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  1. Well the Bacta is 20 per liter if I remember correctly. But it is not stated anywhere how much bacta do you need to refill the whole tank. Or whether it is totally lost after one use. Or at least I wasn't able to find it the last time we argued about that.
  2. Unless you get a bacta tank. Which is ******* cheap... Than you are close to immortal.
  3. I'm not sure if this is better or worse to be honest. The Force die have 7 black sides and only 5 white. So that's a sure success on everything. Or advantage if you don't need the success. On the other side the attachment requires 3 HP which is quite a lot so I don't know.
  4. I've always treated Enhance as passive stat booster. Best example for this is Anakin in Episode one. He is obviously enhancing his piloting with the Force. Although he is unaware he is a Force user. Sure you may not know you are infected but your immune system does. And so does the Force.
  5. In my experience - the players always do what you haven't played for. Unless you railroad them to the point you want them to. So if you plan for them to recapture the ship they will decide they will simply wait until they are in prison. Or vice versa. So my suggestion is to have some ideas about both scenarios and just go with the flow. And hope the Force is with you on that one
  6. So basically this adds a Force die to everything for 20k. As I see no reason not to commit the die as "all rolls" also include other Force Power rolls presumably? Honestly Passive Force Dice to skills are one of the best things you can do with your force dices. They give huge flexibility.
  7. Physical upgrades are quite hard to conceal. Also keep in mind another thing - most upgrades take Hard Points. So you may come with a situation (depending on the ship choice) in which the PC's have used their Hard Points to upgrade different things and suddenly - Hey you have a Targeting Array which takes another Hard Point which you don't have. So I think you may stick to things which do not require Hard Points as those may not be obvious enough to people from outside the ship but are really hard to conceal from people who live on it. With the exception of smuggling compartment perhaps.
  8. A little bit of tread necromancy but I think my question is related to this one. Control: Increase Hull Trauma from the Manipulate Force tree allows you to commit force dies to increase the hull of your vehicle. So let's assume I have used 2 Force rating and increased my hull by 6. What happens after that exactly? Does that hull remain until the end of the combat? In a situation in which my Ship is at 5 Hull remaining and I uncommit the Force dies does it breaks apart? Are those destroyed first (like Temporary health levels on many systems)? If so is the Force Rating free to use again? And if so - can you recommit again?
  9. I used to think that as well. It does make sense in my book. My players argued the **** out of me and it turned out they were right. A quote from the perception skill (I hope I'm not violating some rules with that) As for Coercion - it is still subpar to deception or charm. At carries a lot of narrative negatives compared to the other two. Lie to the officer, charm the officer or intimidate the officer. Resisting Dark Side powers assume that you are in a Force User campaign. If you are not, the Discipline value is highly diminished. As I said it is useful for Force users (and against them) but for pretty much everyone else it is bad. High Presence with Charm and Cool is better than High Willpower with Discipline and Coercion.
  10. Thank you. That was my interpretation as well but I just wanted to be sure. With high Force ratings those powers become an amazing skill booster for just 5 xp. (Despite the fact I'm still to find a good use for coordination)
  11. Discipline is relatively fine if you are a Jedi. Vigilance is bad. It have almost no other use outside combat initiative and even there it can be replaced by Cool. Which also happens to recover strain after combat. So unless you are a Jedi you can scrap Willpower and replace the effects with Cool for the majority of the time. As for Cunning: Deception is probably the most important social skill. Whether you will play a Rebel or a Smuggler or a Jedi in hiding the whole Universe revolves around the Empire finding you. Streetwise is needed to obtain illegal things. Almost all of the best equipment is Restricted so you need to obtain in via Black Market. Perception is an all around skill which you need so you don't get ambushed or to notice the trap, the secret door to the container with the nice loot and so on. Survival and Skulduggery are niche I agree. They are very dependent on the environment.
  12. About how much you should prepare I cannot say - In my experience though Players rarely do what you have planned for them to do. But my group is formed by experienced players who pretty much know their ways around DM and how to "run around" him. Definitely yes on the second question - Every book offers a lot of classes and option, new gear, new talents and so on. Although some of those things overlap (especially between AoR and EotE) the addition options your characters will have is way worth it. In my current campaign we having a Charmer/Gunner (EotE/AoE), Hired Gun/Politico/Gadgeteer (Full EotE) and a Hunter/Healer (Full FoD). And yeah - we are a bit liberal with specialization purchases.
  13. In my opinion flat dices are always a better alternative than talents. Most talents gives you some conditional benefit which is by far worse than getting 1 more die to like 5 different skills (well unless it is willpower. Skills there are crap)
  14. In many force powers it does say - You can activate this power multiple times. The Enhance power lacks that. Does this mean that you can only add one Success or Advantage to the enhanced check or you can add one for each "success" you roll on the force dices?
  15. As I rule of a thumb of lately I always add 2 setback dies if they don't have the proper tools. Whenever I remember Got a bit of whining last time when I applied this to a knowledge check but it seems fair to me that without some kind of datapad or access to Holo-net you can't know everything out of the box.
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