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  1. No. An enemy is said to engage a player when it moves into that player's area from another game location. Page 7 Online Rules Reference: Engaged: When an enemy enters a player’s play area from another game location, that enemy has engaged that player, and that player has engaged that enemy.
  2. Is that something they do? They tell an artist to draw what they feel to be a representation of Aragorn (or any other character), then print it as someone else. I guess if it's written into the contract with the artist they can do whatever they want. For Christmas they can promote SP Théoden as Santa Claus.
  3. There could be a separate article coming up about that.
  4. The Player cards were already spoiled elsewhere but it's nice to see some of the encounter cards. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/6/29/the-fortress-of-nurn/
  5. Have the encounter cards been spoiled anywhere?
  6. Or better yet you can sort by Set and the MotK's will be at the bottom.
  7. His other version of Aragorn art was better IMO.
  8. Page 11 of the online rules reference on Modifiers: "If a value is “set” to a specific number, the set modifier overrides all non-set modifiers. If multiple set modifiers are in conflict, the most recently resolved set modifier takes precedence." Saruman's ability is not a set modifier so you should be able to use Pillars of the Kings to set your threat to 40. EDIT: Naive of me to think what's written the the actual rulebooks matters at this point in the game.
  9. Rounds are recorded once they are completed. So after Setup it would be the 1st round but you wouldn't record it till the end of the refresh phase. So I guess you can look at it as being round "0".
  10. Contracts can be used Contracts are fine to use. I think the Fellowship one in particular was made with the sagas in mind.
  11. Unfortunately no. Master cards can't be used in the Saga campaigns. It mentions it right in the rule book which you can read over on Hall of Beorn here... http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Scenarios/The-River-Running EDIT: Page 3
  12. Those objectives start in play in the staging area at the beginning of the quest. It's mentioned on the setup for quest card 1A. If they are ever detached from a hero they are placed back into the staging area.
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