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  1. From a certain point of view...
  2. Vietnam was a province of France, as was Québec, Louisiana, French Guiana, Corsica, Algeria, Chad. Unlike the English the French didn't do colonies as separate corporations, everywhere they claimed was just another province of France.
  3. @Tramp Graphics Kingdom of Arlelat part of the Holy Roman Empire conquered by the northern French lords in the Albigensian Crusade, Duchy of Burgundy another part of the Holy Roman Empire north of Arlat. Both of these countries spoke Langue d'oc (closer to modern Catalan than French), not the langue d'oïl of France. Savoy to the northeast of Arles also spoke it's own dialect of Burgundian it's also now part of France, Italy and Switzerland now but was a county less than 150 years ago. Breton (Gaelic) in Brittany. Basque in the french Basque country, Gascon in Gascony, etc. French history is not so cut and dried after 1500 years.
  4. Christ hunt d20 radio has two articles with stats for Purrgil.
  5. Eoen

    problems of a heavy

    Just remember if you carry an autoblaster around the GM has unlimited budget in their props department.
  6. Eoen

    problems of a heavy

    Lots' of Silhouette 2 vehicles have autoblasters or light repeating blasters ie. Baktoid Versatile-Athletic "zalaaca" Walker from Forged in Battle.
  7. Eoen

    problems of a heavy

    Don't stock military speeders carry autoblasters? It probably doesn't weigh as much as a Harley, more like a 20mm canon on a tank.
  8. Eoen

    problems of a heavy

    Getting into Anime or Iron Man territory. A Landmate in Appleseed comes to mind.
  9. Eoen

    problems of a heavy

    Just give the turret droid legs it can carry itself. Like those chairs the Neimoidians ride around on. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Mechno-chair
  10. Eoen

    problems of a heavy

    There is a silhouette 2 player option: the Dowutins.
  11. Yeah one of the GM’s from order 66 podcast wrote the official Ewok stats.
  12. Why so we have to learn three measurement systems to trade with them, everything in the world that is sold as a measure of volume is SI, most machine tools are SI, etc. Americans use their own version of the old English Imperial, not the UK variety. God forbid scientific measurements will ever use the goofy fractions of Imperial.
  13. Her kit in season three was the addition of Mando vambraces, a jet pack and the darksaber, other than her hair not much else changes. Sorry, I wasn’t suggesting not giving the other players an equal kit, 9000 cr goes a ways. Her armor stats don’t have cortosis quality, or anything.
  14. Sabine’s armor is soak 2, defense 1, vacuum sealed, some other stuff. It likely is beskar, she says it’s 500 years old and she reforged it with her family. Her Dad at one point says a Mandalorians armor is what makes them Mandolorian it’s part of their identity. The super weapon she created attacked the alloy in Mando armor and not the Imperial armor. I don’t see the problem with a player starting with real mando armor if they are playing a mandolorian from the warrior culture, it ads a nice Star Wars touch to the game.
  15. How many years between a Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and when ET in ET the extraterrestrial shows up on Earth in the 1980's?