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  1. So I'm running a one off with the possibility of it turning into a campaign. One of my PC's was really insistent when creating his character that he wanted Booster Blue. Because of his backstory and because he was so persistent, I allowed him to start off with a crate of it. I'm planning our first session to be on Nar Shaddaa and the PCs will be sent out by a handler of some sort to collect a bounty, but then be betrayed by their handler to a powerful Hutt. I liked the idea of this booster blue being a catalyst for the adventure, but I don't have any good ideas as to how to work it into the session. Any ideas?
  2. I'm gunna be straightforward here. I'm a new GM. I have very little experience with tabletop RPG's. I decided to GM this system because a) I love STAR WARS more than most things, and b) I liked the narrative element. So when it comes to tracking combat, I can be sometimes so focused on the narrative explanation I have for what could happen that I neglect to keep the most accurate stats for the enemy NPC's. Alot of times, what I care about most is narrative flow. What are your opinions of this type of GM-ing? Also, I haven't explicitly told my players this. But as long as they're having fun, does it matter? ('m still figuring out the ins-and-outs of the rules)
  3. I recently learned how effective having a Stormtrooper Sergeant with a squad of stormtroopers is against my PCs. Up to this point, I too was having balancing issues in encounters, mostly because we have a crazy strong Wookiee Marauder and a very deadly assassin droid. So while my players were rescuing hostages, I sprung an ambush on them with the sergeant and his squad, and they quickly learned their normal tactic of letting the droid and the wookiee do all the fighting was not gunna cut it. They ended up abandoning the hostages to their doom and booking it out of there.
  4. If you're still looking for players, I am interested!
  5. Im open to joining or starting a game in Seattle. I live in the U-district but I drive, so as long as its in the greater Seattle area, I can travel! Id prefer to not GM, as Im already GMing a EotE with my friends, but I can if needed.
  6. Haha yeah I literally meant he gets stronger the more he drinks!
  7. I definitely want to incorporate some type of mechanic that is determined by how drunk he is. The idea of it affecting his difficulty dice pool sounds inticing, but I also think it affecting his Characterstics sounds interesting as well!
  8. So I have a new guy joining my group. He has played D&d previously and he basically wants to play a "Drunken Master" but as a Force User. I thought that concept sounded pretty cool, especially considering how it reminded me of the no-longer-canon General Kota from the Force Unleashed, so I said yes. Now I have the task of coming up with some sort of modified version of the EotE "Force Exile" skill tree. I'd love to hear some ideas!
  9. Thats a pretty awesome way to turn it back around on him without killing him. As someone who also has a murder-hobo droid in his party, I may have to borrow this idea.
  10. @TheShard @Timequake if this pbp is still a thing and needs an extra player, can I get in on this? Sounds awesome!
  11. Just for the record, Dave tried to intimidate the shopkeeper by pulling his gun but failed, so the shopkeeper was having none of it and pulled out his own blaster and told them to "get the **** outta my shop". When Dave"missed" he actually did hit the shelf behind the shopkeeper, causing it to fall on him and knock him down. That's when the Wookiee finished it.
  12. Im letting him take an extra obligation so he can get a few better pieces of equipment. I do like the idea of his droid having a pity party and all "woe-is-me", and being the cynical guy Dave his, he would probably appreciate that too. Thanks for the input everyone! This was incredibly helpful.
  13. I'm new to GMing, and one of my players (also new to RP), lets call him Dave, is having a hard time getting immersed in his character. Out of my 5 players, 2 are brand new, but the other new player is at least trying to do the RP part of it, although she still is figuring out the mechanics of it all. Dave on the other hand keeps saying that he's trying to learn it and understand it, but then puts no real effort into becoming more knowledgeable. Although they haven't outright said anything, I can tell the other players' fun is suffering as a result. We're 6 sessions in and I still have to stop and explain how to make a dice pool. Dave's excuse is that this wasn't what he was expecting the game to be. He plays a Droid Bounty Hunter, and supposedly was under the impression that he was going to start out the game like a badass. When the first encounter with a NPC shopkeeper came along, he pulled his gun and tried to shoot him but failed all his rolls, so our Wookiee stepped in and finished the job. I guess this left a bad taste in his mouth, because he was incensed that a "mere shopkeeper" wasn't immediately vaporized by a bounty hunter. I think he also saw all the other players succeeding in their checks, and was frustrated that he didn't have a moment to shine. So over the next few sessions I tried to put him in situation's where Dave specifically could wreck shop, but he would run away from the action and hide because "If a shopkeeper is that tough, how will I survive against a street thug?" I'm sure being an inexperienced GM also trying to learn the game didn't help, but does anyone have any advice or input on this situation?
  14. That planet info sheet is awesome! I'm brand new to tabletop RPG'S and this is my first time GMing, and after running a few sessions in a linear fashion (EotE beginner game into act 1 of Long arm of the Hutt), I'm trying to work in a situation-not-plot style for the rest of our campaign, and I will definitely be using this as a template for building my adventures! Can't wait to hear more about what you're doing with this!
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