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  1. There is a blurb in the healing section about droids having self repair systems. Also the Clone Wars has an episode with nano-explosive droids as part of the plot.
  2. I bought it and watched it this weekend and she does have an organic brain in a case which looks like a human head, her spine is encased in a metal housing, her heart is a micro fusion reactor. Both of her cybernetic body's seem way more sophisticated than anything in Star Wars, the second is made out of a self-repairing metal that looks like blue metallic human musculature.
  3. The mandalorian starfighter is manufactured by three different companies, and are three different variants.
  4. So your responding to @Rimsen but in a response to me?
  5. I don't believe I ever said star wars didn't have the internet, they just have an FTL communications system on top of it (meaning the holonet isn't the internet analogue it's above it or bridges multiple networks). The Holonet is probably a common term for the whole apparatus, but it's properly the Holonet transceiver network itself. There's even large distributed databases like the galaxy wide BOSS ship registry.
  6. I wasn't here to argue, or explain the internet. "organized in a domain hierarchy" is basically what you just said without bothering with the technical details of our internet. The Holonet is capable of doing everything the internet does, it's just that the star wars civilization purposely moved away from having everything networked for a variety of reasons like sophisticated computer viruses, and security. There's also the real world reason; that the model for in universe computing is 1970's computing practices.
  7. There are actually the: Raider II-Class Corvette, DP20 Gunship, J-Type Diplomatic Barge are speed 4. The DP20 has a hyperdrive and you could probably automate away a bunch of the crew.
  8. Can you make the F-35 work affordably? Or better yet make a donut machine which lets us cook donuts outside in cold humid weather. In all seriousness it sounds like your character is looking for a solution to a problem (s)he created. The obvious and cheaper answer is to mimic a preexisting ship hull and spoof sensors as best you can. I'm not sure mimicking a ship design noted for being used by the Jedi Order and the GAR is the healthiest choice in a rebellion era campaign. As for setting up a automated ship yard business, it seems like a possibly good base idea. Maybe the homestead rules can alleviate the tedious bookkeeping.
  9. Not just like China, the great firewall of China was built by Google and other US defense contractors, that technology was R&D'd in China but it's somewhat everywhere now. The internet is just a network connecting local networks together, organized in a domain hierarchy, and it accommodates world wide communications traffic. The Holonet isn't the internet, it's a hyperspatial FTL communications network which allows for real time (or close to) transmission galaxy wide, it probably does bridge millions of planetwide (internets) or semi-planetwide communications networks to other ones. Just as in real life there are many other computer networks not hooked up to external communications networks, such as power grid controllers, government networks, military networks, black sites, criminal enterprises, etc. There has to be a deliberate policy of isolating networks on purpose for security reasons; it would be bummer to loose your entire library due to slicing. Also since AI is real in the Star Wars galaxy there are a lot of potential firewalls and monitors on the networks.
  10. The holonet seems even more restricted and less available under the empire. Still it seems like you could slice something remotely, there are plenty of canon examples: finding where the bounty placed on Darth Vader originated, or when the Imperials highjacked Chopper. You can also transmit data over vast distances like from Scarif to an orbiting ship.
  11. @EliasWindrider Why not just start a bakery in real life? hmmm donuts... I swear I never get the free time even to craft much less start a business in game.
  12. On the Jedi Master tree you and the book entry in Collapse of the Republic have Nobody's Fool as an active talent. It's passive in every other spec.
  13. The advantage of having one core is that FFG wouldn't need to reprint redundant rules that aren't shared between the current core books. They could also have more GM advice and systems like ship building and world building in the core. Then they could spoke off faction, genre, and era book lines from that. Another book I would like to see is a GM toolkit world building book.
  14. I always thought of them as more like Roman senators the office of the Chancellor is like a Pro-Consul. There's no lower assembly like in the US or Parliamentary systems so no commons, and they likely aren't even elected on many worlds, both Senator Amidala, and Representative Binks were appointed for example and Senetor Organa is a Senator because he's the husband of the Queen of Alderaan. I suspect the real power in the Republic lies with the multi-trillionare elder houses and millennial old corporations like Czerka, Sorosuub, KDY, etc and of course the Sith.
  15. OK three planets out of billions. Tatooine must have been famous because of the Boonta Eve Classic.
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