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  1. stimpaksam

    Roam Across Rhovanion

    I'm curious what that Wild Stallion does during the planning phase. Something to do with an ally...
  2. stimpaksam

    Roam Across Rhovanion

    Also noteworthy I think is the fact that they are also creatures. And we all know who likes creatures...
  3. stimpaksam

    The King's Quest

    Holy encounter sets, Batman!
  4. stimpaksam

    Returning Veteran

    Seeing as the entire Dwarrowdelf cycle (including Khazad-dum) is Awaiting Reprint my hopes are they'll get bumped up to At the Printer here within the next month.
  5. stimpaksam

    Go Saga?

    You don't need one to play the other. You can buy On the Doorstep for instance and play that with just the Core. The Sagas are meant to be played in order because they follow the narratives of the books. But if you're familiar with the books already then you can play the Sagas in any order. Campaign play on-the-other-hand is different and will require playing them in order.
  6. stimpaksam

    The Road Ahead

    I'm going to have to blow the dust off those encounter sets, lol. Probably wouldn't hurt to revisit them in preparation...
  7. stimpaksam

    Roam across Rhovanion leaked?

    Same here. There's only three cards currently with the woodman trait. I wonder if this pack will be filled with them like The Steward's Fear had with Outlands. I know nothing of the woodmen of middle earth so I have no idea who the hero could be. My guess is maybe another FFG created one.
  8. stimpaksam

    Roam across Rhovanion leaked?

    He also posted it on reddit where there seems to be a little more info on it... https://www.reddit.com/r/lotrlcg/comments/8jppix/2nd_ap_for_new_cycle/
  9. stimpaksam

    The One Deck

    And this didn't create a time paradox that caused a chain reaction unraveling the space-time continuum and destroying the entire universe?!?!?!? GREAT SCOTT!!
  10. stimpaksam

    New Nightmare Decks announced!

    Pretty nasty and thematic at the same time.
  11. Looks like a lot has been updated. Several packs from Against the Shadow shipping now, and the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle moved up to on the boat. Packs from the Ring-maker that were stuck on the boat have been downgraded to at the printer. Still gonna be a long wait for Dwarrowdelf which is in waiting to reprint. But progress nonetheless!
  12. stimpaksam

    Did I See This Right?

    Must be some time traveling mechanics in that cycle. But seriously, just an oversight. They accidentally left TFA off the upcoming list and fixed it when someone from the discord ask them about it.
  13. stimpaksam

    Release Schedule Best Guess

    I've always suspected this. I mean, there are some Adventure packs from LOTR LCG that have been "On the Boat" since December 2016! That's a long boat ride!
  14. stimpaksam

    The Withered Heath preview

    Do you have any guesses/hopes as to what Radagast's ability will be? Maybe just a beefed up version of his Ally type?
  15. That particular artwork from the box of The Forgotten Age was done by Cristi Balanescu. You can visit his ArtStation page here: https://www.artstation.com/cristib You can search the artist names and most of the time they have accounts on ArtStation or Deviantart showcasing their work. You can get their names from the bottoms of the cards obviously.