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  1. Lol nice. thanks ! Yea striker is really good! I use him with my defender and tie punisher ...it's a blood bath lol
  2. Yea no if I mess up I own it and try to correct it if possible or if there's a penalty I'll accept it. I'm going to do my first tourney soon so hopefully I can get better with adaptive ailerons
  3. I don't use it often for my imp striker. The card said before you reveal your manuver you must use the adaptive ailerons. First round I revealed my manuver first. :/ So I wanted to play fair so for the game it was just take a stress. But I guess next time if we forget or (don't do it in the right order) well just go back to where we make our moves and I'll do the adaptive ailerons
  4. Hhm I feel they should make it a rule. Cuz if you just say oh I forgot and continue with your manuver then why have that other card that allows you to choose?. Plus I do my best to play it properly that's why I ask. If I forget what's the penalty so I'll take it. This is a just in case thing. I played last night and was super tired so I forgot a round to do it. But thanks ?
  5. That's it?. No your opponent can choose what your manuver is, no you get stressed. Nothing?
  6. So maybe I just couldn't find it or didn't look hard enough but my question is. What is the consequences for not using adaptive ailerons when equipped, and you don't have that card that allows you to choose when to use it? The card says before you reveal your manuver you must use adaptive ailerons. ....so what happens when you forget ?
  7. I use the proton torpedos cuz at long range she can do more. For me it's to cover better ground for pushing 5 at range 1 and range 2-3 I can do 4. It's just used as my backup really,cuz I don't plan to be far. But like I said you change it if you have more than one ship. But to Max out Nora I use that one. Honestly it has saved me quite a few rounds. Also tail Gunner would be really good for her aux. It depends do you want more manuvers for Regen shield? Or more offense for your back
  8. There isn't one unless you take as your action instead of rage on a round. But me personally push the limit is where it's at so you can focus and Target lock and then use nien nunb to go far or close straight and Regen a shield
  9. Ppfff half of it is the ship. The other is the one who flys it.
  10. Hahaha same. And gotcha I do like vt but sadly me and my bro trade and he got vt :/ but if I could choose.....if it was a 2/3 ship build I would choose vt
  11. Not sure what VT is? Adv torpedos? Also this build is more of a solo build, that's why I like the reg proton torpedos so she can still get a lot of dice in from a far.(it protects her weakpoint of the enemy just thinking:" all I have to do is be far) I do think c3po is good cuz you can always get at least one evade. But I just.....always tried to push my luck and be wrong and get nothing. And nien nunb makes her more movable with a bit more manuvers to get a shield back.
  12. Build for the arc-170 Pilot card: Nora wexley Engine upgrade alliance overhaul push the limit Proton torpedos nien nunb (or c3po is a good one as well) R2D2 total cost: 45 this is a costly build. But you are able to have this with another ship that's a got some upgrades and a squishy ship with no upgrades. You can use c3po but I never liked him personally so I use nien nunb. so not only could Nora push 5 hits in one round but can Regen shield and make any straight manuever green. And use push the limit practically every round. nora pushing 5 is only being at range one. But with proton torpedos it still makes her a good hitter at a longer range.making her deadly at any range everytime I use this Nora I usually 90% of the time win. And if it's a three ship build Nora is usually the last one standing carrying you to victory. hope this helps sincerely,. The Last Red Ninja
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