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  1. Nothing was explained to me when I bought it. All the other RPGS were able to do Core Rule Books with all these classes at cheaper costs. I was hoping to get this book to just get the Jedi powers instead of missing out on running you know every class out there. I may run a campaign with Jedi, but my group hates Jedi, so I can see them all turning darkside out of spite. I thank you for your help, but I think this maybe a craigslist item.
  2. As someone who just bought this box set, I don't see how it can bring people into the game other than a one shot. $30 for a one shot is pretty nuts. I need some form to character creation to even make this worth my time.
  3. So, I have to buy 3 $55 corebooks to get what is in every $40 corebook that has come before. Wow, what a money grab. I thank you for your help. I am probably going to roleplay this once for a YouTube show and then see how pissed my player friends get.
  4. So, I went to my yearly gaming convention in West Virginia. There on a lark I bough the TFA beginner's set, The Age of Rebellion Game Master Screen and The Force Destiny Core rulebook for $100. I played Rebel Assault and I was one of the play testers for the Wizards D20 game, so Star Wars RPG is not new to me. However, I feel like I bought the wrong books to play with. I was hoping to get some general character creation out of one of these books like basic soldiers, pilots and so on. Instead, the Force Destiny is all about Jedi and the TFA one has no real character creation just basic characters. At the very least, I thought the Game Master Kit would have something. Do I have to buy the other two books to get just basic character or is their a PDF file out there I can use? I saw someone said you don't have to use the ridiculous dice that come with this, but a D20 system is available in a core rule book. If not, do you have to roll all those dice for each encounter. I saw the level of success chart, so I get that. However, I am not sure why you need to roll this many dice even in Rebel Assault, it was not this bad. Any help would be appreciated. Even if people want to sell me their Core Books for Age or Fringe, let me know.
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