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  1. Rogue_Group1

    New Unit Type: Operative

    Empire's gonna be really good with these next expansions. Hang in there rebels!
  2. Rogue_Group1

    More rebel vehicles

    Uh oh. Just realized this was for the Legion forum. Sorry everyone!
  3. What ideas do you have for rebel vehicles in the upcoming waves? I am a fan of the AT-RT and the T-47, but I think there should be more. Maybe like an AT-TE like in rebels? They'd probably need to add extra mechanics for breaking barriers though.
  4. Rogue_Group1

    The new dials...

    Sure. And the answer is yes.
  5. Rogue_Group1

    April OP Kit

    We got them for our game night on saturday. We didn't have enough people to hand out a ton of prizes, but the tokens were metal. They look great. There are silver and gold commander order tokens. (not really silver or gold ?)
  6. I agree with most on your assessment except the rotary blaster. I've done some work with the rotary blaster, and is good for squad wiping.
  7. Rogue_Group1

    First attempts (Rogue Group painting)

  8. Rogue_Group1

    X-Wing 2nd edition announced

  9. Rogue_Group1

    Calling it now...

    So no ewoks
  10. Rogue_Group1

    Scenic bases, cheating or not cheating?

  11. Rogue_Group1

    Hyperspace Report Predictions?

    Oh my!
  12. Rogue_Group1

    Calling it now...

  13. Rogue_Group1

    If they introduce other eras, (Clone Wars etc)

    The fact they've literally done almost nothing else star wars-wise. Not saying I don't want it, but theres absolutely no evidence of going that way.
  14. Rogue_Group1

    Scenic bases, cheating or not cheating?

    Is my scenic base legal?
  15. Rogue_Group1

    If they introduce other eras, (Clone Wars etc)

    FFG has said they're sticking with the GCW. Doubt we're getting clone wars any time soon, if at all.