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  1. Ok, so I just tried to create a new account and see if it works. And it did indeed work! (Yeah, I should have thought about creating a new account earlier...) This is interesting - so it has to be an account issue. It did, however, work in May/June '17 as I downloaded some of the Scenarios and Quests. Maybe the account got flagged as inactive or as a bot? I do not know, but this seems kinda strange to me and some FFG-/Asmodee-techs should probably look into the matter (other account for reference: scubarizzle). I am happy as I can access the tools again
  2. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I still only get the same error shown, no matter which machine (own desktop, own laptop, raspberry, work laptop, work workstation) or browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge) I use. Is there maybe an account setting that needs to be switched? I also wrote an email to questvault@fantasyflightgames.com on January 2, but have not gotten any response til now - so I assume the mail inbox is not used anymore. Is there another email I could use to get in touch with FFG/Asmodee for technical issues?
  3. Hey everybody, since some months I am no longer able to use the official Game Tools, such as Descent Quest Vault or BattleLore Scenario Builder, over at https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/more/tools/ Also direct links to the tools are not working for me, like https://tools.fantasyflightgames.com/battlelore/ I am always getting an error 504 as you can see in the attached file. At first, I thought that there is some technical problem with the FFG site, but it has not fixed since 6 months or so. I tried using various browsers and PCs - with no success. Is anybody in this forum able to help me? Thanks in advance!
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