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  1. A little bit of tread necromancy but I figured it will be the best place to ask this question. I'm planning to toss my group into a Kryat Dragon mouth (figuratively speaking. Maybe :D). The problem I have is that I know my players. As soon as they understand they will have to do it they will just want to get on their ship and shoot it from the sky. And I see no good reason why they can't really do it. Or why people are not doing it more often if Kryat Dragon pearls are so valuable. The creature is huge and it shouldn't be so hard to track from the air. So I would like some idea why is this not done.
  2. Literally 90% of blasters have a stun setting which deals strain damage. Almost all of the comments here are something like - if you do that and that and after that pick that and that you will be better than the guy who have 3 ranks in Heavy Ranged and bought a rifle. Which just happens to have 200 XP more which he can spend on other things. I guess there are ways to make melee viable after a long play but the cost of doing that seems incomparable. Brawl is nice if you have to infiltrate a party. And bad if you are in spaceship combat. As I mentioned above so far the comments confirm what I think. For me disengage should be an action not a maneuver. Or at least require a Coordination check. Or dunno... Have the option to use an advantage to force someone not to be able to disengage from you.
  3. Maybe I exaggerated a bit about melee being completely useless. Still most of the comments seems to harden my opinion that that most people play melee because of the story. And to confirm that it require a very heavy investment in order to be on par with ranged. Which I'm not sure we will have knowing the GM... People get eaten in his sessions... By Sarlacs... Was a quite short adventure P.S The GM have severely limited the starting classes for that adventure and we are not touching the Lightsabers for now.
  4. I'm fully aware that this is usually an issue with most modern to sci-fi system. Ranged is usually always better in those. Still the thought that if I get into melee with someone he can just step away and point blank shots me is something which is bothering me quite a bit. Most other systems usually have some way to prevent engaged characters from escaping so easily. 1 So Agility have DOUBLE the amount of non-combat skills Resilience is also very closely related to combat as well. 2 I agree about the melee weapons having better tags. And stun damage is not that bad to be honest. Makes it even easier to kill melees as the strain threshold is usually lower than the wound one. 3 Well I would really like to know how exactly you play a melee effectively. Thats part of my post. 4 Really? The problem is not being hit by melee attacks. The problem is being shot by ranged ones from point blank. Having Defensive Stance which protects you against melee is not useful at all in most situations. I agree that Dodge and self upgrade of melee attacks is good. But i can spend 25 XP upgrade my melee twice (to 4) and have the same result as spending 65 XP so I can suffer 2 strain to I can upgrade my melee for 1 attack. Or to be able to deal stun damage. Or the few very conditional effects relying on triumphs to work. Not to even mention where exactly Dedication lays in that specialization. Compare it to Gardgetter or even Sharpshooter who btw have similar to Infiltrator effects but does them from extreme range.
  5. We are a group of experienced players who have played a lot of different systems and recently started played Edge of Empire. I must say i really enjoy the system with the exception of melee. No matter how I run around character creation I can seem to find a reason why would I go with e melee build over a ranged one. I have a few problems with it: 1 - Brawn - All the skills related to this attribute are combat related. Maybe with the exception of athletics. If you want to go melee you have to invest in it. Maybe more than once. Which effectively turns you into a one tricky combat pony. A bad one. Agility is tied to piloting, stealth, coordination which all have outside of combat uses. 2 - Damage output - even if you go and start with 5 Brawn your damage output is equal to that of an average Blaster rifle/carbine. Without the range. 3 - The engage/disengage maneuvers. Basically if the combat starts at medium range (at which most expected combat start). So your first turn usually goes into moving. You have to take 2 maneuvers taking strain in order to attack. If you have to drawn your weapon you can forget about attacking at all and have to move onto close range. Which means people can shoot at you are 1 difficulty. Even if you manage to engage someone it is ridiculously easy to disengage. They just move back and shoot at you at point blank again. 4. Specializations - Two words - Spy infiltrator. I must admit there are probably better specializations out there but this one really stuck to my mind as an example of shitload of useless talents. At overall you have to invest heavily into an attribute which have little to no outside of combat use in order to be able to do attacks which does less damage while leaving yourself more vulnerable to be attacked. How do you cope with this problem in your sessions? Outside of "get rid the group weapons". Any house rules you use? I've been thinking about making disengage an action rather than a maneuver or making it require a Coordination check with difficulty of the engaged character Melee/Brawl skill?