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  1. That's a nice idea. I do feel like even if blue dice go your way, there isn't much chance of even getting line of sight to the Rebel walker for more than 1 or 2 shots before the Rebels take over the other one. The Shrodinger's walker effect of not knowing which one they were on until they take it over is also a bit bizzare.
  2. How often do you see someone bring Rebel Sabs or elite Wookie Warriors as allies? Or any of a host of horrible Imperial troops like Snowtroopers, Wampas, regular Gamorreans/Wing Guard, heavy stuff like Repulsor Tanks, AT-ST and E-Webs? How often do heroes buy one of the weak Tier 1 weapons, or even more tellingly, how often do they skip on buying one of the awesome attachments? I'm not trying to be snarky, I'd just like to understand whether our group is such an outlier. Because that's literally happened 0 times since we finished out first campaign.
  3. Totally agree with that! It's very unique and the design is clever, I just think it should have been playtested more.
  4. The additional attack he gets from Barrage will often deal another 1-2 damage. Even if you get lucky and dodge or roll really well for defense, he can then often remove strain and gain a damage token. His damage cap is insanely strong (he could theoretically do 9 damage with a damage token against a black die figure in one activation) and the average is still strong. Looking at his starting weapon and skill set, I thought it was very poor - no Surge for damage, getting some damage tokens, spending two strain just for the opponent to dodge - but looking at it statistically as well as from my play experience, it's really powerful. And yes, the move gives 5 movement points total to spread around the team, but that's crazy powerful. Basically, I think he would be fine if his abilities had some stricter limitations. Pin them Down only for adjacent figures or reducing damage from the attack to zero, Squad Tactics for adjacent heroes or needing to spend strain etc. As it is, he just does it all.
  5. As far as I understand, there are a few benefits to restricting some stuff: 1) More diversity. Some heroes are just terrible and never see play. Same goes for items, class decks, allies, imperial troops etc. 2) You want to play to the maximum of your ability but also have fun. Restricting yourself is good but very subjective, a more objective approach could help. Maybe a better idea would be a "threat" system. Perhaps Gideon cost 6 so you'd be stuck with three cheap heroes to get to 10. Or you might take a cheaper team so if the Imperial player wanted to use ST, they wouldn't have as much "threat" to spend on agenda sets. It would be incredibly hard to balance but might be fun. Another thing we've been discussing with my group is adapting the prices of certain items, allies and troops. Bacta Pump always gets bought at the first opportunity, but noone will ever bring in Vader as an open group. Allies and troops already have modifications and those are a good start, but I feel like more could be done. Alternatively, randomly taking some items, troops or even supplies out could bring in more diversity.
  6. I've played this and though it looks fun on the surface, it was easily the worst mission we'd ever played. SPOILERS 1) There's no way for the Imperial walkers to kill the Rebel walker unless the Rebels are absolutely clueless. You basically end up chasing them around one of the "holes" in the map. Once one of the walkers switches over (around turn 5), the same thing happens but in reverse The strongest move for the Empire is to try and make it so that when they do take one over, you can flee with the other one so you're in for another long slog. 2) The map itself is incredibly small and boring, making for basically no options except push forward. I knew my only option was to wound them and they knew their only option was not to get wounded, so we ended up with a very slow and boring game. Accuracy is a non-factor, as is trying to hide behind anything. 3) We actually finished the mission in turn 10 with me wounding all of them before they would have very likely destroyed my walker (it was on 7 wounds). The last 4 (!) rounds were them running around with CT as the only non-wounded hero and me trying to chase him down. It was incredibly repetitive and boring, we were all just hoping it would be over. I wanted to suggest we just call it a draw on turn 8 and again on turn 9 but then it was finally over. All in all, even though the reward for CT is amazing, I'd recommend skipping this one and choosing a more fun one.
  7. I don't know, CT still seems broken to me. With his starting weapon and 5 XP, his one activation is around 5 damage against a black die character, stun+weaken another one and move the team 5 spaces. And it's not like any of the abilities become significantly worse in the later stages of the mission. Barrage scales with your weapon, Pin them Down scales with how good the Empire figures are, and movement is always good. Sure, you can try to work around that by bringing specific units, but those units are almost always going to be weaker than some of the other options, so the other heroes will take them out much more easily.
  8. We've been progressing through the campaign, each winning a few missions. The difference is that they're winning the story missions easily and I'm just barely squeaking out side mission wins. CT means that I'm very limited in what troops I can bring and it's actually pathetic how bad Maul is. He gets stunned and weakened, then one-shot by Davith. As far as positioning goes, I've found it pretty much impossible to mitigate the ability. Deployment rules mean that the figures will necessarily be within 2 spaces. Starting positions are also usually bunched together. If he does stun some and they survive, it usually still makes more sense to shoot with them than trying to move them so they can't be stunned next turn.
  9. They were pretty disappointed so that made me kind of sad. It was a really close game which I think is as good as it gets. They did keep saying how they have no chance in this mission which was weird, because I was thinking the exact same for myself. Now on to the next one!
