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  1. Hida Bakishi * 4 cost Crab character 7/2 Glory 0 Berserker Action: During a conflict, sacrifice a friendly character - Bakishi cannot be targeted with actions from your opponent until the conflict ends.
  2. Kakita Matabei * 5 cost crane character 2/5 Glory 2 Duelist Bushi Reaction: During a conflict, initiate a Pol duel - Resolve the duel. The winner draws two cards.
  3. Togashi Korimi * 3 cost Dragon character 3/3 Glory 2 Monk Tattooed Korimi has +2 Mil skill when defending. Reaction: When Korimi wins a conflict - draw a card.
  4. Acolyte of the Tao 2 cost Dragon Conflict character 2/1 Glory 1 Monk Tattooed You may this character as an attachment that reads; Reaction: When attached character is declared to a conflict, draw 2 cards from your Conflict deck - Put one in your hand and the other on the bottom of your deck.
  5. Defend the Wall 0 cost Crab Event Action: During a Mil conflict at a friendly Province, discard the holding attached to the attacked Province - send all attacking characters home.
  6. Palm Strike 0 cost Dragon Event Kihō Action: During a conflict, target an opposing participating character with less than or equal Mil skill as your participating Monk character - Bow the opposing character. It cannot ready this phase.
  7. Wave Tattoo 1 cost Dragon Clan attachment +1/+0 Tattoo Attach to a Monk character you control. Action: If the Water ring is claimed - ready attached character. "Like the ocean, I am relentless."
  8. Togashi Gaijutsu * 3 cost Dragon Character 0/2 Glory 2 Dragon Clan Monk Tattooed Tattoo Artist Tattoo cards attach to your characters for 1 less Fate. Action: Bow Gaijutsu and look at the top 4 cards of your Fate deck - Choose and reveal a Tattoo card from them and put it into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.
  9. BayushiFugu

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    There is always Shosuro Hametsu (poison master)
  10. I am posting this here since so many people I know are confused with the timing of what to do when resolving a conflict. I like to use the word "SUPERB" to help alleviate those questions. S stands for Skill. Add up total skill (plus favor) to see if you won the conflict. U stands for Undefended. The opponent loses 1 honor if the province has no defenders at this point. P stands for Province. If you have enough to win and break the province, the province is broken and any reactions on the province resolve. E stands for Element. If you won the conflict, you may use the effect of the chosen Ring. R stands for Ring. If you won the conflict, now you claim the ring and any effects of claiming a ring resolves. B stands for Bow and go home. The conflict has ended. Bow all participating characters and move them home. I hope this helps people when figuring out when cards trigger during conflict resolution.
  11. Mantra of Air 0 cost Dragon event Air Kihō Reaction: When your opponent initiates an Air conflict, target your friendly Monk character in play - Honor that character and draw a card.
  12. BayushiFugu

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    being honored would make her 5/3 not 4/3.
  13. BayushiFugu

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    New Game Trade Magazine has photo of new emperor and loyal challenger .
  14. Shosoru Aroru * 4 cost 4/3 Glory 0 Bushi Shinobi Interrupt: When an action would target one of your friendly Shinobi characters - Redirect the action to another of your Shinobi characters in play, if legal.
  15. Isawa Pomei* 3 cost 2/4 Glory 3 Shugenja Fire Action : Discard the Imperial Favor - Honor one of your characters.