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  1. stimpaksam

    Worse than I Thought

    Well if you're looking to sell your collection now is the time to do it. Several have gone for close to 20%+ over MSRP on ebay that last few weeks. There's currently a listing for just the SAGAS that's sitting at over $300.
  2. stimpaksam

    Alt Art Cards Fakes?

    Actually, I think that white lettering was FFG's first design for their alt art cards that was only used on Aragorn. After the GenCon 2014 event they change it to the "Scroll" design. My guess is the Aragorn ones are real but not the Faramir one. I'm not finding any Faramirs with the white lettering on ebay.
  3. stimpaksam

    Alt Art Cards Fakes?

    It could have been made using the Strange Eons plugin. There's a promotional template in there that uses the white lettering for the stats. It looks like this...https://i.imgur.com/406qQoV.jpg The real ones use the "Scroll" paper like this...http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/Faramir-TSoA
  4. stimpaksam

    Mount Gundabad

    That's heavy.
  5. stimpaksam

    Guarded keyword and empty encounter deck

    Page 2 of The Wilds of Rhovanion Rule sheet states that if the encounter deck is ever empty when resolving the Guarded (X) keyword to shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck and finish resolving it. https://s3.amazonaws.com/hallofbeorn-resources/Images/LotR/Rules/The-Wilds-of-Rhovanion/Rules-02.jpg
  6. stimpaksam

    Mount Gundabad

    Lol, poetic justice if that guarded card is attached to a pickpocket...
  7. stimpaksam


    And not just guarded player cards, but objective ones too!
  8. stimpaksam

    Mount Gundabad

    Can Bilbo's response be used against an enemy that's immune to player card effects? The first part seems to target Bilbo himself but the part about dealing damage might not work. I'm not sure. The whole "choose an enemy" part is leaving me to think neither will work.
  9. stimpaksam

    Mount Gundabad

    I wonder what that Burglar trait will do if anything.
  10. stimpaksam

    Mount Gundabad

    My take on the ones not fully revealed... Round Shield - Tactics Attachment, 0 Cost, Item Armor - Attach to a character. Restricted. Response: After a shadow effect is triggered during combat, exhaust Round Shield to give attached character +2D for this attack. Drinking Song - Lore Event, 0 Cost, Song - Action: Count the number of cards in your hand and shuffle your hand into your deck. Then, draw an equal number of cards plus 1 additional card if you control a unique Hobbit character. Erebor Toymaker - Spirit Ally, 3 Cost, Dwarf Craftsman - Response: After you play Erebor Toymaker from you hand, reduce the cost of the next attachment played this phase by 1.
  11. I haven't seen any yet myself, but someone here (I forgot who) made a pretty good prediction of what Quicker Then Sight reads: "Response: Return a Silvan ally you control to your hand to cancel a shadow effect just triggered during combat." As for Outmatched they thought it might be a Faint in Trap form. It would attach to the next enemy that engages you and would make it not attack or something.
  12. It's great when you get both off them in the staging area at the same time. /s ?
  13. No. In this instance A Test of Will is discarded from play, not your hand.