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  1. I've been there off and on for awhile and I've never had any luck finding a game or a server.
  2. For the past two days I've been scouring the internet for a discord server that hosts any kind of structures Star Wars game. WEG, D20, FFG, it doesn't matter, I just do not want to play on a free-form server. Unfortunately, I have had zero luck in finding anything. No West Marches style games, no open cantina channels, not even a game that uses a dice system. It's very frustrating. If anyone is looking for a reliable player and part-time GM, please send me a discord invitation. P-Dub#8257
  3. Well, the only person I know of to survive carbon freezing is Han Solo, and he was in carbonite for about six months. We know how screwed up he was afterwards.
  4. Why thank you sir, you are both a gentleman and a scholar. +1 internets to you.
  5. CL-- Do you have any maps or pictures for your sector, or the planets? I've shamelessly stolen your PDF document of the various planets, and while I've removed the NPCs, I find myself struggling to draw a space map of the cluster.
  6. Anyone have an idea about how the aftermath of being frozen in carbonite would affect someone? I'm writing up a new adventure where the party will be rescuing a few rebel pilots who were frozen in carbonite for transportation to a maximum security prison. Once the prisoners are thawed out they will have hibernation sickness and require some medical attention. I know Han Solo had a bad case of hibernation sickness after spending six months being frozen. When reading "Tales From Jabba's Palace" the cook went out of his way to make sure Han received some simple carbohydrates to alleviate some of the symptoms. Any thoughts on how these NPCs should be handled after being thawed out? What kind of medical checks would be necessary to help them recover? Should I just treat it like a critical injury?
  7. I personally run a mix of everything in my games to keep it fresh for the group and to give myself something to look forward to when I'm writing. When you're running a linear, objective-based story line for three months straight, it gets kind of stale. Think how stale Oblivion was when you had to close gate after gate after gate... My current group has been running for six months now. We started out with a very EotE feel and we're starting to transition into more AoR focused game. We started out on a more linear path to get the characters established and working together before we expanded into a more sandbox feel. The group is currently building a Rebel cell on a backwater world where they can select their missions instead of me putting them on a train ride.
  8. Personally, what really grinds my gears is people using the F-Bomb in game. At no point in any of the movies, shows or books does anyone ever use the F-Word. In one group, the non-iconic swearing got so bad that I started flipping destiny points to the dark side. Star Wars is a rich, well developed universe. There's no reason why folks can't use Sith-spit and bantha poo-doo in lieu of more "terrestrial" swearing.
  9. That doesn't have the Star Wars feel to me. VR wasn't much of a thing in the universe with the possible exception of some of the Jedi Trials conducted on Coruscant. Usually my slicer, who is also sneaky, has to infiltrate the base, find the command center, and hack the systems. This gives her the ability to provide bonuses to the party, disrupt the enemy, and still remain part of the action. Think more Felicity Smoak, less Shadowrun.
  10. Vader, in Rebels, had yellow/orange eyes when Ashoka cut his helmet open.
  11. "The dark side, much like a strong, addictive narcotic, affected not only the mind of the user but the appearance as well. As one immersed oneself deeper within the dark side of the Force, its malevolent power took a toll on the body. Darth Bane explained that the reason for this physical degradation was because flesh and bone lacked the endurance to channel the immense power of the dark side indefinitely." http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_side_of_the_Force/Legends
  12. I recently ran an adventure where two slicers were facing off against each other. It was a game of beating base difficulties with the slicers spending advantages to give the other slicer black dice. All the time the rest of the party is running through the corridors of an Imperial medical facility in an effort to steal a few kiloliters of bacta. STATION LOCKDOWN PROTOCOLS: Gain system access 2 PURPLE Boot opponent from system 4 PURPLE Open / Close door 2 PURPLE Open / Close airlock 3 PURPLE Engage / Disengage Magnetic Shield in Docking Bay 3 PURPLE Scan with sensors to give directions or detect people 2 PURPLE
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