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  1. https://imgur.com/a/jCDGjon?fbclid=IwAR2i2vLdw-YAuiYv5zywk5CoEadpgg9lN8sUF2Gv_uCiuWcXw-60fVosPQA looks like another pack review is in the making.
  2. Void Strike 0 cost dragon clan card kiho action: during a mil conflict, choose a participating Monk you control - Bow a participating opposing character with equal or lower Mil skill. You may remove a Fate from your Monk to blank the opposing character.
  3. Void Dragon 6 cost Neutral Dynasty Character 6 mil 6 pol Glory 4 Creature Mythic Void Dragon cannot be dishonored. You cannot play Void Dragon from your province during the Dynasty Phase. Action: During the conflict Phase, return the Void Ring from your claimed pile to the unclaimed pile - Put the Void Dragon into play from your province with 1 Fate on it.
  4. Hopefully pack 4 will get previews and then FFG will reveal the last pack of the cycle (Atonement)
  5. Great review. BTW, third pack is up at cardgamedb if you want to review that one too.
  6. Iuchi Shahai * 4 cost Unicorn Dynasty Character 1 Mil 3 Pol Glory 0 Shadowlands Shugenja Water Reduce the cost to play Maho cards by 1 Fate and by 2 honor (to a minimum of 1).
  7. Kakita Ken * 5 cost Crane Dynasty character 2 Mil 4 Pol Glory 3 Bushi Duelist Iajitsu Master Reaction: After dials are revealed in a duel that Ken is participating in - add his Glory to the result. (max twice per round).
  8. Shiba Shieldmaiden 2 cost Phoenix Dynasty character 3 Mil - Pol Glory 2 Bushi Yojimbo Rally When this character is defending with a Shugenja personality, it does not bow from conflict resolution.
  9. Bayushi Goshiu * 4 cost - Mil 5 Pol Glory 1 Courtier Rumourmonger Interrupt: When you would lose Honor as a cost of an action, bow Goshiu - your opponent loses the Honor instead.
  10. Ikoma Jinaru * 3 cost Lion Dynasty character 1 Mil 1 Pol Glory 2 Historian Shugenja Action: Bow Jinaru and remove a Unique character in your Dynasty discard pile from the game - Gain Honor equal to the removed character's glory to a maximum of 3.
  11. Mirumoto Musashi * 4 cost Dragon Dynasty Character 3 Mil 2 Pol Glory 1 Bushi Duelist Reaction: After dials are revealed in a duel this character is participating in - raise or lower your result by the number of weapons attached to this character. (Limit twice per round)
  12. Since you cannot please everyone, I have redesigned this to the betterment of the majority: Razer of Fields 4 cost crab character (dynasty) 5 Mil - Pol Glory 1 Bushi Berserker Action: During a Mil conflict this character is participating in, destroy an attachment on the attacked province - this character does not bow from conflict resolution.
  13. It works on both defense and attack so you could use it to blow up your own holding in order to not bow from resolution. Note also that this ability does not prevent it from bowing from other card effects or ring abilities.
  14. There is already a character with the same stats and a better ability. My design is limited in the fact that the attacked province must have a holding in it, in order to work.
  15. When is preview of pack 2 of dominion cycle? Cards are already revealed and on jigoku and five rings db.
  16. Been awhile since I made one of these: Razer of Fields 3 cost crab character (dynasty) 6 Mil - Pol Glory 0 Bushi Berserker Action: During a Mil conflict this character is participating in, destroy a holding or attachment on the attacked province,,- this character does not bow from conflict resolution.
  17. Shadows are also notorious for shinobi (ie, shadow brands), just saying
  18. you probably also saw the ...mples advisor card next to it as well lol
  19. The monk himself is very limited for sure. You need to have playable actions and you will be burning cards from your hand. Works well with the monks from the last pack of the Inheritance cycle.
  20. Hoshi is half dragon according to old L5R. Thus he is a creature and mythic.
  21. It is the Dragon Clan pack. Preorder has been started in Europe. Release date not announced yet.
  22. Dragon have better duelists with built in duels but Crane has better Conflict duels.
  23. What is your plan for releasing the next cycle in L5R? a 6 in 6 weeks format or once a month? I prefer the 6 in 6 weeks as it makes tournament organizing much easier.
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