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  1. great look inside, thanks!
  2. I didn't think they'd do a scale Rancor in IA, either, but they did! And it was awesome.
  3. I was hoping for December I haven't painted all my elves yet! LOL! JK. Ship them now pls.
  4. Those are some really nice figures. Somehow it saddens me to think of you dumping your hard work on them for pocket $ not house $. A 100 - 200 bucks won't make a dent in those finances. That kind of $ comes from sustained positive income. Keep them. Play when you can.
  5. So trick I use is go with white in the eyes and then use a blue glaze like citadel's glaze guilliman blue (or whichever color you choose) over the top of it. Do the glazing in several really light layers - I usually add about an equal amount of lamium medium. It will dry pretty fast, but do give it time to dry. The effect you want will build up over about 3 thinned layers or you can just do 1 non-thinned if you're impatient. If you want a different color you can do a glaze with 1 brush of your color and about 6 or 7 drops of the valejo glaze medium.
  6. What happened? Just saw a lack of anything on News
  7. Plus by the time the game hits the shelves, the 2nd of 3 movies will be out too. They could have had any number of opportunities to incorporate items from Last Jedi in if they wanted. Every toy maker/game maker gets NDA approved insight into the designs.
  8. cool video man
  9. No new release this month?!
  10. If nothing else than to give Imperial Assault its space and reduce the number of redundant figures. I'd rather a base set with Ray and Kylo Ren too. There would be a lot potential in the armies there.
  11. wow that looks great! MOAR ELVES!
  12. I can't wait to paint the Moose. Thats incredible.
  13. The color primer stuff is a great idea. Quick shade stuff is pretty good too. If you look at Sorastro's zombie painting guide , he covers a good approach there. Allows you to just do the base coat and get them table ready. If you're going for something more precise, just take your time, mount 3 or 4 on pots or little bottles, and enjoy painting. If you're going for speed pick out ~4 base colors and don't worry about unique colors for the details... just punch them up a little more when you get to the point where you're doing finish touches. If you're going to go light on highlights, try to add some lamium medium to the shades so they don't darken everything too much especially on lighter colors. Save the straight nuln oil or agrax earthshade for metallics or leathers.
  14. Thats a cool idea. You need to post those up! I have my first few done and I'm really excited about it. I traded the loren forest for warpstone to punch up the green some without being the eye rending color on the box