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  1. If a world where 5x As with 2 reds and 4 health are so amazing is wrong then I never want to be right. Also seen the list chewed up by Y wings so currently believing this is still the best timeline.
  2. I ran kestel with barrage/ruthless and double edge with barrage/ruthless/ion turret with 2x barrage scimitars and a barrage ruthless Jonas. Was pretty **** good to tell the truth, only got kestal to trigger once but she pushed 3 damage through to boba and while I never got double edge to trigger his ion turret did take out boba range one. i feel they’re very good for what they offer.
  3. 1. In 2.0 the point limit for a standard game is 200. This is double from what was allowed in 1.0 2. Landing on debris means that you take a stress token after the checknpilot stress step and then roll an attack die. On a critical result you suffer one critical damage. Having the stress token generally means you cannot perform an action. Additional dice on defense does depend on the closest point to closest point intersecting and obstacle. 3. Not correct, see above 4. No you didnt miss anything, it is a useless upgrade without the lambda taking crew like director krennic to gain the target lock action. 5. Each ship can only perform one of an action each turn, so if you perform the focus action you can’t focus again. For night beast his extra action is only ever focus, so you’ll always want to evade or barrel roll before performing your free focus.
  4. Zucch10

    Reapers and Strikers

    Personally I’m waffling between 3x strikers plus a yorr lambda or a scariff base pilot. Yorr seems stronger on paper letting you coordinate with tactical officer and pull adrenaline rush style maneuvers turn after turn with electronic baffle and inspiring recruit while opening Dutchess to VI and sabacc to crack shot. The scariff base pilot means your taking adrenaline rush with dutchess and sabacc, but does have that sweet dial plus advanced ailerons.
  5. Zucch10

    E-wing strong

    Yeah, through a single trade I received 7 E Wings. Down to 6 now through a trade but still.
  6. Imperial for life. No matter how much I did enjoy flying things like poetensity my heart will always be with gunboats, defenders, phantoms, and punishers. At least until FO returns.
  7. First night of custom rules league - first week is PS 5 cap, each following week is capped at +/- 1d6, with a roll of a 6 meaning we play some off the wall special game like Mario kart. So first game I’m flying 4x Mangler Gunboats vs Guri, Sunny Bounder and Drea Renthal. Was one of the most glorious games I’ve ever played, and that’s vs a TLT carrier and essentially a PTL ace.
  8. Knew it’d be jank, will move things around and see how it goes. also, remember with boost coordinate I’m still getting use out of black one at ps11
  9. So I’ve been messing around with new stuff, played a Poe/wedge/fenn rebel 11s list that I picked up from here and it was fun, but wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be. Really liked having coordinate, but wasn’t able to fit in regen poe. So I messed around, went outside the box and put this together. (98) •Fenn Rau (28) - Sheathipede-class Shuttle Veteran Instincts (1), Hotshot Co-pilot (4), •M9-G8 (3) •Poe Dameron (41) - T-70 X-Wing Determination (1), •R2-D2 (4), Advanced Optics (2), •Black One (1), Autothrusters (2) •Roark Garnet (29) - HWK-290 Twin Laser Turret (6), •Nien Nunb (1), •Moldy Crow (3) Moldy crow isn’t need, but is a decent point filler. Figured I needed Roark to be fast to keep up with Poe to keep him at PS 12. Originally had weapons engineer on fenn, but I didn’t feel the reroll was needed on a TLT carrier as opposed to an X-Wing, so hotshot for stripping tokens. Could still go with intensity on poe to make him tankier, but I figured flat out negating blinded pilot would have its uses. so... am I crazy for wanting to give this a shot? Worried about damage output but I figure with the amount of negation in the list it’s more of a death by a thousand cuts scenario.
  10. @Magnus Grendel @SabineKey Actually with some some thought and new releases, considering this pairing (100) •Kath Scarlett (40) - Firespray-31 •A Score To Settle (0), •Agent Kallus (2), •Slave I (0), Long-Range Scanners (0) •Test Pilot "Blackout" (39) - TIE Silencer Trick Shot (0), Advanced Sensors (3), Primed Thrusters (1), •First Order Vanguard (2), Autothrusters (2) •"Countdown" (21) - TIE Striker Adaptive Ailerons (0), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1)
  11. Yeah I know, don’t think it’s worth fielding 2 since lone wolf and kallus are unique. You really need those green mods and generally take an evade every turn just to have it punch at its weight.
  12. (100) •Kath Scarlett (50) - Firespray-31 •Lone Wolf (2), Harpoon Missiles (4), Ion Bombs (2), •Agent Kallus (2), •Slave I (0), Long-Range Scanners (0), Extra Munitions (2) Sienar Specialist (25) - TIE Aggressor Twin Laser Turret (6), Lightweight Frame (2) Sienar Specialist (25) - TIE Aggressor Twin Laser Turret (6), Lightweight Frame (2) TLTs to stay at range, while kath comes up the middle and flies past to mostly use the back arc.
  13. I actually had some luck with imperial kath with a lone wolf and agent kallus. Its a lot of health and greens to run through with that much greed modification, Moreso vs two ship lists. nowhere near time walk asajj but still a different play style for imperial
  14. First order test pilot, PTL, AdvSensors, AdvOptics, Autothrusters. Never imagined there could be so much green in the galaxy. Also, out PS every generic save the glaive squadron and royal guard.
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