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  1. Togashi Rikyou * 4 cost 5/2 1 Glory Monk Tattooed Action: During a conflict, if there are any other participating characters - Ready Rikyou and move him there.
  2. Hida Bushotsu * 4 cost 5/2 0 Glory Berserker
  3. It has been fixed to be less OP as they say.
  4. Kitsuki Daisuke * 4 cost 4/4 2 Glory Courtier Duelist Magistrate Reaction: After Daisuke wins a duel - Draw a card. (based on actual card)
  5. My name is yours 0 cost event Action: Sacrifice any number of friendly shugenja you control - Search your Dynasty deck for a card with Oni in it's title with cost equal to or less than the total Glory of the sacrificed shugenja and put it into play. Shuffle your deck.
  6. Oni no Tetsuro 7 cost 7/- 0 Glory Shadowlands Oni Creature Cannot have Fate put on it. Your opponents cards cannot bow or dishonor Oni no Tetsuro. Reaction: During the Dynasty phase, if Oni no Testuro would leave play, sacrifice another friendly character you control - Oni no Tetsuro does not leave play.
  7. Doji Poet 1 cost 0/2 2 Glory Courtier Pride Courtesy
  8. One of my favorite old school L5R characters... Shosuro Toson * 4 cost 2/3 1 Glory Shinobi Bushi Action: During the conflict phase, bow Toson and target an opposing Province - Discard a card in it.
  9. Brothers in Arms (lion card) 2 cost Event Action: During a Mil conflict, give each of your attacking Lion characters +X Mil where X equals the number of participating characters.
  10. Kuni Acolyte 2 cost 1/3 1 Glory Shugenja Action: During a conflict, sacrifice Kuni Acolyte and target a participating character - Bow that character.
  11. Ogre Bushi 4 cost 5/- 0 Glory Bushi Shadowlands When this character assigns to a conflict - lose 1 Honor. Action: During a conflict, target an opposing Weapon attachment - attach it to Ogre Bushi.
  12. Ninja Saboteur 3 cost 2/2 0 Glory Shinobi Reaction: When this character wins a conflict - Discard the top card of the opponent's Conflict deck.
  13. Isawa Uona * 5 cost 3/5 3 glory Shugenja Air Elemental Master When the Air ring is claimed, honor a friendly character you control.
  14. Togashi Meishi * 4 cost 3/2 2 glory Monk Tattooed Reaction: After Meishi wins a non- Void conflict, put one Fate on him. "His tattoos have a life of their own" - Hitomi
  15. I stand by my word (crab card) 0 cost event Action: During a conflict, if you have only one character defending, that character adds his Political skill to your army total.