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  1. Also if you dont feel like Total war can give enough of the diplomacy side of things, Sengoku, or Crusader kings can certainly do that, tho you lose a lot of the combat aspects of it at that point, so there is that
  2. A pro you may be But arrogance will undo Come the season end
  3. Im not going to lie, i just read this whole thread from first post to last, and im struggling to understand what this argument is actually over... from either side really...
  4. It's like you are in my mind. This post so perfectly sums up my feelings towards l5r I doubt I could have written it better.
  5. Seeing as there are many new players to the game here (myself largely included) and FFG hasnt created any itself, i think it would be a good idea to get links to the various Clan specific forums collected into one thread for newer players to find. Also if the Moderators see fit to pin this thread to the top, that would make finding it later much easier as well.
  6. I also think they mentioned that in the game we aren't playing current time lines per sey, more we are seeing the various characters in a snapshot of their life etc. So if they win a tournament after their death it's kinda of a 'this is how this would have gone if they were still alive. I believe that's how it is anyway, based on the wording used in the live stream, tho I may be misremembering/interpreting it
  7. hehe i have been on such a Samurai trip for so long now, i just cannot wait for the release now
  8. well, them and the gaijin... i mean unicorn.... yes, the unicorn....
  9. i am jealous i cant make it, but the pond is too far to cross this time for me. good luck over there, i hope its as awesome as i want it to be.
  10. I cant make it to Gencon this year, but im hoping to make enough of a presence on here before Gencon 2018 that when i get to go, i have a similar experience to you Shigure, because what i have experienced of the community on here is generally amazing and these are the sorts of people i want to hang with in my first trip and con.
  11. my friends and i all placed me in the unicorn clan, however the quiz placed me in the dragon. i can certainly see arguments for both choices... as a result i may be playing Dragon in the LCG
  12. On the plus side i feel like that will be the case for a lot of the mechanics in the new game. at least it seems that way to me
  13. i really like the new Mons, i think they make the lion look much better, and the unicorn one too. personally i think i love the setting generally, but the original origin story is one of my favourite things. i know it was kinda just greek myths with a reskin, but the whole thing captures my imagination. and i really love how strongly my friends and i can identify with 'our clans' to the point that we can have full debates from an IC standpoint.
  14. So, I dont get to talk about L5r as much as I'd like with my friend group, they are interested but not quite as fervently as I. so in the interest of having somewhere to just gush about my love of the setting, what is everyone's favourite thing about the setting or game, either Nu5r or O5r?
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