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  1. I’m going to play my second game of Legion this weekend. After getting hooked after a demo game, I’ve been buying and painting expansions but have a long way to go to get caught up. For the game this weekend, I want to run Rebels and prefer to use the minis I have painted. So, from the list below, what would be a good fun list to run against the Empire? I’m pretty certain my opponent will have at least one AT-ST. Again, I prefer to use painted but don’t mind using the primed minis. Not sure I’ll have time to assemble and prime any of the unboxed models but might try if really needed. Thanks for any suggestions. Painted: Luke, Han, Chewy, Leia, Wookies, Rebel Specialists, Rebel Commandos (full squad), Rebel Commandos Strike Team sniper x2, T-47, and Fleet Troopers x2. Assembled and primed: Rebel Troopers x5, AT-RT x2, Rebel Pathfinders and a 1.4 FD Laser. Unopened box: AT-RT, Tauntaun, Rebel Vets x2, Sabine, Jyn and a Landspeeder
  2. Not cards, I’m talking about the physical model. It won’t hold a TIE Bomber for example. Wondering if they will change it.
  3. Have they made any comment about the docking points on the Gozanti? Have they been redesigned to hold other ships and not just TIE/ln?
  4. Have you interviewed him recently? Episode 18 was in 2016. Last year he posted on Facebook that he predicted that HotAC would come to X-Wing by GenCon of this year but he would not be involved. From the discussion, I understood that an agreement couldn’t be made and FFG was moving ahead without him. With the release of Epic and the talk on this last episode of FFG Live, I was under the impression that a Co-op version could be on the way.
  5. Not using that name but they could make the format legal.
  6. I’m happy to see FFG taking fan made formats and making them official. I hope to see more!! HotAC!! Mario Kart!! Make them official.
  7. He’s a lot of fun with Supernatural! He eats force though!
  8. Guess that makes me part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor. 😁
  9. Been playing him this morning with Supernatural! He’s dodgy but eats force!
  10. Why revise! Yeah, I could save you a step by putting Fly Casual in the title but....meh. LOL
  11. Check out the latest release of Fly Casual and enjoy the Dark Lord in the TIE Defender!! Before you start a game go to “MODS” and look for “My other ride is..”. You’ll find Vader and a few more. Edited title because of all the tears. 😭
  12. @jme, Wampa is right. Vallejo's Luftwaffe Uniform Grey is the better economical choice and accessible choice. Archive X ships from the UK and is a little more expensive but it's an exact match for the filming models. I used it because I already had it for other Star Wars models. If I hadn't had it already, I probably would have used Vallejo.
  13. I may have missed this but is there a card sleeve and binder page available yet for the SSD ship card?
  14. Thanks. The paint is "Stormy Sea" by Archive X. They are film model accurate paints.
  15. So, basically, an official HotAC Campaign?
  16. K2SO pilot.....oh wait.. Ok, the rest of Blue Squadron pilots from Rogue One!
  17. After GenCon, what are the next major X-Wing tournaments in the US for the rest of the year?
  18. If you pre-order multiple items from FFG in one order and the items release on different dates, do each ship when they release or do they hold the whole order till all release?
  19. I wonder why they didn’t announce during the regular X-Wing announcement part on the main stream.
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