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  1. Now, what does Walking the Way do? I'm waiting for that card to decide whether the new SH is worth giving up the 3 glory Haugthy Magistrate or not.
  2. The role wouldn’t make sense if it was in addition to your seeker/keeper role, so I think this one is used instead of them. The question is how does the tournament legality works in that case. Also, if all clans get an equal role (as I suppose they will), then it will be interesting to run Levy and Watch Commander in a Phoenix dishonor deck.
  3. Phoenix needs a spell to honor or dishonor people.
  4. Do you guys think we can make a focused dishonor deck right now in Phoenix? I haven't been able to properly playtest yet, but I'm planning to include cards like Spies at Court (discard to force higher bids), Court Games (obviously), For Shame (Potential dishonoring) and splashing Levy. As it would involve bidding low I think it should gain some honor that can be spent in Assasination (honoring out wouldn't be a goal). I would focus more on dishonoring personalities rather than honoring mine, but I think a deck like that could struggle to win conflicts. I'm also having troubles deciding what to leave out of the conflict deck (cards like Charge and Good Omen feel very important for us due to the high cost of many of our personalities).
  5. This is just the core release. I expect honor and dishonor win conditions to be got from more focused and combo-ish decks, which should happen only after the card pool increases. Right now each clan is a mix of different tactics and strengths and you don't have much room to pick from. For now, most (if not all) competitive decks will have to win via destroying provinces. Just give it time.
  6. I can't wait to see the scorpion to try to design some dishonor deck out of Phoenix. Bidding low will force the opponent to bid low as well, plus including some discard, should make the opponent having to choice between not having enough cards or losing more honor. The obvious problems are whether the Phoenix deck will also choke on having too few cards in hand and having a way to end the game when the opportunity arises (I hope scorpion can provide that needed punch). Tsukune will be a beast. Her ability is so powerful that can completely change the way you play once she hits the table.
  7. As a hardcore Phoenix loyalist and my dearest decks being Inquisition, I found this storyline to be too hard to relate to. I'd rather have the Phoenix not being the nazis of Rokugan this time.
  8. At some point I want to make Phoenix dishonor happen (nobody expects the Phoenix inquisition), but I don't think it will be a viable option with only the core set, so maybe Phoenix with a splash of Crane for fast honor. We have seen too few cards yet.
  9. I would expect that, at the start of the game, most decks will include a splash of everything, characters from all the families, but as more cards get released there will be more specialized decks that will mostly focus on one family, keyword or strategy in general. Even then, I suspect this nu5R seems to be more about having your whole clan in the field rather than the old fantasy ("you play a Daimyo of your clan"). BTW, while I'm a Phoenix loyalist, Dragon is looking so much fun and powerful that I'm starting to feel tempted.
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