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  1. Here is an update I just received via email: You are receiving this email because you ordered a Saga Set that has yet to be fulfilled. This is an update as to the status of your order. We fully understand the desire to jump head first into Spirit of Rebellion. Once a new set drops, you are essentially left out until your cards arrive (we are definitely feeling the “no Vibroknife” pain). While waiting is undoubtedly stressful, know that we sincerely appreciate your patience as we do everything that we can to get Spirit of Rebellion in your hands. First and foremost, nothing has changed regarding our guarantee of Saga Set fulfillment. You will receive your Saga Set. Unfortunately, the timeline continues to be the only unknown. Each Spirit of Rebellion Saga Set had a delivery timeline of “on or after release”. While we very much dislike the need for that level of ambiguity, the lack of information from distribution made it impossible for us to provide any kind of delivery estimate. This has not changed, but we hope that the following update helps to provide some clarity. As of this weekend, all Saga Sets that could be fulfilled from the first wave of Spirit have been shipped. We are waiting for the second wave of product, at which point the next round of Saga Sets will begin production. The second wave is slated for shipment to us at some point before May 25th. That could be as early as next week, but we simply do not know. In case this does not transpire, we are working with secondary and tertiary lines of supply to acquire any and all Spirit product. If we can get these sets out even a day earlier, we will. Even so, we recognize that it is unfair to ask you to wait indefinitely for these product waves to arrive - especially when even we do not have a concrete timeline. Our internal expectation for delivery of all Saga Sets was, and still is, June 2 (the pizza party is on the calendar). If your Saga Set has not shipped by then, you will have the option to either receive a full refund on your order or continue to await its fulfillment. We have everything in place to rapidly produce every remaining Saga Set once the expected supply arrives, but are fully prepared with this contingency in case the second wave is less robust than expected. At that point, the decision will be entirely up to you. If there are further developments that change these projections, we will be in touch! Otherwise, the next email you receive from us will be your shipping notification. Again, we know that it is extremely stressful to wait on new cards, but we are confident that you will find your Saga Set to be entirely worth the wait. TLDR; Fulfillment is an issue of current supply, not our ability to produce. All of the first Spirit wave has been consumed. We are waiting on the second wave to jump back into production, and looking at secondary and tertiary supply lines in the meantime. If your Saga Set has not shipped by June 2, which is unlikely, you will have the choice to either receive a full refund or continue to wait for the fulfillment of your set.
  2. This is all interesting and a bit surprising. Just curious, when did you place your order for the Saga set? I placed my order on Feb 13 and with the exception of receiving the email on April 26, which stated they would be able to fulfill all preorders, haven't heard anything since. If it is actually going to be months before they get these preorders shipped, then we definitely have a problem here. Thanks for posting your experience.
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