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  1. I would have judged that he forfeits that one honor since he did not remember to do it during the appropriate phase. Even forced interrupts need to be acknowledged in a reasonable time frame. Mentioning after your bids have been revealed is not reasonable.
  2. Hey y'all. There is a release event at Asgard games this Saturday starting at 2:00. It is $5 entry fee and 40/40 constructed. Bring your deck and get some nice release prizes. Registration begins at 2:00 and first game starts at 3:00. Hope to see you all there.
  3. Imperial Stronghold +2 Str 10 honor 7 Fate 6 Influence Action: Target a friendly Imperial personality and give it +1 Mil and +1 Pol for each other Imperial personality you control until end of conflict.
  4. Breach of etiquette (scorpion card) 3 cost Event Action: Target a Dishonored character in play. Its controller loses honor equal to its printed glory. "An unfortunate spill can incite a war."
  5. Yasuki Trader 2 cost 2 mil 2 pol 2 glory Courtier Action: Give your opponent 1 fate. Take 2 honor from them.
  6. Waves of Vigor (dragon card) 0 cost Event Kiho Water Reaction: when an opponent declares a water conflict, target a friendly monk character. Ready it and place a fate on it. "Water invigorates me"
  7. Ryousu (unique) brotherhood 4 cost 4 mil 3 pol 2 glory Monk Water Reaction: After you win a Water conflict, negate any destruction of the province. Gain 1 honor and discard an attachment in play. Water cleanses all things. _______________________________________ Hyrobu (unique) brotherhood 5 cost 6 mil 4 pol 1 glory Monk Void Champion Reaction: After you win a Void conflict, negate any destruction of the province. Gain 1 honor and 2 fate.
  8. In fitting with your theme Kyobi (unique) brotherhood 3 cost 2 mil 2 pol 2 glory Monk Fire Reaction: When you win a fire conflict, negate the province destruction. Draw a card and gain 1 honor.
  9. Ninja Spy (scorpion Conflict card) 1 cost +1 mil +0 pol Character Shinobi Covert When Ninja Spy successfully bypasses a defender, look at a face down province. "They are like shadows"
  10. Chancellor robes 1 cost +0 mil +1 pol Attachment Limited Attached character gains the Courtier trait. " I have been appointed as the voice."
  11. Daigotsu Tenbatsu (unique) Spider clan 4 cost 4 mil 1 pol 0 glory Bushi Lost Paragon As an additional cost to play Tenbatsu, lose 1 honor. Reaction: After Tenbatsu assigns to a conflict, look at the top 3 cards of your Conflict deck. Put one in your hand and discard the rest.
  12. You are spending honor to cut away your opponent's hand thus the name.
  13. Honor is my Sword (neutral) 3 cost Event Action: If your honor bid is higher than your opponent's, target that opponent - they must discard cards from their hand equal to the difference. "Words are like weapons."
  14. I'll be at Asgard games tomorrow afternoon with two preconstructed decks if anyone wants to play.
  15. Ninja shapeshifter Scorpion conflict card 3 cost X mil X pol Shinobi Nonhuman When ninja shapeshifter enters play, target another personality. This character copies the mil and pol skill of targeted personality as well as any abilities. It still retains its name and traits. " I am me and we are me and we are all together."