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  1. There were three Tsukune, Osugi, and Norikazu. And Osugi and Norikazu were unique. I along with a few others I'm sure are still bitter about Osugi being made unique.
  2. A good pair of boots and a nice bag for my woman. /s
  3. Not one single solitary person in the entire story so much as pricked a finger for some true power. No wonder that spell went wonky.
  4. Hopefully, when the Phoenix fiction comes out we'll get to see the finesse side of the taint.
  5. He best hope that first blow knocks me out. Because if he only busts my lip it would on like donkey kong!
  6. I would be an Air Shugenja in the Isawa family. I would probably become an inquisitor. After years of studying, I would learn the error of the way maho was treated and viewed. I would then try and become the most powerful Maho Tsukai possible and show the great clans the folly of their nearsightedness.
  7. If by issues you mean the shortsightedness of others, then I agree.
  8. Tsukune has a partially spoiled card that cost five fate. No other clan so far has more than one five fate cost character, and all those characters have been champions.
  9. Make them Fraternal Kami twins, problem solved.
  10. They say if you play with your black scroll too much you go blind or your limbs fall off. I can never remember. As for persecuting Unicorns. Well, those widows the Dragon are taking in are coming from somewhere.
  11. Listen, it's a big Empire. We can't taint everyone. Some the other clans are going to have to pull their own weight if we're going to accomplish something that grand.
  12. I hear he makes the best and most inspirational standards too!
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