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  1. I was really enjoying this campaign, but a couple of confusing sections of rules threw this pack right off Is the Brood of Yog-Sothoth section right? If 4 people were sacrificed you only have 2 (set aside) broods to fight? The rest are out of game? But if only one was scarificed you have 2 in play, and 3 set aside? i.e. despite doing better last time, this section is much much harder? I've killed all 3 broods that spawned (The Agenda advanced to spawn another) But I can't advance the Act 2 as it requires no broods in play OR set aside - I still have 2 set aside? So I can't progress the act and presumably have to wait for 2 more Agenda advances? I'm also struggling with the movement of the broods It's an enemy that's engaged with an investigator and brought me right to a halt in the game. In the end decided they'd move away from investigator, without the investigator following. No idea what to do if they're exhausted though. Decided it was the 'Move' section of the enemy phase so exhausted could still move based on the FORCED element of Agenda.
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