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  1. Anyone magnetize theirs yet? Dying to see how that looks...
  2. I have to say. I love it. Wish it had a 3rd act, but - will buy.
  3. Oh good thought... this may be a decent version? https://www.pinterest.com/pin/463448617878282451/
  4. So I picked up the Villian's pack today and two of the figures seem like straight forward paint jobs. I'm at a loss for what Atarin should look like. Anyone have any inspiration or key art for this character. I'm trying to think if he's supposed to look like a Nazgul?
  5. Am I the only person really hoping for a Gungan trooper booster for the Clones. There would be something so satisfying about a B1 vs Gungan's battle.
  6. I can NOT wait to play this army. Think Maul coming as an Operative? I'm guessing Dooku as a commander
  7. We have some time here, but I'd love to see some Runewars gaming at Pax Unplugged. I played in the Legion games last year and it was a blast. Instead of lamenting why no one was playing runewars the last 2 years, I'm hoping we can see who is planning to attend. Perhaps get a tourney going early.
  8. lets start a movement... what are the best scatter/light terrain pieces on thing-a-verse? I agree so much here. Bring the battle from Mos Eisley to anywhere else haha
  9. neutral boosters for Scum maybe? Be great for a little variety to add some Gamorreans to battle Wookies. Not sure a whole faction makes sense? Are the Hutts or Crimson Dawn going to war with the Empire? Highly unlikely? Thats not how the underworld works.
  10. Just keep doing more of whats happening now. They've obviously hit something awesome. I'd love to see some more iconic characters for each faction. The folks that make Star Wars, Star Wars. More variation for units - alien heads and poses (like they're doing with Grevious and Bossk) I want them to keep it skirmish-based and not go into Epics that barely fit on a 3x6 and/or turn it into a million piece battles like 40K. Keep it movie and cannon based. I'm a huge SW Fan, but I have 0 interest in keeping up the nonsense some fiction writer is cramming into RPG books to sell hardcovers. After seeing what they're shipping in Warcry, and there is demand for larger models, I'd love to see some additional terrain boosters like the downed ATST. That was a fun model to assemble and paint.
  11. So I have a good and bad problem. I'm starting to build up quite the Legion collection including big pieces of terrain. How do people normally pack and travel with terrain (either to a local FLGS or to a Con)? Most of what I see is geared towards mini's. I have two PACK 352's from Battle Foam - 1 per side. That would get super expensive for terrain though?
  12. This. ^ If you don't like mult-sniper lists try to put together (lists and styles) something that stops it. The best cure in any meta is finding solutions to exploit them.
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