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  1. Venomous Words 1 cost Crane event Action: During a conflict - initiate a Pol duel. Resolve the duel. The loser is dishonored and the winner does not bow from conflict resolution this conflict.
  2. Blockade reinforcements 0 cost crab event Play during a Mil conflict - until the end of the conflict, your opponent cannot play characters from their hand or provinces.
  3. Mantra of Air 0 cost Dragon event Kihō. Air. Reaction: After an opponent declares an Air conflict, choose a Monk character or a character with a Monk attachment – honor that character and draw 1 card.
  4. Shosuru Ren* 3 cost Scorpion Conflict character 4/1 Glory 1 Disguised Shinobi Reaction: When Ren enters play, target opponent chooses to bow or dishonor one of their characters.
  5. Togashi Dashi * 3 cost Dragon character 3/3 Glory 0 Monk Tattooed Action: During a conflict, discard a Kihö or Tattoo card from your hand - ready Togashi Dashi. (Unlimited) "One must let go to move forward"
  6. Bayushi Aramoro * 3 cost Dynasty character 4/2 Glory 0 Disguised Shinobi Action: When you play Aramoro during a conflict, target an opposing character - Dishonor that character. It cannot be rehonored this conflict.
  7. Taoist Defender 3 cost Dragon character 2/2 Glory 1 Monk Action: Taoist Defender gains +x/+x until the end of phase where X is the number of rings with Fate on them.
  8. Balance Tattoo (Yin/Yang) 0 cost Dragon attachment +0/+0 Tattoo Attach to a Monk character you control Attached character's stats cannot be changed by card effects.
  9. BayushiFugu

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    I do. But you can find it at fiveringsdb.
  10. BayushiFugu

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    still missing one Scorpion card..picture spoiled earlier.
  11. Student of Tao 1 cost Dragon Dynasty character 1/1 Glory 2 Monk Tattooed After a Kiho targets this character - Honor it.
  12. BayushiFugu

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Now at least I can schedule a post-release tournament !
  13. Dragon's Milk 0 cost Scorpion Event poison Reaction: Play when one of your Shonobi characters enters a duel - If your character wins the duel, discard the loser in addition to any other effects. "Their weapons are coated in a milky white fluid"
  14. Seppun Elite 3 cost 4/1 Glory 3 Imperial Guard Seppun Elite does not bow from conflict resolution if you control another Imperial character with higher cost.