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  1. I love this list. I'm working on a variation to drop Ten and the Mangler to a Blue squadron pilot, and trade Jan too so I can fit Capt Rex in.
  2. I see your point with Zeb but he greatly increases the chance of a range 1 shot. I am intreagued by Rey on this ghost. If I pull out Finn, lone wolf, emp and Zeb I can add Rey and EU on Kanan and take PTL and Cassia on Sabine. Kanan 38 Autoblaster Turret 2 Auto Corrector 3 Rey 2 Recon Specialist 3 Engine Upgrade 4 Ghost 0 Sabine Attack Shuttle 21 PTL 3 Cassias Andor 2 Phantom 0 Asoka 17 VI 1 Captured Tie 1 Sabiine's Masterpiece 1 Jyn Erso 2
  3. I enjoy the Autoblaster Auto Corrector combo but the Ghost has a huge bullseye on it and no evade die. Kanan is the only viable option without Biggs. here is a list I drew up. Kanan 38 Autoblaster Turret 2 Auto Corrector 3 Zeb 1 Recon Specialist 3 Ghost 0 Sabine Attack Shuttle 21 Lone Wolf 2 Finn 5 Phantom 0 Asoka 17 VI 1 Sabine's masterpiece 1 Captured Tie 1 EMP 2 Jyn Erso 2 I have Asoka/Jyn fly behind Kanan so Jyn can feed Kanan Focus. With the shuttle docked that leaves the ghost and a Captured Tie as targets. For any PS lower than 9 that leaves only the Ghost. Jyn in the tie has a better chance of having opponents in her arc and giving three Focus to Kanan. Add in the Recon specialist and Kanan is canceling 5 attack die a turn. Asoka can feed Kanan with an action for an evade token. With Zeb it is relatively easy to get range 1 shots. The shuttle is a relatively pricey load out but it has awesome end game potential. With her ability Sabine can maximize the number of ships in her Arc to put Finn and lone wolf to work. The list is at 99 points. i would love to add Engine Upgrade to the Ghost but I don't see where I can find 3 points. EU fits this list well because the action that Asoka gives Kanan could be a boost. A boost at the start of the combat phase would make range 1 a lot more likely. what are your thoughts on my list? is there anywhere I can find 3 points to spare?
  4. Considering the fact that maneuvering four large ships will be difficult how strong would four Blue Squadron Pathfinders with FCS and Pivot Wing be? The offensive output is great with 12 die. Consistent TL with FCS and a focus action makes those 3 red die go further. With Pivot wing each will have 2 green die making this Blue Squadron more viable than its B-Wing counterpart, which has historical success. Having 32 hit points this may be the toughest Squad available.
  5. Have we discussed the value of R2astro + PTL + PA? you can make any 1-2 speed maneuver 2 actions with PTL take your stress. Chech your stress with PA and shed the stress.
  6. If there was a Rogue Leader title for x-wings what would it do? Only one rogue leader was ever shot down, and he was shot down by the former rogue leader. I think it should add 1 green die.
  7. Ibitsam, VI, FINN, B2, and AS Keyan, SoT, FCS, B2 and Hera Sam is good for arc dodging and ensuing his target and those targeting him are in his sights so he gets FINN's die. Keyan has great maneuverability and dice mods when attacking. Glass cannon but has a big barrel.
  8. I like that list but I put Sabine in the attack shuttle with Finn and lone wolf. It makes for a fun endgame. If the Ghost is destroyed typically Asoka is untouched.
  9. I read on this thread that the T-70's biggest weakness is it's two green die. To that end I wanted to build a list that maximized their arc dodge capibilities. That means maximizing pilot skill. Here is what I've put together. Poe PS 8 31 Adaptability 0 BB-8 2 Pattern Analyzer 2 Black One 1 integrated Astro 0 Ello Asty 30 Veteran Instinct 1 R5-X3 1 integrated Astro 0 Nien Nunb 29 Veteran Instinct 1 Targeting Astromech 2 Integrated Astro 0 What do you think, can this be competitive?
  10. I'm toying with two fun lists. Red Squad and Blue Squad. From what I've read Nien and Ello were both in Red Squadron. Snap and Jess were both in Blue Squadron. My buddies and I play casually. Next time we play we will pit Red vs Blue as a fun training dogfight. What are your thoughts on the third ship for each?
  11. Can Trick Shot be used to add a die to Snap Shot? At its core the question is: does adding an attack die count as modifying attack die?
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