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  1. ^ this makes me so excited to go to work tomorrow! #podcastallday
  2. The stronghold province is separate from your 4 Dynasty provinces, does not hold Dynasty cards and it sits above you deck. Because it does not hold Dynasty cards it can't hold a borderlands fortification. There's simply no slot.
  3. I wonder is scorpion will have more conflict characters than other clans as well? It's not impossible, and it is a sneaky theme. If they're low influence and your clan has a keeper role you might just be set. Of course, adept if the shadows has 3 influence cost, so the above might be unlikely.
  4. http://kolatinformant.com/2017/08/legend-five-rings-lcg-preview-utaku-infantry/ In old5r Unicorn Infantry were horrible due to cavalry assignment rules, but maybe not anymore?
  5. I liked the YA, minor clans with a big story. They're like the counter-culture option of l5r. When they got absorbed into mantis it was cool, but then aramasu died and the mantis got lame.
  6. Battle maidens are more about glory than political skill IMO - honor them to boost their political stat significantly? I would think 3 glory on most. I would also say that Crab might actually have more evenly spread political skill across characters (and lower glory), with the Unicorn's Moto having very little political and the Ide becoming pretty important to deck construction for those stats.
  7. One clan manipulates fate on elements and the other, the elements themselves? An ability like this could probably go either way, but dragon's Stat pump from rings character was caused by fate on rings (better imo) and this one from claimed rings. Have we seen any ways to get fate on this character? She would be great if she had a way to stick around. Reprieve seems a bit too involved.
  8. I said it somewhere else, but I would love an old-l5r style "event" (dynasty side) similar to "Master of Five" or "Walls of Otosan Uchi" that makes enlightenment possible if you control all 5. Then simply print "Ambush" (perhaps with less honor loss haha) and you can at least try for it rings.
  9. I hope they wait on Kachiko, just for one set. That way she can be OP as they're not committed to keeping the specific card in future rotations.
  10. Switch "engineer" for "courtier" and you could have yourself a Yasuki Daimyo. Love the economic support, and covert on Crab's best political challenge character. A great card for any type of Crab deck.
  11. I played Crab dishonor competitively for all of Emperor edition after it was introduced. It's one of my favorite deck types and I'm so glad FFG are keeping it around. #closetYasuki
  12. Phoenix following Crab and then flowing into Unicorn works really well if the story is centered on types of magic and the council's fear of them. Tainty Maho and Pony Meishodo (I may have spelled that wrong) are both threats in the eyes of the council. Hopefully there's a hint of black scrolls somewhere in the story too. Scorpion last because they are key to the whole story, and everything else that you've all said.
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