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  1. We can't have characters meet its to improbable, I mean what are the odds of a man from Corollia living on Tantooine and having debt troubles at the exact same moment as some locals needing a ride to Alderaan.
  2. He didn’t give it to his kid he didn’t even know Luke exited until after he shot at him over the Death Star. He didn’t know that Leia was his till his death bead. Padme didn’t give them away either she died, right after she named her kids.
  3. Ok how about C3-PO Being built by Anakin, given to Shmi, given to Padme, and ending up as Leias. R2 similar story.
  4. It’s Star Wars and Disney it’s all connected. What are the odds of Vader’s kid growing up on Tatooine? Ezra and Luke have the same birthday ... Empire day.
  5. Just two major hyper lanes away from each other.
  6. Yeah, I know their not mutually exclusive. Dave Filloni played CH1-01P and CH33P, and Chopper is pieced together at least two different kinds of droids. Who’s to say the Droid put together from the parts of this wreckage only had a limited number of hyperspace coordinates in its memory, and Mandalore is near Ryloth.
  7. That droid at the end under the Y-wing, could it be Choppers origin?
  8. @P-47 Thunderbolt Saxon shot him through the glass. You can see the holes in the glass when the camera pans back. He must have had a seriously high powered blaster.
  9. Dooku vs Anakin and Obi-wan on Obidea. Obi-wan vs Maul and Savage Oppress on Florum. Ahsoka vs Maul on Mandalore.
  10. I’m going to watch it again... yeah Ray Park has moves.
  11. There a bluish white not as white as the title text. Maybe it’s the background. *There thinner in Rebels so maybe that’s why I thought they where the original blades.
  12. Her lightsabers are blue on the cover of the Ahsoka novel. I guess it contradicts itself.
  13. I thought the most compelling moment came when Obi-Wan saved commander Cody, realizing that in a few days Cody will call in an artillery strike on Kenobi’s position.
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