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  1. I LOVE this game. I do wish they'd focus on more iconics and variety and little less on Yet Another Trooper specialty pack. Meanwhile back at the ranch, no Anakin or Darth Maul or IG88 yet etc etc etc. Operatives add so much to the game. I just want MORE!
  2. Anyone playing JIME remotely? Like sharing an app or something? Seems like it could be a great time to campaign if you could overcome the social distancing
  3. beautiful sculpts. Lots of potential here. The gunslinger option is brutal to step in and blast things. I love the end game with both cassian and K2's defense mechanic to hold a key VP.
  4. I don't understand the complaint. This whole game is about building models, painting, and adding your own flair. If you don't want to do the little bits - skip them? If you want to do the model the way its on the back of the box - do that and enjoy the professionally posed mini? I love this game and love that its adding a bunch of new ways to enjoy the hobby of it. I just unboxed mine and man, I can't wait to build this thing.
  5. omg. we need additional pilots so we can hot swap them in with magnets. Anyone have a line on this?
  6. OMG. So excited for this. Its a 2nd base box. I'm not really sold on the Dis character... meh, but I wish they included another from common lore like Boromir... but man! This looks awesome. Excited to see more from this game.
  7. +1 on paying for a Voice-over Pack add-on. I'd happily pay a few bucks to set the mood mid-game.
  8. This CIS list is a dream. Yes please! Cad Bane > Jango, but I'd love to paint Jango too.
  9. https://unplugged.paxsite.com/ Its a huge tabletop centric convention. I've been the last years (I think it turns 3 this year) and its a blast. Huge show + no video games which Pax is known for.
  10. Wow seriously no one is discussing Pax Unplugged? Bumping to see if we can start talking about game time!
  11. I'm stoked for Pax Unplugged this year. I'm heading into year 3 of attendance? Are other players going? Looks like the organized play was being setup for Sunday this year. Can't wait until details emerge.
  12. I get it/don't get it. 99% of folks are just going to use the new points. Don't publish errata with the wrong points? I'm going to have to get little stickers to put the real values on or something
  13. Does anyone have a pdf of photoshopped cards + competitive pricing? I'm just costing everything as competitive and keeping errata copies next to the originals.
  14. Anyone magnetize theirs yet? Dying to see how that looks...
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