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  1. Great idea, but is it worth it on a 3*2 unit? You don't really get a benefit unit you've raised at least 4 trays on the unit. If only you could get it on a 2*x squad of reanimates... that would be great.
  2. I do read french and can confirm what it says on the card pretty much lines up with the Golem Skill.
  3. I've been finding that the main reason I want to run heros as stand alone figures is for the army building rules they bring with them rather then the raw stats. I have a hard time not running Ardus because I like increased upgrade selection he offers and I think until there is a Unit that I want to include with Maro, the upgrade version will simply be better.
  4. Instead of the 2*1 for rallying concern, I've been using a bit more costly but also more versatile. I got with a 2*2 with Greyhaven Channeler, Fire and Rallying Concern (47 pts total) and just have it pretty much rally and skill every turn. I'm a big fan of Fire runes and the Channeler insures that they hit for a lot each turn, it also makes the Golems a lot more reliable and helps keeps reanimation to a minimum. While I can't both fire rune and concern both the same turns having the options means early game when the army is bunched up I can add a few inspiration tokens and later in the game I can pick off some stuff with the Fire runes.
  5. I've been doing pretty much the same, can never find enough points for 2 stand alone Heros, but 1 hero and one upgraded "hero" squad if working well for me. Until Ankour gets some good recruitment options, I've going more with Ardus as my hero (his upgrade ability is just too good) and sticking Ankour into a Reanimate Squad that is just a Reanimate+blight battery, a 3*2 reanimate squad with Ankour and a carrion lancer upgrade and simultaneous orders and just dial up skill each turn, apply a blight to the board, raise some guys in a another unit and regen the lost guys at end of turn. A bit expensive for a support unit (65 pts) but he keeps the rest of the army up and running and even if engaged at 3*2 he can fight back when needed (or at least tarpit whatever hit him for a few turns)
  6. This I 100% agree with, it seems you can either make him into a Damage dealer with VF or raise units with Regenerative Magic, doing both does not work out very well. It makes me wonder if it is every worthwhile even taking regenerative magic considering the infantry figure upgrade. With Magic, Ankaur comes to 45 pts and you can pretty much raise a unit every other turn, 1 turn raise, 1 turn heal. BUT if you are running Ardus, you can include Ankaur in a 2*2 reanimate unit for a total of 48 pts (a 3*2 totals 57 pts if you do not run Ardus) and with that and the base regeneration on reanimates you can pretty much raise every turn as you have added wounds (16 vs 5) you can take and at end of turn (as long as you took less then 4 dmg) regenerate a few of those wounds. Ankaur is a weird unit...
  7. I have to say, I've been having some success with a 2*2 block of spearmen with Citadel Weapon Master and Fire Rune. Fire Rune gives them a ranged option as we go across the broad and the added die from the weapons master is also great once you hit melee. It gives a nice ranged option that can pick off opposing spearmen or reanimates as they travel across the board.
  8. If you want more mobile Lancers, you can do a 2*1 setup (with Ardus) and give them wind Runes and Simultaneous Orders, this will let you either; Spit -> Shift X -> Reorient -> Move 3 or Shift X -> Reorient -> Spit -> Move 3. It costs a total of 35 pts but makes for a heavy hitter with a lot of mobility that can move about the battle field, pretty much target what it wants and move out of the way before it gets hit.
  9. I've played 1 game with him so far. Pros: Adding trays is awesome and very powerful He can hit like a truck when the runes come up right Cons: He costs about 25% of your army in a 200 pts game He is fragile, only 2 armor and usually on low health as you spend the first few turns raising units His army building ability is wasted ATM as there is little out of faction you want Overall he is a glass cannon on the field, you need to protect him more then other units because he represents so many pts. With some tuning he could be powerful but you pretty much have to build around him you can't just add him to an existing list and hope it works out. When I played him, he lasted about 5 turns ,my opponent was avoiding him after he took out an entire rank of spearmen, but then he realized he could just range him down with Kari and he died after 1 attack, I had spent 2 turns raising other units (2 health remaining) and failed to heal him despite attacking twice with him (both at 2 dice).
  10. Included with Ankaur Maro are the rules to add trays, they are the following (attached image) in a nut shell they read: Trays must be added to the back rank If the back rank is full, you can create a new rank Max 4 ranks. Now when the rules state the following: 66.1 A unit’s front row of trays is that unit’s front rank, and a unit’s back row of trays is that unit’s back rank. • When a unit is made up of a single rank, that rank is both the front and back rank. 66.2 A full rank is any rank that contains as many trays as the front rank for the unit. 66.3 A rank is partial if it contains at least one tray, but fewer trays than the front rank of the unit 66.4 A unit’s front rank is not full or partial. ________________ So it is clear how things work when you have more then 1 rank you just add to the unit filling out each rank as normal until you hit the max size. But when you only have 1 rank are you forced to create a new rank or can you make the first rank wider? i.e. can you make a 2*1 unit into a 6*1 unit? or are you forced to make it into a 2*3 unit. Based off the 66.4 rule I think you can make it into a 6*1 unit but that seems to be wrong as in that case there would be no limit to how wide the unit could be...
  11. Ah my bad, I read it that it was a waste because they just got killed in 1 turn without the ability to fight back.
  12. With Cqc you don't need to dial in a Melee, you get to target the unit you are in melee with with a ranged attack, so you dial in a ranged attack and it can be used on the unit you are in melee with
  13. Something you are missing Ci is not removing 2 dice, the ability on the archers is, Normally this ability will remove 0-1 dice, but with Ci it removes 1-2 dice, so you are paying 6 pts to remove an additional 0-1 dice, this seems fair. So yeah. its pretty much equal.
  14. Also a way to edit a list after it is saved would be great.
  15. You may want to add a way to comment on public lists
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