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  1. burek277

    FAQ 1.9 Released

    I'm far from a "competitive" LOTR LCG player, but there is just so much misunderstanding of card game design here that I felt like I had to say something. 1) The designers are idiots, they don't care about the game or the players, they just want to destroy the game. Seriously? Why would they want to do that? It's their job and their passion to design the game. They spend more time on it than anyone else and they want to do what's best for the game - to keep it fresh, interesting and viable. If you don't understand this, you need a reality check. 2) Designers should listen to the most experienced players, they know what's best for the game. No, they know what's best for the way they play the game. Someone who has all the cards and has played all the quests numerous times is already invested in the game. Designers need to appeal to a much larger audience. 3) They should have nerfed the tools (ie. Thicket of Spears), not the engines (ie. Hama). This is almost always the wrong approach to fixing problematic combos. One of the cards has a unique effect that turned out to be too powerful without a limit (per turn, phase, game etc.). The other just happened to be strong when combined with it. If you nerf the tool, there's always the danger that another tool will be found. Maybe it will be a bit less powerful, maybe another will be printed, maybe it will stop them from printing another one. If you nerf the engine, you actually work on solving the problem. 4) Why did they only nerf some cards and not all the others? They nerfed a few heroes and a few cards and people here are already losing their minds. They point of errata is not to make all cards/options have the same power level or viability. It's to provide a fresh perspective, new challenges, and make the game better.
  2. Recovering from the attack you get from a Final Blast seems like the worst possible interpretation of the rules. It fails thematically as well as logically and only works due to rule-lawyering. I would never go for it in a campaign where I'm the Imperial player and I would see it as extremely poor sportsmanship if I was a Rebel player.
  3. You could use ally Bofur to search out some weapons.
  4. Thanks for your help, everyone! I was wavering between FoS and CatC, but my LGS didn't have FoS so I ended up getting Conflict at the Carrock for now. The quest was a lot of fun and I used Frodo to decent effect, so a great start altogether. I will try to fill out some APs for what I have and pick up The Black Riders at some point for the story. One more thing: is the Campaign mode good? It looks like a lot of fun, but I've never tried it before.
  5. Hi everyone! I own Khazad-um, Over Hill and Under Hill and The Heirs of Numenor, as well as two adventure packs (The Steward's Fear and The Watcher in the Water). I haven't played in a while, but I'm looking to expand my collection a bit and start playing again with my girlfriend. What do you suggest I buy next? Should I get some more box expansions (the Grey Havens and The Black Riders look cool) or adventure packs from the ones I already have? Which add more value in terms of building decks and in terms of fun quests? Thanks!
  6. burek277

    How to add more "choice" in campaign

    Pollux85 - the Force idea is nice, but the list seems way too long, especially if you're only doing this for the first time. With so many options, there's a huge probability that some of them are way more/less powerful than others and it's difficult to tell when preparing this (ie. Serendipity, Initiative). It also gives the Rebels a huge amount of options to think about at all times, which might just confuse them more than it actually helps.
  7. burek277

    HotE wave shipping now

    So just to be clear, the release date is 12 October 2017? Sweet!
  8. burek277

    Skirmish Fixes For Older Deployments

    I kind of like the idea that a regular attack just bounces off the AT-ST. Better bring the big tree trunks to take down that bad boy.
  9. Being passionate about something can manifest in many different ways. Some people like to be super positive and hyped about everything related to the thing they like. Others like to point out details about the thing they like that could improve it.
  10. What if the people who want a competitive game were the original target audience and people who want to have a thematic game experience ruined it for them?
  11. My main grip with the game is that it feels like something I SHOULD love. I love SW, I love Warhammer, and combining the two should be a blast. This, however, just doesn't seem to work. Set it in the prequels and I would definitely buy the core set, then probably spend way too much time trying to adapt my IA miniatures into it. As is, I simply won't.
  12. burek277

    Lord of the Sith

    Got an official answer on this one. Probably still not quite good enough, but better than I thought it was!
  13. burek277

    Merc Temp Alliance- non unique only?

    Congratulations! That has almost nothing to do with my argument, of course, but it's nice to hear. My argument is still the same: TA promotes lazy deckbuilding, reduces variety, and limits design space. It's obvious that noone is changing their mind here, so this debate is getting quite pointless.
  14. burek277

    Merc Temp Alliance- non unique only?

    I think running a tournament is a lot easier if you have the proper resources - the know-how, the connections, and the experience. I have none of those, so the scope of any event I were to run would be small, thus limiting the plausibility of the results. What I did do was suggest this change to my local play group. We've only played like this twice, though, as we don't meet that often. I'm the one that plays Mercs the most, so I switched over to Jabba and/or Jawa+C-3PO. It's definitely weaker, but still works and feel a bit more thematic. When I don't take the Jawa, Jabba mostly focuses+draws. When I don't, there's more ordered hits. It changes things up a bit. One player that regularly switched between Rebels and Mercs has mostly been playing Rebels. Focus flies around like crazy. The two players that prefer the Empire say they like it better now, but I think that's just anecdotal. It's true that with my Focused+Hidden eQuays, I used to regularly take out figures like Royal Guards in one activation, so one tried using them again over eTroopers with proxied Vader+Palpatine (to mixed success). *** You seriously don't see anything wrong with 2/3 of the factions (and probably 75%+ of the armies) using the same 2-3 figures which basically define how the first 1-2 turns of each game play out? Not trying to be obnoxious here, but maybe you didn't see TA as a problem since you don't have that much experience with game design? Or perhaps your local community is simply not as competitive and there is a much more natural distribution of factions/figures. (Not saying my scene is competitive - my observations are focused on the tournament scene).
  15. burek277

    Merc Temp Alliance- non unique only?

    I agree, I think the problem is that Mercs have the best aggresive units and they can combine them with the best cheap support units. Maybe making TA cost 2 would help?