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  1. Indeed. And, if nothing else, there will be side events. 😀
  2. Well said, and thanks for taking the time to reply so thoroughly. I expect that my current blog post leads to the erroneous thought that I mainly play in tournaments to win stuff. That is very much not true (I'm typically mid tier at best). I play in tournaments to challenge myself and to meet and see people. More than anything it's the community that I run into at tournaments that keeps me going back for more. I was disappointed with the last tournament I played in because I very much wanted to go to world's. Not because I thought I might win, or even that I would do well there. I wanted to go because I wanted to hang out with everyone who was going and thought I had to have an invite to go. I did better at that tournament than I have at any other Hyperspace Trials previously, and was disheartened to not have done quite well enough. That, coupled with the annoyance of having faced the same archetype over and over again at that tournament left me feeling done with the competative scene for a bit. I think I just needed a bit of a break. Lol.
  3. The coming points change (and other factors) have left me in an X-Wing slump. Here's my take on the current state of the game. Let me know if you are in a similar place, or completely disagree.
  4. A discussion of Obstacles by Arch Alliance's Bob Howe. Check it out here, and let me know what you think.
  5. I played against a Jake- Beef list just last week. I think it's distinctly worse than other versions. It didn't hit nearly as hard, and was easier to chew through. That being said, it seemed like it would be a lot more fun than the standard Beef Wedgeington. I imagine that when various aspects of Beef Wedgeington go up after the points change, it will be a lot more common.
  6. @Old Sarge I remember you. And your son. I played against him in the 4th round of Swiss. Rebel beef is difficult under most circumstances for me. Throw Proton Torps in, and it's terrifying. I barely squeaked a win by. I was very happy to see him make a top cut. And I'm glad you hear you enjoy the blog. It's always awesome to hear that people read the blog, let alone actually enjoy it. Lol. @gennataos I don't understand where this hate is coming from. I have nothing but love in my heart for you, my friend. 😉
  7. So can Boba. Granted, he's significantly more expensive, regardless though, is that broken, or simply really good and just too cheap right now? In my opinion it's closer to the latter rather than the former.
  8. If the aces can manage to draw the beef list away from its corner, then well flown aces absolutly can handle the matchup. It becomes more of an issue when the beef player crab-walks along the board edge and denies the ace player a flank. Then the aces have a very uphill battle on their hands. I don't think there is a major NPE or rules breaking in the list. I think the only issue is that at current price points, the Rebel Beef player doesn't seem to have many hard choices in list building. They get to have high hit points, excellent action effeciency, high initative with choices for a medium base low initative blocker, damage spread, and lots of red dice with built in mods. If they had to make difficult choices about which of those elements they wanted to include, I think the archetype could still be solid without being such an obviously "correct" choice to take to a tournament. I don't want to see this archetype disappear. I just think that some of the standard elements of these lists need some small adjustments.
  9. I don't feel like scaling her with her carrier initiative really does much of anything. Her ability procs at the start of the activation phase and affects the whole squad. It makes no difference at all what initative her carrier ship is. In fact, the carrier ship being low initative is actually quite helpful at times because you can then use it as a blocker abd limit the shots going into it.
  10. Supposed to yes. But they sure didn't at Game Goblins, from what I saw. I completely agree. There are no really hard choices to be made in list building for this archetype. I'm perfectly fine with the archetype remaining. I just want to to have the hard choices most other archetypes have to deal with.
  11. Rebel Beef is ruling the Hyperspace meta. Here are my thoughts on it and it's evolution. What do you think of the state of the meta? What preys on Beef?
  12. Part 3 of the series by Matt Cary. Check it out here, and tell us what you think
  13. Watching him reload a second ATP, then use it almost right away, was brutal. And rolling natty crits didn't hurt Andrew at all either.
  14. Matt Cary breaks down the workings of Big Acrylic's Denver System Open winning squad. Check it out here, and let us know what you think.
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