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  1. Finally R2 and C3PO - Cross faction too. Good job, Crashed Escape pod with them, cant get any more Star wars thematic then that! Sad the Sub Faction rumor didn't materialize. Only 2 minor surprises, Rex is welcome thought he would appear much later and the Phase II clone troopers. I slightly expected something more distinctive, no idea why really. Good show, Tech glitches aside, well done FFG! I certainly was not disappointed in your announcements.
  2. Teravoc

    Legion 42

    That is perfection! Well done
  3. Can we get an update on Endurance, pretty sure we have plenty of high res versions around now. Top work by the way! We appreciate you.
  4. To be more specific though, Yes a Unit is 4 Including the leader, and Yes you would Add the Heavy weapon in making the unit size 5.
  5. This is a great app, The only thing I would like to see, is when things are printed, it seems to leave a lot of deadspace down one side of the page. Can you format the print-view a bit to be a bit more efficient. Fantastic work by the way!
  6. Thanks, I think im already on the uk facebook but the discord is a great idea.
  7. Hi Guys, Absolutely love the legion game but locally I am having trouble getting in touch with players. My local games group doesn't have anyone at present playing legion as much as I am trying to encourage people to play by running games. I have posted up on a couple of local groups and again met with silence. Anyone have any suggestions am i missing a good website to find local players? Thanks
  8. Would the Taun Tauns make a big difference to these lists i wonder?
  9. I did a rebel list like this, it was a ton of fun, Only thing extra i had was the T47 and dropped one of the AT-RT and a reb unit. Bulked up and added a couple of droids. Even used an Emplacement lol Cant even remember if it won or lost. I think lost but still fun I remember it was a close run thing
  10. I have updated the pictures again
  11. Wish I was better at taking pictures in the future I will get some good snaps of the units
  12. Hey, Not sure if this will work, but I have put up some legion pictures on my google pics drive. This is my first attempt to share my collection with others. Hope you enjoy and have access https://photos.app.goo.gl/Pns7QQWaPv91J5n19
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