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  1. Isawa Pomei* 3 cost 2/4 Glory 3 Shugenja Fire Action : Discard the Imperial Favor - Honor one of your characters.
  2. Ward of Air 0 cost Phoenix event Spell Air Keeper role only Play only if you control a Shugenja character. Interrupt: When an opponent's non spell Event would initiate - Cancel its effects.
  3. Togashi Mushu * 3 cost Dragon Dynasty Character 3/3 glory 0 Monk Tattooed No attachments except Monk or Tattoo Action: Put a Fate on an unclaimed Ring - Return a Kihō or Tattoo card from your Conflict discard pile to your hand. "His katas are fluid as water" Yin-Yang Tattoo 1 cost Dragon attachment +0/+0 Tattoo Attach to a Monk character you control. Attached character's stats cannot be changed by an opponent's card effects. "Everything must be balanced" Monastery of Light Dragon Stronghold +2 Strength 11/7/9 Temple Action: Bow this stronghold and target your Monk character in play - Straighten that character and give him +1/+1 until end of phase. Togashi Renshin * 3 cost Dragon Dynasty character 2/2 Glory 1 Monk Tattooed Action: Discard a card from your hand - Draw a card. If the card you discarded was a Kihō event, draw two cards instead.
  4. Emperor Hantei XXXVIII * 6 cost Neutral character 5/5 glory 5 Emperor Imperial Cannot be the target of your opponent's card effects if you control the Imperial Favor. Action: Bow an Imperial card you control - gain the Imperial Favor. "All serve the Son of Heaven"
  5. I Call Upon my Ancestors 1 cost Lion Event Spell Water Action: Durning a conflict, if you control a Shugenja character, target a character in your Dynasty discard pile - put that character into play in the current conflict. If that character has the Commander keyword, honor them. At the end of the conflict, shuffle that character back into your deck.
  6. It is funny you say this since Crane beat out Scorpion in Worlds. I agree that more cards need to be made to ensure honor victory but since none of the cards posted here are actual cards in the game, there is no real need to debate lol.
  7. Nightsilk Poison 1 cost Scorpion attachment -1/-1 Poison Attached character cannot perform actions. Shosuru Hametsu * 3 cost Dynasty character 2/2 Glory 0 Shinobi Poison Master Action: Search your Conflict deck for a Poison attachment, reveal it and put it into your hand then shuffle. Shadowbrand 2 cost Scorpion attachment +0/+0 When this card is played, lose 1 Honor. Attached character gains the Shinobi trait and the ability: Action: During a conflict, bow this attachment - Move attached character into the conflict from home or home from the conflict.
  8. Honor is my sword 1 cost Crane event Reaction: After dials are revealed in a duel where your Duelist character is participating - Raise or lower your dial by your Duelist character's Glory.
  9. Vicious Rumours 1 cost Scorpion Event Play only if your dial is higher than an opponent's. Action: During a Pol conflict, target an opposing participating character - that character gets -X pol where X is the difference in dials. If that character now has 0 or less Pol skill, discard that character.
  10. Bayushi Goshiu* 4 cost Scorpion Dynasty character - /5 glory 1 Courtier Rumourmonger Action: During a Political conflict, bow Goshiu - Target player loses 1 honor for each Dishonored character he controls.
  11. seems a bit busted since you can speed honor victory with 3 honor a turn by bowing it twice and your opponent bowing theirs. Also +3 str and a reduction in cost is a bit much even with the less fate a turn, Have you thought of tweeking it a bit; maybe something on the lines of this: Kyuden Kitsune +2 10/7/10 Forest Your Fox Clan and Mantis Clan Characters enter play for 1 less fate, to a minimum of 1. Action: Bow this stronghold - Gain 1 honor. If you control a Fox Clan and a Mantis Clan character, gain 2 honor instead.
  12. BayushiFugu

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    It is implied by the dash that you need to have this character in the conflict but I agree that reminder text would be helpful to new players.
  13. BayushiFugu

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    so glad you are a fan but please put this on another topic listing. thanks!