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  1. What is your plan for releasing the next cycle in L5R? a 6 in 6 weeks format or once a month? I prefer the 6 in 6 weeks as it makes tournament organizing much easier.
  2. Seekers of Wisdom (L5C25) was next in line to be previewed but FFG switched the order. Also there was no Crane Clan novella with the Masters of Court release.
  3. Built on the Blood of my Brothers 0 cost Crab Event . Action: During a conflict, sacrifice a friendly defending Crab character - Increase the attacked province strength by the Mil stat of the sacrificed character until the end of the phase. Daidoji Infiltrator . 2 cost Crane Conflict Character . 2/1 glory 0 . Disguised Bushi . Shinobi Bushi Hundred Hand Strike 0 cost Dragon Event . Kihō Action: During a Mil conflict, target a participating Monk character - Give that character +1 Mil skill. Draw a card and take an additional action. Peasant Warrior . 0 cost Lion Dynasty Character . 1/1 Glory 0 . Peasant At the end of the conflict Phase, discard this character. Bayushi Goshiu * . 5 cost Scorpion Dynasty Character . 2/5 Glory 1 . Courtier Rumourmonger . I nterrupt: After you have lost Honor as a cost of an action, target an opponent - They lose the Honor instead. (Max twice per turn.) Ice Storm 0 cost Phoenix attachment . +0/+0 . Spell Water . Attached character does not ready during the Fate Phase. When attached character would ready - discard this card instead. Trampled Underfoot 1 cost Unicorn Event . Reaction: After you win a Mil conflict, target an opposing participating character with less Mil skill than the number of your participating characters - discard it. Tsuruchi * 3 cost Neutral Dynasty Character . 3/3 glory 1 . Bushi Wasp Clan Daimyo . Action: During a conflict, target an opposing character with less Mil skill - bow it and remove a Fate from it.
  4. Kuni Yori 5 cost Crab Dynasty Character . 2/5 Glory 1 Shugenja Earth . Action: Target a character in your Dynasty discard pile and bring it into play - Lose honor equal to its Fate cost. That character gains the Shadowlands trait. Discard it at the end of the phase.(edited) Iajitsu Master's Blade 1 cost Crane attachment +1/+1 . Weapon . Restricted. Attached character adds his Glory to his stats when he is in a duel. Discovered Evidence 0 cost Dragon Event . Reaction: After you win a Pol conflict - your opponent reveals 3 cards in their hand. You choose two, Discard one and remove the other from the game. Battlecat . 2 cost Lion Conflict Character . 4/- glory 0 . Nonhuman . Cannot have Fate placed on it. Shield of Earth . 1 cost Phoenix attachment . +0/+0 . Spell Earth . Attach to a Province. This province gains +x Strength where X is equal to your Earth cards in play. Lies Lies Lies . 0 cost Scorpion Event . Technique . Reaction: After you win a Pol conflict - Discard X cards from the top of your opponent's Conflict deck where X is equal to the amount you won by. Braving the Sands . 0 cost Unicorn Event . Reaction: After you win a Mil conflict, target a participating Cavalry character - that character does not bow from resolution.
  5. utaku rumaru is #32 Bonds of Blood, she is one of the exclusive art cards featured in pre-order. Graceful guardian is from The children of heaven for same reason.
  6. the art work i have is blurry like most leaks, hard to read but they all look like double digits.
  7. Crab cards found: Warden of the Damned (conflict character) 3 cost 2/2 glory1 Monk Forced interrupt: When the conflict phase ends - each player must sacrifice a dishonored character, if able. 3 influence Hida Sugi* (dynasty) 1 cost 2/1 glory1 Bushi Reaction: After this character wins a conflict, choose a card in a dynasty discard pile - put that card on the bottom of its owner's deck. Hiruma Yoshino* (Dynasty) 4 cost 3/3 glory2 Bushi Daimyo Scout Disguised Bushi Action: During a Mil conflict in which this character is participating, choose a character card in the attacked province - that character contributes its printed Mil skill towards your side during the resolution of this conflict. Sharpened Tsuruhasi (attachment) 0 cost +1/+0 Weapon Interrupt: When attached character is sacrificed - return this card to your hand. 2 influence Callous Ashigaru (attachment) 1 cost +2/+1 Follower Attach to a Unique character. Restricted Reaction: After you break a province during a Mil conflict in which attached character is attacking - discard each card from each of your opponent's provinces. I have the art for these leaked cards but to large to upload here.
  8. thanks for that. still missing cards though (scorpion, neutral, sixth pack previews, etc)
  9. still am curious where they showed the card images for cards that have not been previewed yet. I checked imgur and 4chan who normally leaks but nothing!
  10. so where are these images? i am curious to see what is missing from the list
  11. five rings wiki has some leaks for 3rd pack including Akodo Kaede https://l5r.gamepedia.com/Justice_for_Satsume
  12. Void Tattoo 1 cost Dragon attachment +0/+0 Tattoo Restricted Attach to a Monk character you control Action: Remove a Fate from attached character and target another character in play - Treat the targeted character as if they were blank except for keywords for the phase.
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