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  1. JaxonEvans

    Vulture swarm: Staying alive? Is it even viable?

    Not necessarily. I'm betting they are cheap enough to field 7 with another higher value ship, like Grievous or Darth Maul. Having them cheap enough to fit another pretty decent ship in could make them worth it.
  2. JaxonEvans

    The Day Twitter Broke X-Wing

    Pretty sure every case where this happens will have go to final salvo after the necessary 75 minutes...
  3. JaxonEvans

    Clone Wars Additions Opinion Poll

    Im super excited. But, I do worry that the new stuff will overshadow the classic empire ships, which I'll always love. So I hope they don't make the mistake of dropping support for the original factions. Other than that, I'm 100% in.
  4. JaxonEvans

    Clone Wars Additions Opinion Poll

    done, thanks.
  5. JaxonEvans

    Clone Wars Additions Opinion Poll

    Oops - I didn't think about how many people don't have twitter. Oh well, still better than nothing.
  6. JaxonEvans

    Clone Wars Additions Opinion Poll

    So obviously the forums are full of people arguing about the additions of the new Republic and CIS factions, but I'm curious what the general consensus is. So I made a poll on twitter: *edit: Non-twitter version of the poll: https://strawpoll.com/sdp2y34y Sorry, I didn't consider that Twitter required users to have an account to vote in polls. I replaced the Twitter poll with a straw poll courtesy of @Kieransi
  7. JaxonEvans


    Yes!! GO FFG GO!!!
  8. JaxonEvans

    Corran’s Bullseye Arc is challenging to land

    Yes because Corran has always been known for being easy to play...
  9. JaxonEvans

    Solo 2? SPOILERS!!!

    I'd be against a literal sequel, but having the Boba Fett or Obi-Wan movies more or less pick up after Solo would be really cool. Maybe have Solo in it, maybe not, but follow up with that Maul ending, and what they were leading to there.
  10. JaxonEvans

    Worlds Commetary on FFG Official Twitch Stream

    It looks like you are correct actually, the final I was thinking of was apparently streamed Team Covenant (although it seems to be blessed by FFG). Thanks for correcting me. But in that case, that's another argument for allowing 3rd parties to stream the final game if they are going to have higher quality content. I'm fine with FFG streaming it, but if they are they should at least match the quality of others.
  11. JaxonEvans

    Is it September yet?

    Just checked. Answer is no.
  12. JaxonEvans

    Worlds Commetary on FFG Official Twitch Stream

    I wasn't happy with the stream either. The commentary was pretty average, not bad, but not very informational. The worst thing though was the lack of the overlays. Every other stream has one, even ones run by podcasts with basically no budget. FFG should be able to provide one. It makes following the game much easier. Keeping track of damage and upgrades on all of the ships is pretty difficult without it. All of the streams I've seen from past worlds have been great, not sure why this one wasn't. As far as the debate of experienced vs non-experienced players goes, I don't really care. The best solution is probably a mix of both - explaining some interactions that a casual player might not know, while also commenting on overall strategy and tactics. I don't mean to insult those involved. But hopefully some helpful criticism will result in a better stream next time around.
  13. JaxonEvans

    Is playing for time as your primary win condition acceptable?

    It's a legitimate strategy because it's part of the game (in competitive play at least, if someone did that in a casual game I'd just pick up my stuff and find someone else to play). What it comes down to is if your goal is to win, you should make the decisions that give you the greatest chance of doing so. If I'm in the lead I play much more cautiously, which usually open up more opportunities to get ahead as an opponent gets desperate and starts to make mistakes. That being said, I HATE slow playing. It is cheating. If he is, call him on it, and if he doesn't adjust quickly, call a judge.Gold Squadron Podcast had a really great episode on slow playing, with a bunch of data around what is the normal pace of play. I think it's one of these two: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/goldsquadronpodcast/episodes/2017-09-24T19_38_58-07_00 https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/goldsquadronpodcast/episodes/2017-10-22T22_18_05-07_00
  14. JaxonEvans

    Ban Veteran Instincts

    I think a ban takes it too far, especially when some ships need it to be playable (phantom), which to be fair is bad game design. If they do a 2.0 they should kill it and make pilots like whisper ps 9 by default. For the current iteration, I think a better solution is to cap it at 9. Sure, it will start initiative bid wars, but they'll be slightly more interesting than just ps wars, because people will be able to take different EPTs, so it will be more diverse.
  15. JaxonEvans

    Optimized Countdown or Pure Sabacc

    Put optimized on countdown - Putting it on sabaac just makes him a bigger target. Putting it on countdown makes them both threatening and forces your opponent to chose to kill one and ignore the other, rather than just having sabaac be super dangerous and the obvious target.