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  1. Empire's gonna be really good with these next expansions. Hang in there rebels!
  2. Uh oh. Just realized this was for the Legion forum. Sorry everyone!
  3. What ideas do you have for rebel vehicles in the upcoming waves? I am a fan of the AT-RT and the T-47, but I think there should be more. Maybe like an AT-TE like in rebels? They'd probably need to add extra mechanics for breaking barriers though.
  4. Sure. And the answer is yes.
  5. We got them for our game night on saturday. We didn't have enough people to hand out a ton of prizes, but the tokens were metal. They look great. There are silver and gold commander order tokens. (not really silver or gold ?)
  6. I agree with most on your assessment except the rotary blaster. I've done some work with the rotary blaster, and is good for squad wiping.
  7. The fact they've literally done almost nothing else star wars-wise. Not saying I don't want it, but theres absolutely no evidence of going that way.
  8. FFG has said they're sticking with the GCW. Doubt we're getting clone wars any time soon, if at all.
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