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  1. FFG produced (or licensed) 3d Terrain? FWIW I'd also love this for Legion
  2. MN Collection for Sale

    Right on! I'd buy it too, but lets get another person into the hobby!
  3. Huge Monsters & Dwarves & Flying units ... Not necessarily in that order.
  4. Sorastro's Painting

    I started painting again because Sorastro's IA videos inspired me to believe I could be good at it. 2 years later, I am a Sorastro Patreon, I paint a few nights a week, and I'm loving bringing those mini's to the table. Thanks man! I can only urge you all to support him via his Patreon channel!
  5. FFG if you're watching no news is bad news

    Amen! I loved this game immediately after seeing Sorastro paint the Rune Golem forcing me to go look at all the GenCon posts for the game for a few weeks to get amped (even if the scene is only so-so so far). I get that it's only in its first year, but it has a place as one of the better fantasy battlers out here. I want it to keep on keeping on. I don't think it is too much to know it's not going to be orphaned for Legion because Star Wars trumps all only to be left with hundreds of dollars or models in cases. Give us a glimpse of the year ahead FFG: a state of the union if you will. You don't need to give every sexy little surprise away.
  6. Is it just me or has Rune Wars started to slow to a crawl? There haven't been any exciting new announcements and new expansions just seem to be slowed to a trickle. Back this summer we were getting teasers for all types of new and interesting units like the Wraiths and Crossbow Daquan, but now? Nothing? What is Rune Wars going to be in 2018?
  7. You should do a few youtube videos on how to do that terrain! Your terrain not only looks amazing, but it also looks like it would play well with the trays! Runewars Terrain vids would be huge. I'm a complete terrain newb and would love to have something like that on my table.
  8. 3rd Faction?? Hutts or a Crime syndicate

    Have they said how loyal they are going to be to timelines? If they're not, expansion possibilities abound... Curious if they posted an official stance there.
  9. Will the Core make XMas?

    I keep wondering if the Core Set is going to be out for Christmas shopping season or not. Seems like it would be a big miss if it wasn't, but here we are staring down December and no announced street date. Whats your best guess?
  10. Painting The Forces of Hepitude

    I'd Venmo over some $ if you wanted to build me some terrain. Seriously. Its one side of the hobby I've yet to get into, but I love the way it looks on the table.
  11. Painting The Forces of Hepitude

    Man, I love this thread. So much cool stuff in here. Keep it coming!
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to a great community

    Right back at you, Mike.
  13. No Pax Unplugged representation?

    Does FFG ever reply here? Would love to know whats going on there. Both with ACD and with the representation.
  14. Just got back from Pax Unplugged a few days ago and, woohoo, what a show. One huge complaint... There were hundreds to thousands of people playing miniature war games and there was literally ZERO Runewars going on there. Nada. Null. None. To be fair, FFG had a very weak showing compared to most medium->major gaming studios (they didn't even show off Legion there which is unfathomable to me). Shame on FFG tbh. I feel like we need to try to get some momentum going into next years show and get a tournament there. If I'm paying for a trip, it's going to be to Pax (any one of them, but unplugged especially) and not the FFG Worlds in Minnesota. With all due respect, Minnesota is a pretty rotten destination for a get-away weekend.
  15. Death Knights Unboxing

    great look inside, thanks!