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  1. They are for the trash!!! 😁
  2. For Linked Targeting Array, when are you “issued an order”? Is it only from orders issued from Command Cards or also when you pull a token from your bag?
  3. What would you run in the comms slot and why?
  4. So, if Iden takes two hit, she can take one wound and ID-10 loses a shield. Recover and get that shield back.
  5. How do you run ID-10? Any good tricks? Or, is it just a way to give Iden two more health. Also, do Iden’s first two wounds kill ID-10 or can you split damage?
  6. I’m in a similar boat. You’re not in Mississippi are you? I’ve got a tournament here I’m trying to get a list for. I tested one yesterday that was fun but not sure it’s tournament worthy. However, it had Cassian, K2SO and Pathfinders which aren’t on your list. I’ve got several lists on my list app they they all have a bunch of expansions not on your list. You’ve got some good ingredients. If you don’t have it, look for the app Legion Army Builder. You can easily play with different combinations. Try to get a list with 6-8 activations for skirmish. Tauntauns are good units but require some skill to play right. I don’t have that skill and mine died faster than Luke’s on Hoth.
  7. Just seeing this post. Have you already had the tournament?
  8. Finally got my shipping notice from my direct pre-order for Vital assets. Scheduled to arrive on Jun 9. No shipping notice for Cassian or Iden.
  9. They could with an AI app! No need to print cards if you have a good app.
  10. I got my pre-shipment email today as expected for my pre-order direct from FFG. So, looks like June 5 is the date.
  11. I pre-ordered direct from FFG but haven’t gotten anything. If it follows past examples, for a June 5 release, I should get a confirmation email tomorrow then shipment by next Friday. We shall see.
  12. When did you preorder?
  13. Did you get the normal confirmation email before they shipped?
  14. Maybe not. Fantasy Flight just posted they were starting to ship again and had updated the Upcoming page. Legion wasn’t updated.
  15. Heard word that Alliance has a target date of May 18 to reopen.
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