  10. Thanks for the tips, everyone, and for the clarification about Pin them Down. It's a shame, that would be devastating! I managed to eke out a win in the end - end of round 6, three heroes wounded and one halfway there, with one terminal standing. Bringing in the Dewback at end of turn 1, using Heavy Stormtroopers, using my survive items at the first opportunity, and constantly pushing them back with Embrace Suffering slowed them down just enough. I only attacked with Embrace Suffering once and that was a dodge, but the threat of me using it made them think about a lot of things. Pushing them back was also useful because it moved the circle of MHD's Bacta Radiator. I'm really looking forward to the next one!
  11. I'm still getting the threat before the EoR effects, so I can bring 6 threat worth of stuff at primary deployment, then use Embrace Suffering at end of round 1. Nice! For the purposes of the Embrace Suffering attack, are hostile figures the heroes or the imperial figures? Is Drokatta herself a hostile figure during this attack? It could be relevant for the Repeater Cannon double strain ability.
  12. But I won't ever be able to activate Pin them Down with Embrace Suffering, unless Wildfire doesn't attack at all during a round. He will exhaust the card after his activation is done and it won't ready until the start of his activation. However, I would be able to use a power token on the figure when declaring an attack. Is that correct? I can see the value of making them rethink everything, but spending 2 threat on an attack that's likely to deal around 4-5 damage (=1 rest action) to the target seems just a bit below what I'd expect my 4 XP card to achieve. I guess I can always push them back a bit instead. Thanks for the tip, Pollux, I'll keep that in mind if things go too far!
  13. Hi all, back here after a long while. (There might be some tiny spoilers below, but nothing beyond the mission setups.) We're playing the Heart of the Empire, I'm using the Power of the Dark Side while my heroes are Wildfire, Drokatta, MHD and Davith. I won the first mission but lost the next two and the last one we played (On the Trail) wasn't even close - they won on turn 4, with 2 of them wounded. Now, they hit a huge power spike, with both Drokatta and Davith buying their XP weapons and MHD buying the Bacta Radiator. They also got a ton of good rewards and items: Intercepted Plans, Covert Operative, High-Impact Guard, Nova Cell Leader, and Bacta Pump. The next mission is Drokatta's side mission and it looks like it's going to be a blowout. The way my figures are set out at the start means Drokatta can probably kill one of the Trandoshans and an Officer + put two damage on my remaining figures with the first activation. Davith does 5-6 damage with each attack against a black die. Wildfire can kill a Trando in 2 attacks with his basic weapon around 60% of the time and stun+weaken two more. MHD can spend every second activation picking up explosives and have an awesome attack when he doesn't. They're also very fast and will strain at will thanks to the Bacta Radiator. I have some tricks of my own, with Dark Resurgence, Personal Shield Generators and a free Dewback Rider from Influence. I can also buy a 4 XP card, but I'm thinking of going with Power of Passion because their attacks aren't good enough to spend 2 threat on just yet. My plan is to try and stall them as long as possible, bringing in Heavy Stormstroopers (they're the cheapest unit that's likely to actually survive an attack) and maybe some Hired Guns in the mid-game to make sure some damage goes through. However, it still feels like the mission won't even be close. I did some practice runs and they can basically clear my board on turn 1 and the things I throw at them afterward will barely stop them. I don't mind losing but I feel that if they get another good support card, the campaign might quickly snowball. So anyway, does anyone have any ideas? Is it even worth using the Dewback Rider card as a final effort or should I just save that for the next mission?
  14. I'm far from a "competitive" LOTR LCG player, but there is just so much misunderstanding of card game design here that I felt like I had to say something. 1) The designers are idiots, they don't care about the game or the players, they just want to destroy the game. Seriously? Why would they want to do that? It's their job and their passion to design the game. They spend more time on it than anyone else and they want to do what's best for the game - to keep it fresh, interesting and viable. If you don't understand this, you need a reality check. 2) Designers should listen to the most experienced players, they know what's best for the game. No, they know what's best for the way they play the game. Someone who has all the cards and has played all the quests numerous times is already invested in the game. Designers need to appeal to a much larger audience. 3) They should have nerfed the tools (ie. Thicket of Spears), not the engines (ie. Hama). This is almost always the wrong approach to fixing problematic combos. One of the cards has a unique effect that turned out to be too powerful without a limit (per turn, phase, game etc.). The other just happened to be strong when combined with it. If you nerf the tool, there's always the danger that another tool will be found. Maybe it will be a bit less powerful, maybe another will be printed, maybe it will stop them from printing another one. If you nerf the engine, you actually work on solving the problem. 4) Why did they only nerf some cards and not all the others? They nerfed a few heroes and a few cards and people here are already losing their minds. They point of errata is not to make all cards/options have the same power level or viability. It's to provide a fresh perspective, new challenges, and make the game better.
  15. Recovering from the attack you get from a Final Blast seems like the worst possible interpretation of the rules. It fails thematically as well as logically and only works due to rule-lawyering. I would never go for it in a campaign where I'm the Imperial player and I would see it as extremely poor sportsmanship if I was a Rebel player.
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