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  1. Judging from the turret icon and the way quadrants are marked on the bases, I'm wondering if we'll have alternate arcs. For example, a PWT being able to fire front left to right rear. Maybe even using a regular turret to open up your firing arc to include front right. The purpose of these would be to include multiple targets in adjacent arcs that wouldn't normally be in arc
  2. Also they said the fang fighter/protectorate wings spin as they should.
  3. Also they are introducing Medium Size bases for ships like Slave 1 and it is now Scum only
  4. I watched the Hyperspace report on twitch and a couple of things people are missing is that the game will be going to a 200pt game, and the app will tally up the points costs for upgrades and ships. They also said that they will be posting a pdf file with all the points costs for those who don't have regular access to the interwebs. People seem to be thinking they can just port lists from 1.0 to 2.0 and just new cardboard, but with the fact that they don't have VI or PtL anymore, it's not going to be that simple. Take away: stop freaking and see how things pan out before you start worrying about jumping ship.
  5. Those pictures just made me into a Lobotomized drooling freak.
  6. My roommate and i can't pass a table or storage container of any kind without thinking if said item will work for xwing. I used some 1x2 and screwed them to the bottom so it fits perfectly over the card table and doesn't move.
  7. I use a 4x4 thin sheet of ply that sits on a very warped old folding card table. Makes it easy to stash behind the couch
  8. The table where you do your folding of a laundromat. It was my roommate and i's second game. The table was 2x6 feet long. Lots of questions being asked while we did laundry. Uncle's games in Tacoma Mall? I won't play there for that reason.
  9. Using fenn rau's ability, does using a reinforce token considered spending a token? I cant find anything that says one way or another. I know adding an evade result is considered modifying, thus able to be affected, but since fenn rau says you cant spend any tokens, does it count?
  10. Me and my roommate have a tradition of after everygame, we discuss the game, our fleets and what we did right and wrong. Gives me time to smoke and and reflect. I try to do it with other players on casual nights if they allow it. Cant always do it during touneys tho.
  11. What a day to be alive? For who, the Scurgg or the Z's?
  12. 1 Silencer 1 gunboat. 49.58 USD I was the first one to buy any from my flgs. I hope to get the rest for xmas.
  13. Or that the Rear version of the Reinforce token protects you from the sides.
  14. I've been Running Double Edge with Deadeye, unguided rockets, synched turret and LWF. Works really well as long as you keep it behind something else. I flew it today with A Ryad X7 with Juke and Echo. Echo flew around the map and did his normal shenanigans, while Double Edge and Countess came in and attacked. I flew against Dutch and Gray squadron Ywings with BTL and Prox mines and Seismic Charges. He Also had Wulfawaroo with Kyle Katarn and PTL. After Time ran out, he was down to the auzituck and and I lost Countess. Everyone was nearly dead but because of time i won.
  15. I Use Echo as my Primary Phantom. I run em with VI-ACD-FCS-RC. I've had pretty good success with him. I've found the decloak shenanigans help make him unpredictable, helping his survivability. With the new mini echos coming out ( Tie Striker, and the new starviper) coming out, i don't see that unpredictability lasting much longer. While he is still viable, I make sure to cloak and decloak every round. Use FCS for my shots, take an evade for those Aces that beat him out, and RC to help prevent Attani users wanting to attack him.
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