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  1. Ya it’s kinda silly. It could have just been half that arc
  2. I hope we get one of the special additional troopers that lets you get a second heavy weapon, maybe a different one though. Dc15 and z6 anyone
  3. It’s still one arc for shields. Probably it’s just an additional weapon for the middle. The main front arc overlaps it
  4. Or just let’s the hull zone that was hit a chance to fire back with its dice pool
  5. Hope you can choose between phase 1 and 2 on Rex
  6. I was hoping for something like 1 blaster and 4 lightsabers. He would start with arsenal 2 but could spend an action to gain an additional arsenal 2. This is great but cheaper than expected
  7. I don't know if this applies but what do you guys think of this for an ISD tittle for 12 points "You can make a third attack during your activation if you don't command any squadrons. When an enemy ship or squadron attacks you many spend a defence token or take one damage to take a shot at them using 2 red dice (add in other upgrades that could apply from that arc). When you activate you may gain one shield." Probably a little broken but I wanted to make the ISD the king again and so it can kill swarms
  8. This is a great idea. The only problem is that we already have them coming in the chimaera.
  9. I just Thought that we will see fenn rau in he future. This could come with the fang fighters
  10. the chimaera will come with clan saxon gauntlets and so it will have one unique saxon squadron and the a clan saxon ace. In the future we will get mandos in other ships and even a dual sided squad pack like rogues and villans 2.
  11. One thing I was thinking of was that each mandilorian fighter would be unique with each clan having its own unique like rogue squadron or black squadron and then one ace. So the protectors would get one protectors squadron and fenn rau. This formula could be used with the other clans too. Thoughts?
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