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  1. Looks like a typo to me but with all the other cards like Burning Brand and Battle Master getting changed who knows. If someone who recenlty bought khazad-dum can check there's out and see if it still says "character" on both lines.
  2. Good old fashion Elrond+Vilya deck should do it.👍
  3. In the rules reference on Modifiers it states: "If a value is “set” to a specific number, the set modifier overrides all non-set modifiers. If multiple set modifiers are in conflict, the most recently resolved set modifier takes precedence." I think because Woodmen's Path "sets" the quests points to a specific number, in this case 1, it takes precedence over Elf-stone because Elf-stone only adds +1.
  4. Maybe it'll be mentioned in the flavor text or something. Or they just gave the artist too much leeway in their interpretation.
  5. I forgot about him. You're probably right... The second pack will probably be Gildor. Get them both out of the way at the start.
  6. More hobbits! And Tom looks pretty cool even though I'm pretty lukewarm about Encounter player cards. I always have bad luck with them never showing up or getting discarded. I kind of wish Tom had a beneficial shadow effect but his objective card didn't so oh well. At least he doesn't surge.
  7. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/7/1/wrath-and-ruin/
  8. Yes. When you spend a resource he's DECLARED as an attacker so you'd be able to exhaust the bow and ping the enemy.
  9. Have all the player cards been spoiled yet or are we still missing a few? Plus I love that artwork for Khamûl.👍
  10. Is it me or does Faramir look like he should have the Ent trait? 😄
  11. When you're playing solo you start with two objective allies in the quests The Temple of the Deceived and The Drowned Ruins. Captain Sahír and Na'asiyah in both.
  12. I'm sure it'll be explained in the rule book upon release. My guess is that if you pick Smeagol to be your starting hero, then no other versions of Smeagol AND Gollum can used.
  13. At first I was lukewarm for Haradrim but have since come around. At least get The Mumakil for those amazing allies. The Wilds of Rhovanion is also an amazing box. The Dale archetype is super fun and plays surprisingly well with a very small card pool. Think of it as a more toned down Outlands.
  14. Looking forward to it! I love reading other's take on progression play.
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