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  1. Iuchi Ren* 3 cost Unicorn Dynasty Character 2/2 Glory 2 Shugenja Water Cavalry Reaction: After a Water spell is played during a conflict - Move Ren into or from that conflict.
  2. what are the stats on it?
  3. Would love to see this as a 3 cost monk with similar ability but use Mil stat instead of "Chi" and without the bowing cost. Action: Target an opposing attachment with cost less than or equal to Yayoi's Mil stat - Discard it. She could be a 3/3 glory 1 for 3.
  4. Hidden Falls Dojo (Crane Stronghold) +1 Str Dojo 12 honor/ 7 Fate/ 10 Influence Action: During a conflict, bow this SH and target your participating Duelist character - That character challenges an opposing participating character to a Pol duel. Dishonor and discard the loser.
  5. My take on it Village Warden 2 cost 2/- Glory 1 Peasant Action: When this character is defending - Sacrifice this character and gain X honor where X is the number of your provinces that have been broken. "My life for my village"
  6. Berserker Rage 0 cost Crab event Action: During a conflict, target your participating Berserker character - Double his current Mil skill. Your opponent cannot target this character with card abilities. If this character is still in play after the conflict ends, discard it.
  7. New spoiler: All and Nothing 0 cost Phoenix Event Spell Void Interrupt: When you would resolve the effects of the Void ring , choose another ring - resolve the effect of the other ring. Draw a card. 2 Influence #95 common
  8. Kaze-do 0 cost Dragon Event Kihō Action: During a Mil conflict, target an opposing participating character with equal or less Mil skill than your participating Monk character - Move the opposing character home. It cannot be assigned to conflicts this phase.
  9. Togashi Taoshi * 3 cost Dragon Dynasty Character 3/3 Glory 0 Monk Tattooed Action: During a conflict this character is participating in - Give Taoshi +1/+1 for each Tattoo and Monk attachment on her.
  10. BayushiFugu

    The Ebb and Flow

    This topic is the Ebb and Flow cards. Please have your debates in another place and let's get back on topic. Thanks.
  11. Torii Tattoo 1 cost Dragon attachment Tattoo Monk character only. Attached character gains Tattooed Reaction: When an opponent's card effect would target attached personality, bow this attachment - negate the effects. "The arch offers protection to those who believe."
  12. White Silk Venom 0 cost Scorpion attachment -1/-1 Poison Interrupt: When an opposing character challenges or is challenged to a duel - attach this card to that character from your hand or discard pile. Lose 1 honor.