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  1. Still not sure how I feel about the direction of Unicorn. It seems like too many of the personalities are still just blank bodies with no proactive abilities. Move abilities are only so useful. Doesn't help that Unleash the Djinn isn't available to us (at least for now) which would have been immensely useful for the swarm build. Hopefully it comes together though.
  2. It'll be somewhere in Elements Unbound. The preview article for that pack mentions three creatures being in it, but only showed the Kenku and Zokujin.
  3. Interesting. Only thing I inherently have a problem with is the Unicorn raiding the clans for food storage before leaving. While it makes logistical sense for the most part, the Unicorn hold Campassion as their most honored tenet of Bushido. Shinjo famously risked her own life to meet with Fu Leng to try and save him one last time when all the other Kami had already concluded he should just be killed. Even if the Unicorn didn't care about the samurai of the other clans by this point I feel like they know that the peasants are the ones who would truly suffer as a result of their pillaging. Unless the Moto were in charge of the clan anyway, then they probably wouldn't give a ****. I also wonder about it since it would basically be saying they intend to never return as any return after raiding the other clans would be even less welcome than their previous return. That said I actually still find the idea entirely plausible and interesting. If you use the old lore as something of a reference point one possibility I could see is Chagatai still being born and becoming the leader of the Unicorn Clan and plotting an invasion of Rokugan. Another thing to consider is what happens to their lands after they leave. If the Unicorn leave with no intention of return and are spiteful enough do they salt and burn their lands as they leave? Who claims the lands? Do they just get handed back to the Lion? Also which way do the Unicorn leave Rokugan back through the Shadowlands? Another path? Lots of things to consider. I like it.
  4. I could certainly see a number of subforums: Fiction, Rules, Deck-building, Spoilers, Tournament (Results). Probably a few I'm forgetting.
  5. http://www.unicornclan.com/forum/ Is the home of the Unicorn Clan forums. Not sure how active it is. It was pretty small back in the day so I don't expect that it's bustling with activity the way some other Clan forums are but there were some good people there for sure.
  6. If you click the link to download the Unicorn story, Curved Blades, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Edit: If you desire fewer steps, check this out directly.
  7. I sort of assume that by outlawing meishodo many, if not all, of the talismans would be destroyed, which in turn would unleash the evil spirit that Kaede saw. Along with, potentially, a whole host of foreign spirits on top of it. I'm sure studying it wouldn't end well either and could just lead to the same conclusion that it's bad and needs to be outlawed but at least they'd understand how it works first before taking drastic action. The removal of meishodo wouldn't all together stop Unicorn magic, but I could certainly see it maybe speeding up the process to getting Death Priests, the other Unicorn magic staple (which the other clans also still wouldn't approve of..)
  8. While it doesn't really seem like there's a way Unicorn get to come out of this ahead (either losing their main source of magic or revealing secrets to the rest of the empire) I still greatly look forward to this outcome. But name magic can't be all bad, after all the Ratings use(d) name magic.
  9. So without reading the story yet, in the lead in excerpt there's no mention of the Unicorn fighting the Scorpion. Also is it different that the Unicorn came in through the Shadowlands? I thought in the original they came I'm through a forest claimed by the Lying Darkness, but I forget if that lead directly into the Shadowlands or not. I don't remember the Unicorn beating the Crab in the original timeline but I'm less well versed in some of that stuff.
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