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  1. We only use it has blocking scenery - I do have a fine collection of x-wing maybe one day Ill create some narrative play. Play both boards together and the controlling player of the turbo lazer gets an extra attack in the Xwing game? 4 attack dice?
  2. As said the Core set, really does add a lot of the basic stuff you need including basic orders, so Purchase wise its a must. However assuming you have access to that, and going with the theme of stand alone, ATRTs are great value, 1 or 2 of them for sure, and Commandos are also a good purchase, and so is the Specialists, Medical Droids are really useful in squads. Please let the overall message here be "Buy a Core Set" and maybe split it with a friend, to get you 2 core, 1 atrt and Luke.
  3. I was hoping they would announce rules for some kind of narrative campaign play, they didnt do that, but I feel that this is a step in the direction for that kind of play. Skirmish a few games, to define the objectives of a couple of main battles, ending in a grand army fight I admit though I've never even tried a grand army. 1600 points a side, feels like it needs a bigger area then 6x3
  4. the few games ive played at this scale, I found that Boba was a beast, I guess that would mean Sabine would be strong. Concussion Granades with Pathfinders on Short Range Config would be a problem I would imagine. You would only need to throw 1 of them to get blast on the Red dice! Fleet troopers I feel would be very well suited in the shorter range game. Of course Palpatine Lots of point but by god that lightning might be something to behold. ATST sounds like it might be strong, but I feel again Impact granades and likely close proximity to Jedi might weaken it. I think over watch becomes potentially a better card also. So far with the smaller formats is, the games overall tend to be much more brutal and one-sided the games have not been Close calls in my experience.
  5. It's not the most exciting but it's not the worst I've always been a bit suspicious of the three by three formats though because of how crazy op some units get.. boba, fleets and the like.
  6. Might be a campaign or 4 player rules? that would be exciting.
  7. Yeah I really don't want to go too hard on the subjective stuff because i agree with you that observing a game is very different to playing it yourself. I just think its madness how much effort people put in to the reporting of these games but don't seem to take care with the actual game play as such. A little bit of quality control would go a very long way. I appreciate also that you might not get everything right 100%
  8. Reminds me of an elite dangerous advert done by radio sidewinder, made me chuckle
  9. I love watching battle-reports on You-Tube especially a big fan, but am I the only one that ends up only half watching because of the amount of rules that folk get wrong. 10 minutes in on the last battle report I watched, Wookies where rolling white dice to rid them selves of Surges, Veers didn't use his Sharpshooter on attacks, Questionable illogical command choices (OK subjective, but Standing Orders over and over again!). I simply couldn't watch anymore. I love fun battles and don't see myself as a rules lawyer but these are so basic fails and frequently game changers. If your going to produce battle reports I appreciate some rules may fly under the radar but at least try keep it somewhat correct If anything I feel these can be more harmful then helpful at times. Read the cards at the very least! would be the most helpful. I wouldnt post if it was occasional but its so frequent it drives me nuts So many people clearly spend a lot of time producing these reports with graphics and the like but more importantly for me as a viewer is rules being correctly followed and good sportsmanship. Hope this feedback is helpful to those that might be thinking about doing battle reports in the future
  10. As a rebel player and none completely: Fun: the landspeeder, Sabine(especially fun with Han) and I have to say Tauntauns but I've not played them enough really. The theme is mobility high mobility is fun so on the sideline is the airspeeder. Expansions fun: pathfinders, wookies, Veterins to offer three expansions that I've enjoyed that don't match exactly the fun units to play. They where quite fun to paints character wise. Expansions impact: priority supplies. Generic general box set and commandos have had the biggest impacts in my opinion To try answer the last question I have the full collection so a bit irrelevant, but I did buy multiples and have no regrets on: Generic commander box for both factions Tauntauns and deathtroopers Finally.. Commandos and scouts
  11. Its not where I had heard it from, I heard it from my local shop. However another retailer seems to agree. So its not that out the hat. Currently due for release on 19/09/2019 (Pre-Order Now!) (Please note the release date is an estimate and is subject to change)
  12. I had heard the 19th Sept? UK that is.
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