 training card (CloseQT) two heraldry cards (Terrifying H and Bull Pennon); 1 music card (trumpets). So there seems to be the right number of training and heraldry cards, 2 extra armour cards and 1 less music card than is needed. Maybe one of those "equipment" cards will turn out to be Trumpets instead, though that still leaves an extra equipment card unaccounted for. So if FFG intend these two factions to have equal availability to all the neutral upgrades then the photos aren't quite right. If the photos are right then there isn't equal availability.
  5. Thanks - yes the picture isn't exactly what I'm looking for but I couldn't could copy the other one. Is there a tutorial on non metallic methods (I've never heard of them)?
  6. Firstly, many thanks for all the helpful tutorials etc, but as a new painter I am wondering which paints to go with to create a certain look. I want to create a Nerekhall army based on the colours in the Terrinoth wiki. There is a better picture at http://terrinoth.wikia.com/wiki/Ironbound, where the blue is really cold and the silver and bronze not so shiny . Can anyone recommend make/paint names for these? Or is it all in the washes and matt varnish?
  7. Yes, shame about that in5 attack. The models are sooo good-looking, I would just love the sight of a whole army of (gone rogue) golems on the battlefield. Of course it would cost a fortune but the main questions would be whether you could a) have enough fun and b) win enough (?any) games, to make the cost worth it. I got so carried way with the thought one evening that I converted one to be a Kari-proxy - mounted on a hero base and hurling a ball of fire. (Also because I don't go a bundle on the Kari figure). Almost certainly wasted my time I guess.
  8. Run them as a 4x1 (with Lord Hawthorne) and they are working off threat 5/6. If you also have a channeller, then they will get four red runes on average half the time. And if you equip the RGs with Raven Tabards, then when these come up you get a speed 4 charge at in initiative 3 to do some serious damage.
  9. 45.7 If an upgrade or other game effect causes a unit to have one or more instances of a keyword that has an "X" value, treat the unit as having a single instance of that keyword with an "X" value equal to the sum of the "X" value of all that unit's other instances of that keyword. I would have thought they could have found a simpler way to say it but, yes, Impact for Oathsworn with Bull Pennon would be at level 2.
  10. Interesting idea (and actually its only 47 points!). If you also run the Channeller it averages out at about 50% of the time getting 4 red runes, 50% 2 red. So that should produce either 8 or 4 damage per round. I see three options for it - shoot and move, (it will need Lord Haw-haw or a Rallying Cornicen unit to keep Fortuna's Dice active) or reform (on In3) allowing it to spray fire in any direction ahead of most units movement (needs LH or RC as well), or else just rally and shoot in its existing fire arc. Another nice trick if it looks like it is going to get charged: dial in shift and fire. After taking the charge If its still around!) it disengages and fires. Next turn rallies (on In3) and fires again. Possibly hitting the enemy for 16 in two quick bursts. (Of course if the enemy don't charge you still get to shift and fire off at them). Looks like a major threat to most units.
  11. Is anyone using Heraldic Surcoats? If so how do you find it? Although morale can be massive, I can't quite bring myself to include this upgrade. Sure on a level 2 test it halves the chance of getting a nasty card, but on a level 3 test it reduces the chance by only a third (less if your opponent draws more than three cards). And then even if you escape the nasty card on one test, you could still end up facing it if it's you that gets the next test. If you are fighting Undead that is pretty likely. I guess most upgrades you can measure the benefit - this one seems really hard to gauge. Or am I missing something?
  12. The Shield and Might combo is awesome in solo fights but if you another of your units in the fight, your opponent's gonna focus everything on them. Lord Haw-Haw's damage output is then pretty unimpressive. An alternative I'm trying is the cheaper Reaping Blade. Eliminating misses when he has no re-roll is pretty handy and gives you two mortal strike chances per die - making an almost 1:2 chance of getting one. Not as much fun as the Shield of course!
  13. Unfortunately Rallying Cornicen either removes a bane or readies a card, but doesn't add an inspiration token. Only Lord H does that. Still a useful combo though. That's right - you can re-roll a fire-rune attack but you don't use threat.
  14. In the Terrinoth wikia the Nerekhall Ironbound is pictured dark blue, white and bronze (http://terrinoth.wikia.com/wiki/Ironbound) - plus there's this cool image as well.
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