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  1. Thank you; I scoured the rulebooks trying to find something, figured it might be an in-game thing. If they are wights then they are physical, so I'll paint them as such. Thanks
  2. Thanks all, so back to my original question, ARE they CONFIRMED barrow wights? Not asking to see others nor the lore of them, I want to know what the specific models are actually supposed to be. Thanks again
  3. The minis that come in the game that look like Wraiths: are they indeed wraiths? Nazgul? Ghosts? etc? I ask due to painting. If they are something ghost-like I will paint them more ethereal-like, if they are more Nazgul / something physically touchable like then I will paint them as such. Thanks, I haven't played yet and have been unable to find a listing of what the actual baddies are.
  4. What do you mean by "suppression section specifically refers to ranged attacks"? Just want to make sure I'm reading the right passage so I can quote it when challenged.
  5. Can two units on opposite sides of a barricade be engaged with each other and conduct melee attacks; or a window or other similar piece of terrain? Do suppression tokens still provide cover in a melee?
  6. Can you take multiple copies of the same upgrade? i.e.: Can the ATST take 2 mortars if you wish (and have the cards)? If yes: Do both have to shoot at the same target, since they are the same weapon? Do they both provide a suppression token or is only one applied?
  7. Palpatine's ability regarding two damage when resolving his dice: if you take a two dice variant of Palpatine would you resolve two damage for each of the dice or just two for the set?
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