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  1. Wave Tattoo 1 cost attachment (dragon) +0/+0 Tattoo Can only attach to a Monk character Action: During a conflict, target a character in play - Move that character to or from this conflict.
  2. he was but i did not think the keyword was relevant.
  3. BayushiFugu

    Restricted List

    I really think they should have waited until after the next cycle had released. There are no cards on the list for Unicorn or Crane which is pretty lame. If you are going to restrict cards, do it for all clans.
  4. Bayushi Amoro 4 cost 4/2 Glory 2 Bushi Duelist Shinobi Opponents attachments do not contribute bonuses in duels involving Amoro. Reaction: When one of your other Scorpion characters are challenged to a duel - Amoro duels instead.
  5. Based on old L5r card; Isawa Tsuke 3 cost 4/2 Glory 2 Shugenja Fire Duelist Elemental Master Action: During a fire conflict, target an opposing participating character - Tsuke challenges that character to a mil duel. Discard the loser.
  6. Something like this: Utaku Kamoko * 2 Cost 3/1 Glory 2 Bushi Cavalry Daimyo Kamoko cannot be dishonored during Mil conflicts. Action: During a pol conflict, lose 1 Honor - change the conflict to mil.
  7. From the Fantasy Flight page: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/5/15/finding-clarity/ 1 Cost attachment +1/+1 Condition Action: If you have two or more rings in your claimed pool - ready attached character.
  8. The soon to be Master of Air is previewed, nice!
  9. based on old L5R card: Mirumoto Shikei 5 cost 4/5 Glory 4 Champion Monk Tattooed Duelist Action: Look at the top three cards of your Conflict deck. You may exchange a card in your hand with one of the viewed cards. Put the remaining cards back in any order. (Limit twice per turn) "Who trusts the man who laughs?"
  10. Dragon Clan Sword 2 Cost +2/+2 attaches to duelist for 1 less Action: duel an opposing character, if loser has no fate, discard otherwise remove all fate from them
  11. To The Death (Crane clan) 1 Cost Action: During a conflict, target your participating Duelist character and an opposing character. Your character challenges the other to a Mil duel. Bow the loser or discard them if won by 3 or more. "One strike, one life" 2 Influence
  12. Plans Within Plans (scorpion clan) 0 Cost Event Interrupt: After one of your character's becomes dishonored by one of your opponent's cards - Discard a random card from their hand. "I knew you would accuse me of such nonsense, Kakita-san" 3 Influence
  13. Free clan sword anyone?
  14. Tortoise Clan Merchant 2 cost 1/2 Glory 1 Tortoise Clan Merchant Interrupt: Before playing an attachment from your hand, lose 1 honor. - Reduce the cost of the attachment by this character's Glory. "I swear it is an original Hanzo blade!"
  15. Crab sword +3/+2 Champion action: Sacrifice a friendly to double this character's stats Crane sword +2/+3 Champion action: Pol duel where winner gains 2 honor. Dragon sword +2/+2 Champion action: Mil duel where loser is bowed. Lion Sword +3/+2 Champion action: Honor this character and it does not bow for mil conflicts. Scorpion sword +2/+3 Champion action: Dishonor opposing character and blank it. Unicorn sword +3/+2 Champion action: Move to or from conflict (max 2 times turn) Just speculation