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  1. As others have said, what we find reasonable cost wise and are willing to pay for stuff is entirely subjective. I would point out that I recently had a look at kill team from citadel games as I played 40k years ago. With some snazzy thousand sons terminators being a recent release I looked at the shop and checked what I needed to get active. Core rules at £25...😂 Elites rules at £25. Box set with board and some terrain £40-£80 depending on what flavour. Actual box set with the terminators and a third pamphlet of rules £40. Gtf games workshop. Ffg may be greedy as you say, they may make an absolute fortune in profits from expansion like this. But it could be worse.....
  2. When is Maul coming? And does he have a badass force ability? "spend one force charge to choose an opponents ship. Pick that ship up and throw it off the table, you must yell 'Kenobi' and make an angry face whilst doing so"?
  3. Targeting computer.... Now that's a shout. Also, greedo would give me another smuggler outlet for pulling off a cheeky "pickpocket" command card. Wait until he's had a going over, focus him with jabba in preparation,move adjacent , play pickpocket, receive some further damage, get to shoot with three green die due to parting shot. Lovely. Thank you, appreciate the assist.
  4. The witcher novels/world could possibly fit well in a system like this. Wholesale copy the Gwent card art from the video game version onto unit entries and that's your first 10 waves sorted.
  5. Hey all, I'm looking for help with my list for an upcoming store competition. It's currently sitting at: Jabba Eweequay Bossk Vinto RHunter Killer droids That's 34 points, I'd ideally like to fit in an elite jawa and BT-1. They are 9 points though, so something has to give. The closest I've come to solving this is thinking of dropping bossk which would mean I had the required points plus 5 for a Rnexu with last resort. Command cards are: Take initiative Celebration Shoot the messenger Assassinate Draw! Dirty trick Against the odds Inspiring speech Heightened reflexes Negation Element of surprise Single purpose Opportunistic And.... Another two that I can't remember :-) possibly tools for the job is one of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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