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  1. Really would love some advice. My friend and I have checked all the rules and we seem to be playing everything correctly. However, it just seems like the game is too hard because we have yet to have success. What is the general strategy? Try to collect all question marks or ignore them mostly or collect just some? Beeline for blue exclamation? Try to expand the map as much as possible? It seems like no matter what we do the difficulty ramps up after discovering the initial blue exclamation and just rolls over us from that point. One unlucky roll round (or even worse a couple) seems to put you in a horrible spot that is very difficult to finish the scenario. It happens without fail and we are so close to going insane by endgame it happens every time and it just falls apart from there as the win condition changes so drastically. The closest we ever got, in the two star scenario, was to just beeline for the library and skip pretty much most of the investigations, and that was only possible because we have the story knowledge. In the most recent game we didn't even get to uncover a part of the map that just so happened to have the second blue exclamation, and by the time we made it over there, there were just too many monsters out. Hell there was an investigation we couldn't even figure out how to open as the app told us we needed a key, but I for ***** after the game was over anyways clicked on everything i could to find that key and it was nowhere. We had an insane person that wanted every question mark and it was impossible to even get that one as the app wouldn't even give us the option to investigate it. We find it pretty difficult to drain off damage or horror, sometimes we don't have the items for it and sometimes we do. An example would be the bible, we may for example spend an action to get rid of a horror for it to just come right back on us or even more in the mythos phase. I don't know, I just feel like we are doing something wrong, almost like 2 actions per turn feels so limited. I still think it is a fun game, but what is the expected chance of success in these? 25%? 15%? Any advice?
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