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  1. Ah, I figured this out. This is a bug and technically we did nothing wrong. This is what happened. After defeating Ettin's and checking the Obelisk, we left the cave ("If all heroes are within 4 spaces of this objective token...") At this point we were very wounded and our morale was "skull", so next death = losing the quest. Before the last "phase" of the quest the App is dark and give you a kind of a travel event: "Test awareness. Did more pass than fail?" We failed --> everyone suffered 1 fatigue and 1 damage and this really resulted 3/4 heroes to die! We ticked from the App one hero and marked KO. This triggered the "Mission is over" screen and rewards, 120 gold and 1 XP. After this, we ticked the next hero and marked KO. This triggered NEW "Mission is over" screen and gave us new rewards, gold, XP. And then we ticked the third hero and we received once more rewards. This is why we had the normal rewards + 2 extra rewards. I guess this is not just "Embers of Dread" bug.
  2. Hi there, We just started to play Descent 2 Road to Legend the new Embers of Dread campaign (Hard) with Android tablet. Here are few points, bugs and questions: 1. Bug in starting gold and XP. We started with 4 heroes. After losing the first mission we noticed that every hero had 3XP (+1 from after the mission and +2 from bug!) as well as about 300 gold (about 120 from mission and about 200 from a bug!) This is annoying, now we have to start from the beginning. I tried to replicate this bug few times but could not. 2. The Relic 'The Shield of the Dark God' found in the first mission is not visible in the inventory or in the shops later on. 3. During the last phase of the first mission, does it require an action to "Cast Ward"? I guess not since it does not state 'use action to cast ward'. 4. It is pretty difficult mission but very fun to play!
  3. Holy **it I'm going bananas here!!! 😮 It's cool that it is free, but I hope it would cost something. Just to get hopes up for them to make more!
  4. Holy ****. We had a long discussion about this and yes. 1 - 6 does NOT have LOS but 7 - 9 DO have LOS. It is super stupid but it "kinda" makes sense. Ok. Lets go with this. This is _the_ rule now. Thanks Zaltyre!
  5. This is actually not that simple. There is a pretty long topic about this (here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/849799/spending-surges-miss/page/1) Basically (quote): There are three cases -- (1) rolling an "X", (2) failing to do damage due to range [miss], and (3) failing to do damage due to the defense roll [melee miss?]. I don't know the right answer. The "what is a miss and what isn't" is not stated clearly enough in the rules. We have played like this: 1) X = Miss, can't do anything! 2) Not enough range = Miss, can't do anything! So no fatigue recover 3) Not enough damage against shields = you CAN recover fatigue with surge (or other stuff) My logic is that on the case 3) the defender had to 'do something to defend' and that is why surges are good to go.
  6. We decided to play as intended, so Elder Mok has no heroic feat. He as a Bard is super awesome anyways, specially with party who likes to use plenty of fatigue.
  7. I'm with Charmy on this. But this also comes from my gutt feeling. As the hero gets recovers health and gets up, he goes like: "Well, I'm supposed to be here now, but this space is occupied. I have to 'move' somewhere else." Hence, Elder Mok will recover health before the hero is 'moved'. ps. awesome problem Sadgit
  8. What is your opinion with Elder Mok's heroic feat in Road to Legend? It is a pity if it is treated as a blank. Elder Mok - Heroic Feat: "Use at the start of your turn to look at the overlord's hand of Overlord cards. The overlord discards 1 card of your choice" Official rule states: Elder Mok – Heroic Feat: This Heroic Feat has no effect Source: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/3c/bb/3cbb5642-39da-41dc-821b-daf729b1f15e/road_to_legend_rules.pdf In a forum house rule idea is: "Elder Mok’s heroic feat: Use when a monster group activates to treat the Special Effect of that activation as blank." Source: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1574369/road-legend-alternative-hero-options
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